THE WIND IS HERE! 😳........................ Actifit Report Card: February 3 2023

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Wind out of the Northeast, then wind out of the Southeast, the wind storm is here!😳
What’s that sound……..
A large tree just fell across the street at my neighbor Mikes house!
I went out to the road to check……….
It looks like a very large tree fell in the woods behind Mikes house, his house is OK!😇
This is one of the dangers with living deep in the forest!😲
Silvertop needed to run to town, to get a truckload of gravel, before the storm got worse!😮
“One scoop of 3/4 inch rock please”😊
On the way home my truck was being blown sideways by the increasing wind!
That’s really unusual, especially with almost 1000 pounds of gravel in the back of my truck!🤔
I shoveled and wheelbarrowed the gravel around back by my wood shed and back up generator.
Silvertop was preparing for nasty weather!😇
By now the high wind was breaking tree branches, it’s a spooky sound!😮
I grabbed my jacket, and figured I better hike now, or Silvertop won’t be able to hike because of the storm!
If you remember the “ Widowmaker” tree in yesterday’s post, I carefully hiked up to this same tree.
You can see in the fifth photo, that the top branches are stuck in another tree.
There is also a second tree leaning into the larger tree!
The sound of the tree branches crashing into each other was enough to spook Silvertop!😳
I slowly backed down this road……………
I’ll hike another day, it’s much too dangerous in the forest today!😳
Staying safe, till tomorrow, Silvertop Mike 😊
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They don't call them widow makers for nothing! I don't aim to be one, dear!

It sounds like Silvertop gets spooked too easily! 😁

😳….. way to easily my friend Lol!


Your mountain is so big, I'm sure those widow makers must be avoided!

Finally the storm has passed today @silversaver888 ! It's always best to be careful during storms, and avoid dangerous situations in the mountains! I've heard of many people being killed😕

Glad that Mike's house was spared. It seems there's much strong winds there.

Very dangerous winds my friend, I am glad the storm is over!
I hope you are doing well have a great week!😀

Have a great week too. A better there, hopefully

You as well, my friend take care. Have a great week.!🤗

Yeah. I wished responding on our threads. I just got so caught up recently.

Life gets busy my friend take care of your family, even when things are busy😊

Oh yeah. Thanks for the reminder.