Introducing Propolis - the web3 wiki (WIN 50 HBD!)

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Propolis Wiki – the reliable, crowdsourced repository of Hive-related information stored on our favourite blockchain and accessible in the most user-friendly manner. We aim to maintain the popular Wikipedia quality, relevance and neutrality standards. The wiki should be a source of information on all Hive-related topics for both new users and seasoned Hiveans.

interim logo by @zekepickleman

The name is derived from the Greek word propolis (pro ‘for’ + polis ‘the city’), also used for the bee glue that keeps the hive together. This suitably describes the intention of the project as a valuable resource for the greater community in its variety of forms.

All articles are stored on the dedicated Hive account @propolis.eng. Anyone who wants to contribute can get posting rights, create new articles, and edit existing ones. Just like the real Wikipedia, we depend on a team of volunteer editors and proofreaders. If you’d like to participate, we invite you to reach out to us on our Discord server.

50 HBD Logo Design Contest!

We’ve already kicked off the Propolis beta with great initial test results. However, it still requires a distinct visual style. So, we decided to call the community to action with a 50 HBD contest. Create graphical visual for Propolis (main logo + font, browser thumbnail) and submit it to the Logo Design Entries channel our Discord. We will filter the most suitable designs and then let the entire Hive community choose the winner. One winning design will be selected and the artist awarded 50 HBD. The contest will be announced in a Hive post and entries taken for 1 week, expiring after this post is paid out.

Spread the word, good luck and we look forward to reviewing the entries!

The Propolis Team

@pharesim – A reputed witness, creator of Curangel and skilled blockchain developer who runs the technical gears of Propolis. The godfather of the concept, early adopter, and community leader since April 2016
@zekePickleman – Digital marketer, communication specialist, wordsmith and Hive enthusiast since before the fork
@godfish – The founding father of the Czech community oversees the content part and makes things happen. Onboarding specialist, happy to help you aboard!
@Incublus – An Ecency live show host, experienced curator and leader of the Turkish community, Discord server admin.
@nikv – A dedicated Curangel curator, skilled wordsmith, and proofreader dedicated to plentiful Propolis content of the highest quality.

Become a part of the dream team!


So glad to be working with a group of active leaders dedicating their attention and resources toward sharing knowledge and enhancing community experience.

Can't wait to see the content come together and the people who will join to make it valuable and accessible for everyone!

Also, a little reminder to make sure you have @pharesim selected as witness as so much here wouldn't be without him. Onward to the future!

I'm very happy to be part of this team. It feels good to create something about Hive.

Here's what I meant ;)

@bradleyarrow, @ifarmgirl, @sergiomendes, @skiptvads

Onboarding specialist jo? :) No, abys dorovnal laťku některých onboarding specialistů z Filipín, Vietnamu, Venezuely, Kuby nebo třeba Nigérie, tak to se budeš muset pořádně ohánět :) Vím o lidech, kteří tu mají na pažbě vyšší desítky zářezů... Ale jinak určitě zajímavý projekt, ani jsem nevěděl, že se v něčem takovém angažuješ :)

Já mám taky na kontě vyšší desítky zářezů, odhadem tak padesát duší, ale aktivních je jen hrstka :) Nicméně tohle je nakonec o poznání nabušenější, než jak jsem to napsal do draftu :) Holt mezi sebou máme i marketingového specialistu :)

Ty jsi přivedl na Hive padesát lidí? Wow, tak to jsem vůbec netušil. Smekám, nehledě na to, kolik jich zůstalo aktivních :) Já jsem někde kolem dvacítky, aktivních tak čtvrtina... Za mě je tu retence opravdu větší problém než onboarding...

Nu, ve své době (2017) to byla opravdu velká tlupa, a pak ještě pár dalších během cca roku. Taky jich aktivních moc nevydrželo. V dnešním reportu Krakonoš, Buci, Hairyfairy, a u Softy si nejsem jistý. Kromě nich se tu občas ještě ukáží Tazi, Xlisto, JJprac, JedenJenda a Ritxi (u těch si taky nejsem stoprocentně jistý). Teď jsem rychle koukl na profil Bodiemu, kde stojí tohle:

A pak by to byl asi docela dlouhý seznam těch, na které vzpomínáme :)

Damn I suck. I've only onboarded six (including both my sons) and only one of those six is currently semi-active.

(Edit: six, not five)

Not so bad actually. If everyone here onboarded six people and those people onboarded another six people each etc., we would soon have more users than Facebook and Instagram combined :D But yeah, retention is a problem too. I mean it´s not so hard to bring people here but make them stay.

Seems you'd suck in MLM ;)

That I do. 😂

Thanks for the heads up! That sounds interesting and fun! I want to see how people will be using it! Let's hope the trolls to go wild LOL Cause we know that in here there are a lot of people that like to troll ehehheh congrats on the launch :D And best luck in the project. I want to see if someone will write an article about me LOLOLOL heheheh

You can actually start using it right now ;)

I am not sure if you want me to use it LOL I probably will be one of the trolls LOLOLOL jk! I left the tab open to see what is happening there. Yeah I saw you guys are being careful with who you allow now at the beginning and people have to join the discord for now. eheheh :D

I meant you can start using it right now, it is online.

yeah I check it! :D Still no articles. Just the original one! And to create people have to join the discord to get vetted by you guys. right?

There are more articles. And yes, people who want to contribute should join the Discord first.

😂😂😂the best reaction godfish 😂😂😂

Awesome :) !BBH

@godfish! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (7/50)

Awesome! Onwards and upwards, Propolis Wiki Team! :)

@tipu curate 4

As a beekeeper I can only recommend propolis, it is antiviral and strengthens the immune system.

Then I hope that the Propolis Wiki also gets such powers😁

Seems we picked the right name then ;)

Congratulations for the team ! It is indeed a great tool that will help new and old users! I have always been fan of wiki concepts! It worked pretty well in a lab that I used to work with “how to” contributions from every lab colleague avoiding others to search for tutorials online.

Feel free to join the team ;) You're experience could be valuable :)

I'm so excited for this! I wish I had more free time to get involved into both writing articles and creating a logo design as they both represent two of my biggest passions but my life is a big mess and chaos lately 😭

Feel free to join the team anytime later :) You can also proofread the existing articles, it's less time-demanding ;)

That sounds a lot better but not having English as my native language might be a problem here :(

I don't think it is a problem, most on the team aren't native english speakers. More eyes see more, more hands write more. If you find some time we'd be happy to welcome you!

Nevermind :) If you run into anbody who can be of help, let them know! :)

Keep building Kings 👑.

Might I suggest that after Hive-centrism starts to slow down that this gets expanded into a Web3 all encompassing resource. (This would help drive traffic back to Hive.) Lord knows, Web3 needs it.

You can join and cover the topics you find important ;)

It's a good thing they didn't choose the name Hive Wiki, the name Hive itself is shit for marketing and sharing on social networks. There are already countless "Hive" things out there, I don't know what the hell someone chose that name after the Hard Fork, but they should get it.

Sounds interesting, I'll try something, although I've lost my digital art talent, I'm very addicted to art generated by artificial intelligence haha.

Looking forward to your entry :)

Great idea, but why call it propolis? Why not Hive wiki?


  1. that's boring and
  2. hive's a shitty name for marketing/seo/anything and
  3. the owner of the domain wanted $3k

And besides of that, Propolis sounds cool ;)

Fair enough!

I like that even though the first two reasons are valid, the third was still in the running lol.

This looks like an extremely useful project :) Is it going to include a frontend?

This post has been manually curated by the VYB curation project

Of course, it is mentioned in the article:

We call it Beta, but it is fully functional ;)

Sorry, I missed that part. If this has a comprehensive directory, it will make a perfect newbie portal!

It is going to have a comprehensive directory akin to the real Wiki. We're adding on step by step, and we appreciate any help, be it writing articles, proofreading, editing, coding, promoting... If you have a bit of free time, feel free to join the team :)

I wouldn't call it free time, but I'll definitely try to find time soon. This has been needed for years... are all projects which are associated with Hive welcome in the wiki?

All users are welcome to contribute as long as they would respect the common Wikipedia style, i.e. sourcing and no ads. It's not a place to promote projects and initiatives, it aims on providing non-biased reliable information ;)

Awesome :) Isn't that exactly how frontends, games, and other Hive related initiatives should be presented, especially to new Bees? Otherwise it's just going to be overwhelming, and impossible for them to choose where to start.

My entry:

Hello friends. This is my proposal for the propolis logo.
I opted for a minimalist design without losing the roots of the official hive logo so that it generates a great recall in people.
On the other hand the logo has a symbol in the upper right side that is like a person reading a book, as it can also be the symbol of the internet which gives us access to much knowledge.
In the central part, in the single area, we can see a P that symbolizes the propolis brand.
The typography used is Agency FB or it could be some similar to palo seco. You also have its various versions in positive, negative, simplified and variants. I hope you like it.


Wow this is an awesome thing about Thing about to Happen 😍😍 let me see if I can work on a design right now🥰

Wow, great project! Re blogging for visibility

Thanks :)

Love it.

Very idea,Joined the discord already 👍👍

Going to Join the discord 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Great idea

We're glad you like it :) Feel free to participate, we appreciate any help ;)

Great initiative 👏👍

We're glad you like it :) Feel free to participate, we appreciate any help ;)

I find this to be a great initiative! Something new and with great potential

I'm glad you like it :) Feel free to join the team and contribute ;)

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Very amazing 😍😍


This is an awesome opportunity, I'm enthusiastic about this! Thank you.


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