HiveFest Conference Venue Day 2 and many new names announced:

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Zuiderkerk Amsterdam in style of Johannes Vermeer, red color theme

I'm currently residing on a dutch camp site, close to Amsterdam, listening to Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Had some decent conversations with the guys from @ColdBeetRootSoup this week and then yesterday a convo with @poezio. And it came to me... HiveFest is only 40 days out (15-18 September)!

Today its time to reveal Conference Venue Day 2 of HiveFest:

Venue Day 2: Zuiderkerk

The Zuiderkerk (former "southern church") is a 17th-century church in the Nieuwmarkt / Red Light District area of Amsterdam. It is conveniently reached by subway (2 stops from Volkshotel to "nieuwmarkt"). The church played an important part in the life of Rembrandt and was the subject of a painting by Claude Monet.

The design of the church in Amsterdam Renaissance style is by Hendrick de Keyser, who was also buried in the church in 1621. A memorial stone was placed on top of his tomb in 1921.

Three of Rembrandt's children were buried in the Zuiderkerk, which is very near to Rembrandt's house in the Jodenbreestraat. Ferdinand Bol, one of Rembrandt's most famous pupils, was buried in the Zuiderkerk in 1680.

And now it will be home to HiveFest's second day of conference on Saturday 17th of September. Most probably this day will be part on-stage presentations, some performances as well as round table sessions.

In the near vicinity of the Zuiderkerk you can find the brawling Red Light District and Nieuwmarkt area, and also the famous diamonds section, as well as the Van Gogh House museum.

Huge list of New Names for HiveFest 2022:

In other @HiveFest news:

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  • The @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund is open for donations: it is a generic travel fund which is open for applicants during HiveFest and redistributes the donations based on origin's distance to Amsterdam. Read more here

That is it for now!

ONLY 40 days until HiveFest 2022 in Amsterdam

Time to start planning and booking!

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Honored to be on stage with such great people in the space!!

Can't wait! Have you got a big colourful suit ready?

Omg i just live near amsterdam. Shouldn't miss this!!!

Is that an ai generated dalle image of hive fest?

inspired by @ausbitbank's posts this year I use Disco Fusion AI experiment with old Dutch Painting Masters' styles for every announcement post :)

Thanks for the mention. HF Amsterdam will be awesome. I am curious about the people I am going to meet in person.

Wish you the best course of the hiveFest, think with a real madame secretary like @mary-me and all the other old and new big and smaller names nothing cant go wrong.
Best regards.

Great list of presenters and I think that the conference is brought on the real stage and in such a great location like Amsterdam, simply bring more businesses and users to it. Things are getting hotter and Hive is under the spotlight with so many successful use cases that will attract others like a sponge!


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Totally epic wish i could attend <3

I am sure it be will a great event for celebration,all the best for the celebramts that will attend.

I wish I could attend. Still, even experiencing that excitement from here is a wonderful thing. :)

I did not know all those fact about burials re. Zuiderkerk. Nice venue.

Wow! Only 40 days out!!!

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I wish I could attend, I would love to be there

Have great time all the member who are joining Hive fest

Viel Spaß da oben. Hab letzte Nacht noch ein junges Pärchen getroffen, die auch nach Amsterdam wollten.

I wish you the best of success congratulations


I wish I could be there but I'm in Canada

This is truly the most anticipated event of hive this year! Wish could attend someday!