OceanWallet: New improved interface

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In the last couple of days I finally found some time again to do some coding for private projects. So I decided to build a new interface for a project that I released almost two years ago - OceanWallet.


OceanWallet is a tool that allows to manage Hive Engine NFTs and interact with the Hive Engine NFT market. The old version allowed to view the inventory and manage and trade NFTs for a couple of Hive Engine projects. While it did the work it was intended to do for most of the time, the code was never really good and the experience could be much better.

The new version of the tool can be found on: https://oceanwallet.netlify.app/

It's lacking a lot of features if you compare it to the old tool, but I hope that I can add them in the next weeks and months, whenever I have time for it. It also should have a much better performance. Even an inventory like @foxon's is viewable (if your computer specs aren't too bad and you bring some patience when searching for items :P).

For now it can do one thing: Help you to interact with Rising Star NFTs

There's two main tabs:

Inventory - https://oceanwallet.netlify.app/inventory/STAR/okean123

  • Transfer single NFTs at a time

Market - https://oceanwallet.netlify.app/market/STAR

  • Buy single or multiple NFTs

Oh and btw, don't get confused by the project selection switch at the top. Even if it has dCrops listed in it, it is not actually useable yet.

I hope to get some updates out in the next time and am also planning to implement some things that makes this thing more useable for huge markets and inventories. My options are limited, because this things is completely client side, but I already have some ideas for improvements.

I may or may not post the updates on this account.


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