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Some years back I was invited to a painting gathering by my friend, I have been longing to see people's creativities, I had never visited any gallery store before and this is one thing on my bucket list.

I was in the room the night before the gathering when a friend of mine called me and told me about the event, it was a drawing and painting gathering where the upcoming will have access to showcase their talents, I was happy and joined the moving train because it was one thing have been longing for.

I couldn't sleep overnight, I was busy imagining what I could paint, and how I could make it a reality, I browsed all through the night and practiced them in my head, hoping for the day to come and night should turn to day in a twinkle of an eye, I never pray to miss such opportunity.

The next day I was the one who called my friend and reminded him of the painting gathering, I was so excited because it would be part of a memory I wouldn't wish to forget in my life, we got to the event center and I saw talented people, people who are naturally talented when it comes to pencil and Color, I was able to hold the board and get something down, it was a lifetime memory for me and I appreciate my friend who invited me to this event.

I drew and painted and I hung my drawings in my room for a year, though I wasn't an expert when it came to drawing or painting I knew I could get better, since that year I haven't attended any events like this and this memory remains fresh in my head, the way I laughed at people and the way they laughed at me as well, the way I wished to be talented like some people in the event and so on.

This was a sweet memory that I couldn't get out of my head since that year. This is my entry for today's #tbt post.

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Nice paint my dear

Thank you dear

It looks well organised by the people.
I'm still looking for your work ooo!😅


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Check very well u will see me

I guess an awesome experience
Though me self no too like painting,
Nice tbt

I have been dreaming of a day like this and thanks to my friend who made it happen. Thank you

I love painting too ,but I have little knowledge about it .

Keep this up

You can start something if you have an idea now

I wish to do this but time is not on my side, I love everything about art

Create time for what you love dear

This is a beautiful memory you won't forget easily

This is one of my best memories. Thank you dear

A friend told me about this stuff but I am yet to experience it. Judging by the look of things, you had fun and yes, you did a great job.

It was so much fun, thank you

This is me just realizing you could draw and paint... Nice one dear. Keep up the good work.

Bring your picture let me draw it

Wow, it's a great gathering of artists. Everything that can be appreciated in the drawings is very pleasing, I'm glad you lived this collective experience. Thank you so much for being part of #tbt Thursdays...

I'm so glad that I attended this gathering that year. Thank you

You are just so multi talented my Dear,
Your painting looks so professional, you did an absolutely wonderful Job,
Keep it up👍👍

Thank you 💕