Indoor Garden Update - Cannabis Flowering

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Hello Everyone,

The cannabis plants are starting to flower. At this moment white wispy pistils are shooting out all over the place.

This indicates female cannabis plants, and is one of the most exciting growth stages of cannabis cultivation.

Let's have a look at how things are coming along.


When it comes to growing cannabis, lush green growth is important. Discoloration of the foliage is an indicator of nutrient deficiencies, over-feeding, over-watering, root bounding, or pests.

When all of these factors are met sufficiently, the result is very green foliage, later to be followed by big fat cannabis flowers, and this is what we're after!


Fortunately all three of the cannabis plants I'm growing are very healthy. There's a few brown tips here and there, and lower foliage that was a result of underfeeding, but we're right in the range of a proper feeding regiment, which I'll cover in another post sometime.


This plant exhibits a great example of what you don't want the foliage to look like. The lower leaves were burned from overfeeding and the plant was overwatered a bit.

Since I'm somewhat adept at recognizing and properly diagnosing issues, we can see the upper foliage has returned to normal lush growth.

This one is an unknow strain and I'm hoping it's a female.


This is another small cannabis plant that is of unknown origin. There's no problems at all with this plant and I really love the structure of the branches and leaves.


I decided to throw in a photo of the cherry tomato plant due to the interests on the blog. I find this pretty miraculous myself.. The cherry tomato vine continues to increase in size and is yielding beautiful sweet citrus flavored tomatoes.


I recently raised the cannabis plants up on some small plastic drawers that were laying around the house. I have a pretty perfect distance from the lights now and this will help with the overall yield of these beauties.

That will do it for this update.

What do you all think of how these cannabis plants look?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section!

Thank you for stopping by,

Have a great day! -@futuremind


Looking good bro! That's cool you have some tomatoes to eat! Keep it up man! 👍

Thanks bro! We eat those tomatoes right off the vine as soon as they ripen :D

That tent is a sanctuary and the rest is nonsense. Great job...👏👏

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looks like your doin a good job

That Cherry tomato is pretty cool how it is growing up the tent pole!

It has a little assistance with some twine ties, but mostly it's just growing up towards the light! Thanks bro!

Nice man. Hopefully you get some fat buds on these soon.

Thanks man! Hoping they start forming soon!

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Hi. You are trying to grow many plants in your garden. cannabis plants looks very nice. In last image your looks very beautiful. Thanks sharing this amazing knowledge about your plants.

Thank you kindly :)

o man, what a lovely garden!

Thank you! :)

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You have very beautiful and branched plants. I'm sorry to see the suffering one, but I think that as long as it is limited to the lower leaves, it can be recovered without major problems, you just need to understand what deficiency it has. Sometimes it's the PH, because some individual plants absorb at slightly different PHs.

I use a PH of 6.5/7 but sometimes one or two plants would have these problems and I would try a PH of 8 and they would start to reabsorb properly.

I wish you the best growth :).