Introducing Hive Offline Mode

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Have you ever wanted to keep up with trending on Hive but you don't have stable Internet service? Do you have a metered connection and have to limit your bandwidth usage?

Introducing Hive Offline Mode!

Hive Offline Mode is a new protocol I have built that allows you to use Hive with or without Internet. By using a licensed version of the Middle-Out compression algorithmn, you can download the entire Hive blockchain on any modern device that is able to access the Internet. Even mobile phones!


Tom has been working with me to test out Hive Offline Mode. Tom told me he spends at least 4 hours a day reading posts on Hive. Tom travels a lot though and said this makes it difficult to keep up with the latest trending posts. After a lot of research I found a way to allow him to view the latest posts on Hive even while flying cross country with Spirit Airlines.

While Tom is an Apple fanboi, he tends to travel with a low tech phone when leaving the country for security reasons. Using a low tech phone posed a lot of problems accessing Hive the traditional way. But with Hive Offline Mode, he is able to engage with the community as if he was sitting at his desk at home.


Tom has been beta testing Hive Offline Mode on his Nokia 3310 for the last 3 months. This is what Tom has to say about Hive Offline Mode.

"Hive Offline Mode has allowed me to keep up with the latest drama on Hive while on the go. It's amazing, I am always connected!"
- Tom


Middle-Out compression is what makes this all possible using Tip to Tip technology. I won't bore you with the details, but it is wicked good, especially on low power devices like the Nokia 3310. Never before has this been possible with 32-bit CRC algorithm traditionally used by most compression tools. Hive Offline Mode supports both Apple and Android devices as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops.

With the ability to schedule posts and responses, you can easily offload your ideas when you get back on the Internet. Even with poor Internet connection, Hive Offline Mode will compress your posts and comments so you can send them even over 3G!

If you want to try Hive Offline Mode out, just visit Hive Offline Mode is completely free and is available now as part of an open beta.

Check it out, and if you have any questions hop on the official Hive Offline Mode Discord Server.

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Finally I can Hive in the bush!

At first I thought this was a foolish idea but the more I think about it, the harder I get.

Can this day get any better??!?!

Damn, the 1th of April is so innovative this year ...

Can you apply the same technology to youtube and netflix too? So we can watch videos in offline mode.

Not sure they high tech enough.

digs around in closet for an old brick phone

Damn I got rickrolled...


Good that I still have my Nokia 3310, might need a new battery doh.

This is awesome! Canceling my internet, get rabbit ears for my old Nokia. See you on the filp side!!

Oh man. Luckily I have a Nokia 3310. I'll be using that!

Wow, if it works on such a crappy phone then even my mum could use it! Excellent news, as long as there are plenty of posts about knitting and what Doris from next door is up to.

This is the future.

Brooo that was good 😂😂

You should demonstrate the magic of Tip to Tip in a crowded auditorium.

Wait, what!!?
This is incredible.

When I read the name Tom, I got it. Maybe, in the future, there would be something like this, for sure. You never know. Smile. :)

This is wicked 🤯
On a Nokia 3310?!!! Damn

You know, some people do wonders 😂😂

Oh come oooon brother.…Fucking fool.💀

This really got me even though the possibility of what you discussed is as slim as a tin wire. hahahahahahaha. But I enjoyed the Rick Astley video. You are the first to fool me this year. Happy new month you.

Lol you got me there for a second. 😃

That's great news! I can even read my friends' posts on Hive while in a stuffy, signal-tight toilet. Oh damn, I suddenly remember April Fool's Day. haha :D

I am a early beta tester and just love hive offline.

Who the hell even owns a Nokia 3310 still.. more impressive is that it works on a Spirit flight.

good work, I mean I don't understand every other word but sounds fancy!

If you want to learn more about Middle-Out technology, you can check this out. Careful though, there are some adult words.

I nearly landed in Lasse server cause of you, proving the point you can sell any old shit with some fancy words

I can't it scares me

I got rickrolled (powered by Lassecash™) lol

That sounds like a great idea! I wonder how many clicked the link!

An offline mode would do me the world of good with my sloth connection, apple fone or 3310, doesn't make any difference with no signal! Can't wait to play snake split screen whilst checking Hive content! Thanks!

Happy April fools lol!

LOL, you got me just long enough... to click the upvote button! haha

Shoot, for real 🤩 that's awesome. That's my firsg reaction amd when I saw the what's in the love "Uh uh, yeah." ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ


This is a big "April Fool!" Hahahaha 😂😂😂. I got amused and can't control my laughter. Having Nokia 3310!!!;

Okay this is wtf HAHAHA, I got rickrolled, happy april fools, I doubt though cause it's surely impossible,

This is another brilliant idea. You are really very good. Hive continues to move forward in its development phase very quickly !LOLZ

What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down?
It gets toad.

Credit: reddit
@themarkymark, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @stefano.massari



Maybe we can reach the refuseniks through this channel of communication

"Hive Offline Mode has allowed me to keep up with the latest drama on Hive while on the go. It's amazing, I am always connected!"


Oh boy...

Happy Funday Sunday. Totally worth a clickety click. 👍

Fortunately my instincts kicked in before I clicked on the link


knew that url was familiar

Have to admit I got hyped when I saw the title tho, you got me with that

EDIT: I just joined the discord server out of curiosity, and I have a question: what the fuck is this?

I just joined the discord server out of curiosity, and I have a question: what the fuck is this?

There are people there from all over the globe. The discussion is a bit flat at times, but it has the smartest minds in crypto.

but it has the smartest minds in crypto

My new home for sure

Very hopeful and entertaining.
Now I know to check the posting date before reading ;)

Whilst I know this is a joke, I once worked for a company that was scaling up that thought it was a great idea to have the whole companies files syncing to local devices. predictably didn't last long before the data size became unmanageable.

Wow does it mean even if we have no internet connection, we can still access hive? or need a internet but slow connection? It's amazing innovation that even old model of gadgets can use it.

Who's the april fool..? ;D

But I am offline since the start...

Help! I can't seem to connect offline!

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I deserve everything I get here

All good with your comment except this, imo

Exactly because I need someone to pay attention. I am pissed.

This is interesting... I've been forced to use my Computer so far...

@markydown can you please give me one crime I committed for the constant downvote on my post without any problem

Why does the link take me to a youtube video? This sounds like an awesome project, I wanted to see how many gb would have to be downloaded.

It is working in nokia 1100 as well, i noticed that now. Thanks 😅😬. Good day

All I can say is Wow!! @themarkymark this innovation that you have exposed to us is really amazing especially for people like us that issues with bad network has become more of a lifestyle than a few times in a couple of days occurrence.

From your post, it obvious that you really care about solving people's problem, that incredible, although I really wished you explained the algorithm compression thingy, it indeed sounds like something that would require you to take your time explaining, looking forward to it.

By the way, Tom is really lucky to have you Mark, you literally made life easier for him.

An april fool, another wow! Anyways...

DUDE!! AMAZING!! Now I have a reason to dig out to old cell phone chargers!!

Can you get downvoted off line?..😎😃


You are one of a kind!...

My mom said the same thing!

You know I Love you...long time! me little....😕

I'm willing to bet that this was an @ackza's brainchild original idea that you stole from him, developed hidden in the shadows and published now without his consent and without prior consultation with Tom's complicity. };)

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