Merle Posthumous Birthday; Are the Good Days Over?


The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge

It seems the angels have turned their backs on anything that has to do with humanity. Oh, the good old times! My heart exclaims. I do remember how things were. The presence of true love for one another. The kind of love that brings and binds us together. The love that understands pains and knows that as humans, we have our flaws. The love that brings giggles, laughter, tears, and goodness. Yes! The good old days, and it seems to be over.

I know life before isn't perfect, but looking back, it was fun. There are memories worth holding onto because of the beauty they bring. There was respect, the true meaning of humanity, and a lot to see. And all these brought us together. We'd eat together in one plate without being scared, we'd sleep outside watching the moonlight till dawn. There was good security and people that did bad, never let it known. They were scared to let their deeds known because the world needed them to be better.

However, life now has advanced in an unimaginable way. Thoughts, words, and actions are unspeakable and hurtful. The things that shouldn't be done are going on around and around. Things that are not pleasing to the eyes and ears.

But as the saying goes, life goes on, init? However, I do know that the good days have not ended because there are people like you and I who still remember how it was and we can bring in that love and knowledge into our families and make things better. Therefore, I have brought a song. An inspiration from Merle Haggard, who has sang amazing songs to keep us going.

Now, let's dive into the musical world, but that's after getting to know him.

Merle Haggard, Was or Is?

Merle Ronald Haggard was an American country music singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musician. He was born in the year 1937, April 6th, and died in the year 2016, April 6th.

His songs are amazing, and the right inspiration needed to put us in the right mood. And I hope you find that rhythm in his song.

Are the good times over; Merle Haggard.

The voice, the rhythm, and the lyrics. It keeps one on their feet. Keeps you moving. Flexing your body and standing on your toes as you roll around majestically.

Sing me back home; Merle Haggard.

The memory attached to this song and the meaning given to it is unexplainable. Side by side, move your body. Tap your feet gently as you let the sound of music lead.

The fightin side of me; Merle Haggard.

I know you have it. We all have that fighting side that keeps us going.

That's the way love goes; Merle Haggard.

That's the way it is. The way it moves. Love, don't lie, and it doesn't stop the flow of happiness.


All videos used were gotten from #YouTube.

Still yours truly,

Thanks for reading and listening.

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.


We should not give up on humanity yet no matter what. One of the things I strongly believe is the world of humanity can still be much more better than it is now but if it is going to be so, it is a collective work not individual work. We the human must start the change

Yes, it is truly a collective work if a change is meant to occur. We need to stand up and work it out together.

It is true that nowadays hurting another person has become routine. But it is also a reason to value good times and good friends more. Un abrazo @balikis95

That's right. It is painful to see which is why we must cherish the gems we have. Gracias amigo.

It seems the angels have turned their backs on anything that has to do with humanity

Well, because of technology (you said to me earlier) and changes in surroundings, our mentality changed a lot. Somehow current generation has become unsocial and robotic so unfortunately, many don't care about humanity. Maybe it's our failure that we couldn't teach them the value of humanity and social life...

Yes, our mentality has truly changed, and it is very hard to see. Maybe it surely is. Thanks for reading.

I agree with you, the good days have not yet ended. And it may never end if we can stop wishing and put in more action. It is harder than it seems though

Yes, action can change a lot of things.

There was respect, the true meaning of humanity, and a lot to see. And all these brought us together

Our world then was full of love, there was no discrimination wheresoever. Our would can still be restored if humanity seek to change

If only humanity seek the right change. That's well said.

My dear, I still remember those good ol' days and when I look at how much worse things have gone, I drop a tear. But like you said, there are still good people out there striving to bring positivity into the society.
The songs are cool.

Yes, they are still good people out there who gives the hope that maybe... just maybe things can be better

I oscillate for one extreme to another, wherein I miss the old days sometimes, and at other times I feel that the modern life has its advantages. As I grow older I do tend to go to the missing old days side, but at times I just feel that it might be nostalgia :)

Love Merle and good choice of songs. My wife loves these even more. We used to love listening to westerns when we were younger as the lyrics were simpler, straight forward, and we could understand what was being sung :)

Cheers from a fellow #dreemerforlife

Hehe, truly the good days have some advantages but just some part of it because things are just getting worse truly! There's no value, no trust again. Everything is just not right. Maybe it is nostalgia my way, too. Hehe.

Wow, that's great! Nice knowing your wife loves his songs. Make sure to share some of these with her and my sweet regards to her.

It is hard to say when everything started going wrong, gradually we just find ourselves in a new reality. An era of abnormalities, not forced upon us we all chose to let the good days go trading the joy of reminiscing in the beauty of humanity for materialism. A social contract signed with no loophole or deadline. This is was one of the argument made my Thomas Hobbes in his understanding of humans adaptation to new reality (social contract theory)

This dong reminds me of tvose when singers are more focused on disseminating a message through the lyrics of a song than being carried away by instrumentals. I really enjoyed the songs especially its rhythm. Thanks for sharing.

Pop in from #dreemport

It is surely hard to day. How did we even get here? The truth is that things just didn't happen. They took a step, which most of us adhered to. It is such a saddening thing to see.

You seem very versed with Thomas, and that's very good.

Yeah, days, messages sent through music are valid. The good ol days sadly.

I think the good old days might be berries in each one of us and it left to us to either bring it back to life or continue in the new reality.

I love your description of the songs when I have spare time I shall dive into it.

Yeah. It is left to us all to make the decision.

No problem, thanks for stopping by dreemer

Like Chinua Achebe said Things Fall Apart, truly things have fallen apart dearest Balikis🙂

Always a #dreemerforlife

Loll.... everything Don fall yakata for bed🤣🤣🤣

We have to hold onto our values despite seeing values, in general, crumbling around us, and lead our children in good habits and raise them to be kind, loving, and respectful of others. We also need to be more discerning of the company we keep, and more careful of what we expose ourselves to in life. So stay away from toxic people and surround ourselves instead with those who share our hearts, and value systems.

I listened to a clip from each of the songs you shared. I love that old country sound 💗How about that... Merle Haggard was born and died on the same day of the month. In fact, one of my favourite musicians is a Folk/Country Artist - John Denver :-) Thank you for sharing, Bali x !LUV !LADY


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Those who value the system and see the need to embrace one another. You've said it well, Sam.

Hehe, I ain't surprised you do. There's so much beauty in listening to those sounds.

Oh, John Denver. I have written something about him as well and also shared some of his songs. He is a masterpiece with his music. Thank you !luv

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