Weekend on the Arda River

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Hello all weekend we decided to spend it on a tent on the River Arda.
It was a good time when we left but when we arrived it was dark and cold but we didn't lack enthusiasm and we didn't get turned down by the bad weather.


We've been to this place before, and i'd like to tell you, we'd rather have it than some noisy place with a lot of people...


The morning with the coffee on this view. It's just priceless. Of course, we were joined by friends Hector and Hera.






It was quite warm and dogs enjoyed the cool river
In the evening, we gathered some wood and lit a fire.



It was a pretty chilly evening.
Hera was coldest and huddled by the fire


That's from me. Nice and successful week I wish you and thank you for your timeThat's from me. A nice and successful week I wish you and thank you for your time.


Страхотно изживяване е било сигурно.. Браво много добри кадри ✌️😜🌲🏕️🙏

Namaste 🙏

Драко оправи си делегацията на спортни токени
Виж това видео:

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Yay! 🤗
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Едно страхотно местенце на което човек може да си почине добре
Да релаксира и да се наслаждава на природата
Да се къпе в реката с кучетата и да пали лагерет огън вечер късно
Да си изпече сочни пържоли и да хапва с удоволствие под голявата синьо небе изпълнено със звезди безкрайни в голята вселена и да слуша нощните звуци на щурците и тихия шепот на гората и нейните обитатели...