Te Manatu Park Drain Run

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I went for a scout today looking for flight spots. I've wanted to capture this stormwater sump/wetland for some time because it could be fantastic. This was my first attempt, and I learned a lot.
Firstly, I want to fly lower to avoid vegetation. I should also take more care where I position because I had a feeble signal for much of the run. That meant I could only dodge trees at the last minute, so the footage could be waggly.
I remembered to record in d-cinelike, but I don't have software to take advantage of it. I forgot to switch off EIS - because putting this footage through Gyroflow would have made a much better result.
I couldn't fly over the bridge and into the next section of the sump because somebody was down there fishing, and I didn't want to disturb them! While it's a good sign that aquatic creatures are colonising the stormwater sump, the level of suburban pollution means that I wouldn't eat any fish that came out of it!
While preparing to shoot, a few onlookers came to talk to me. One is the caretaker at the local school, and he asked if I would be willing to help shoot some school events. Of course, I agreed; we'll see what comes of it. Maybe nothing, maybe the opportunity to do cool things.
Just arrived today was Mr Steel's Ethix Chesty - which is a chest pack for drone operators. With a couple of bits of bungy and some soft bags, I got my full avata field setup into and on the chesty. It made walking about looking for a spot to post up and fly from that much easier. Yeah, the hard cases are great - for when the drone is in transport. Still, the chesty worked well for scurrying into position with batteries, drone, controller and goggles. So far, I recommend it.
Well, there is plenty to improve, but I hope you enjoy this trench-run-style video. I've been practising with a 3.5" freestyle F drone so that FPV might have some videos soon. I've been practising some moves in the FPV simulator because I have a unique idea for video. Still, it's challenging my ability to control the drone consistently. I also need one or two more tricks to make it work.

Until next time!

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Damn, I need to spend time on my video from flying at #HiveFest

Greetz and a !BEER from @detlev

You and me both, sir.

Awesome flight

With drones we can also take pictures and videos that we can't take standing still and then we can add them inside any of our things and see them later. The views are much more beautiful.

Yep, creating news ways of seeing things is the artist's call. Drones have excellent potential as an artist's tool.

Yeah you are right..

the result is already smooth. It must be quite difficult to navigate with the vegetation and the branches.

ALl the best in the upcoming school event shots. : )

Thanks, I can always do better and get smoother footage.
It was very hard to navigate because I had poor signal and so couldn't really see well as I flew parts of that channel. That's why there are some sudden movements.

The place seem to be big with that river between those trees
It looks so good!

The place is larger than I thought! I frequently walked alongside this sump when I lived in that suburb. There are some bigger sumps in the same area, however, the cross breeze was too strong for me to risk flying. Another day!