Market Friday: A visit to weekly market to buy some varieties veggies of our village

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Hello all my hive community friends and Have a great day and yesterday i went to visit of our village market. From i bought variety types of vegetables and enjoyed this village market. Actually this market is a weekly village market and every week this market sit in our village. This market is increasing shops day by day of our village market. There are many varieties vegetables and other items. I hope everyone will enjoy weekly village market photography. Yesterday was a Friday and I go to visit every Friday of village market.


I went this weekly village market which bought
Potatoes 6 kg , Cabbage 1 pieces, cauliflower 1 piece, eggplant 2 kg , sweet potato 1 kg , ripe tomatoes 1 kg , Grapes 500 grams. I paid total 15 steem or 300 indian rupees. Coconut oil, tumaric powder




Now i am sharing some vegetables price which i bought becides some other vegetables price.





Potatoes per kg 14 indian rupees
Cabbage per piece 10 indian rupees
Cauliflower per piece 20 indian rupees
Eggplant per kg 15 indian rupees
Sweet potato per kg 40 indian rupees
Ripe tomatoes per kg 15 indian rupees
Grapes per kg 80 indian rupees
Beetroot per kg 40 indian rupees
Sim per kg 30 indian rupees
Onion per kg 30 indian rupees
Garlic per kg 350 indian rupees
Raw chilli per kg 80 indian rupees
Bean per kg 30 indian rupees
Raw banana per piece 5 indian rupees
Onion Kali per kg 40 indian rupees
Bitter melon per kg 50 indian rupees.
Ladies finger's per kg 40 indian rupees
Carrot per kg 40 indian rupees etc.

Photographer @simaroy

camera: Redmi note 10 pro max
Regards @simaroy