Get Rid Of Trending They Say...

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Why would people want to hide the highest paid posts on the platform?


I have seen this idea bandied about, and I have to ask, why would you want to scatter the most rewarded posts on the platform so they cannot be viewed in one place?

Could it have something to do with them not providing any content value to the platform, besides back patting and funding mechanisms.

And you want me to be FOR hiding this activity?

Get Real!


I have to assume that it's the first time when I hear about this idea and it seems so nonsense for me!
I mean - if you get a nice reward pool on a post is because you did a good job and deserves more visibly, then why would you want people not to check it out? Let's be serious!

Yeah, I see the idea dropped in various places from time to time.

I'm going to be honest, I haven't ventured into trending that much. PeakD is my main frontend of choice, and since they don't default to going to trending like does, I really haven't clicked onto it. Communities have been the new hit and I like to explore them, usually sorted by popularity, which is practically trending.

Same here. I tend to take a glance at the main feed on Peakd. But, most of my interest is in the Leo Finance community.

Communities are great because you get to see stuff you'll actually interact with.

When I look at the trending page sometimes I'm blown away by what payouts some posts have. Not all of them are masterpieces, and I get your point but, it seems to be an improvement over the trending we had one year ago or so.

A lot of people just self vote or trade or buy - way too much. If anything, I would support giant indicators that show off total weekly rewards and voting habits (ie. self, paid or circular). If you earn a lot you should be proud, unless it was earned because you did something shameful or unpopular.

I use Peakd could you tell me where the hell can one find trending when browsing via this front end? Tbh not watching what is sitting on trending gives me peace of mind :P

Explore - All Topics :-) was there right before my eyes.

You shouldn't have told me that. You could have said ...I don't know. Now I'll have to check what's sitting there :\

We need accountability, we need good folks like yourself seeing what's taking huge chunks of the reward pool!

Oh I know pretty well who's taking the big chunks bud...a handful of authors, announcements here and there, those who are set on auto by bots. Don't get me wrong...I simply don't care. Not here to judge anyone...

Bright exception your project. No shit. And trust me I ain't a fan of 2K word posts. That last post, can't remember the author, I think it was a female artist, animated stuff and story...awesome.

And maybe those are the posts that encourage new 😉 members to do better!!

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