Mirror Swap ~ Installing 2017 Ford F-350 Mirrors on My 2001 Ford Excursion

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This project was a little more involved than I thought. I assumed I just needed to pop a piece of trim off and access the bolts needed to upgrade my 2001 Ford Excursion’s mirrors. Well that’s what I get for assuming. It still wasn’t that bad and probably took 1 1/2 hours or so to complete. The reason for the upgrade was... well one mirror, let’s just say... broke. So if it breaks... upgrade it. Welp, I guess that means it DIY time.

I really like the look of the new tow mirrors that Ford has been using on their Super Duty trucks since 2017. I have seen some Ford Excursions with the square mirrors used on 2008-16 Ford Super Duty trucks. They look really nice but I think the 2017 mirrors will look better on my Excursion. So when I found these mirrors on Amazon and read the reviews and searched multiple other mirrors, I decided on these. Some where in the price range of $400!!! $180 was a lot easier on my wallet despite the few negative reviews from some picky people. :wink:wink

Tools needed are:

  • 1/4 in drive ratchet
  • 11mm - 7mm - 5.5mm sockets
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Possibly and extra set of hands to hold the mirror

I was amazed at how much larger the field of vision is on these mirrors. Especially the fish-eye lens on the bottom. The glass in the mirrors had no vibrations while on the highway and they are good and solid. I kind of wish I would have paid a little more attention and got ones with running lights also but just having the blinkers will do.

Well I hope you all enjoy the video and it encourages you do get the tools out and DO IT YOURSELF. Save some $ and DIY


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That went rather smoothly!

The only time I ever removed the interior door panel was years ago, and I have not attempted to do that ever again. Finding all of the points of attachment was impossible. Being young and at the time lacking patience, after about an hour, I just ripped the freaking thing off. I did fix the problem of the broken window handle but created another problem, the interior panel was so twisted and missing so many parts by the time I was done. it just didn't fir any longer.

No problem, who needs a fancy 1964 Chevy Impala anyway.

Boy did I love that car. I can't ever remember it breaking down.
Even after the interior caught fire and had to be put out by the local volunteer fire department, I still ran it for another year, I just needed to keep the windows open. The smell of burnt plastic and vinyl was a little rough on the nose.

I started prying out on the door panel, then I remembered these had the hooks on them. The hooks are way better than the push pins that my truck has.

What happened? Drop a doobie on the floor and forgot about it... 😂🤣 “Hey man, what’s that smell?? Did you fart or something?” Lol

64 impala... that’s what all those 90’s gangstas in Compton Ca drove around with hydraulics, bouncing down the street... you could have got some sweet mula for that bad boy.


That's a funny story. While at college, several of my fellow teammates and I went for a quick ride in my car before baseball practice. About an hour into practice, We hear some fire whistles going off. We can see the smoke from about 300 yards off and wonder what the heck is going on. The firemen put out the fire, and about an hour later we all walk from the field to where we had parked. Guess what was burning.
Not a complete loss though, I still drove it for another year.

doobies can be a health hazard. 😁

My Impala could do the same thing, and it didn't cost me a penny for those special hydraulics'

I just never replaced the shocks.

Just pump the brakes and getter bouncing!! HAHAHAHA. I used to do that in this Isuzu dump truck. It was a cab over and with a load of gravel in the back I could pump the gas in second gear and with expert timing I could get the front tires to come off the ground. The other guys I worked with at that landscape company would die laughing.

I was LOL reading this reply.

I did a wheelie in a tandem dump one summer while working for my father-in-law, he was a road builder.
While spreading pea gravel, my very first time doing this, I raised the body of the truck to about a 35 degree angle while, stopped. The chains were on the gate to allow the stone to be spread as I crept up the road. Once I got rolling I just needed to pull the handle which would open the gate while I was moving.

Being new at this, I popped the clutch, and with the body in the air, the truck stood right up on its tailgate. I was looking at the heavens. My brother-in-law had to attach a chain to the front axle and pull the truck back down using the D-8 bulldozer.

That was a little hairy, and needless to say I got my alls busted for years.

😂🤣😂🤣😂. AWESOME!!!

That other mirror...Just broke huh? It was just minding its own business and all of a sudden after getting hit on something just broke. Lol.

Self destructed... I think after 19 years they are programmed to do that. Just the passenger side


Yes, well 19 years...These days things aren't made to last even that long I guess.

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