JAHMIN' Posts Of The Week [Jan 30th- Feb 6th . 2022] Ezekiel Joseph, Police Bully, Smoking Session, RSVP Dancehall, Outdoor Volleyball, AfroMix, & Positive Vibrations!

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Manners and Respect Reggaejahmin HIVE Community!

Happy Birthday to the Reggae God, Bob Marley who celebrates his 77th Birthday 🎉 Feb 6th 1945-11May 1981). Celebrations are going on right now to celebrate the legend.

Reggae month & black history month is here, a time to celebrate the culture, but here on Reggaejahm, we do this 247/365. For those who want to know more about the upcoming events for Reggae month, check this link below. There are many different discussions, events, live streams & more taking place to celebrate the genre. I encourage you to take a look and see what interests you, and maybe even make a post about it in the Reggaejahm community or even add one of the events at the end of your post to show support..

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Reggae month Day 1 discussion

To Structure or Not to Structure... Recipes for Success of Reggae Artistes. They also touch on the topic about NFTs and musical contracts. I am happy to report that the crytpo discussion is taking place in the Reggae industry and many do understand its importance as well as its shortcomings.

Happy Belated Birthday to @bearmol! Can anyone guess how old he is? Go over to his post and have a go at it.


Congrats to @tanjakolader on reaching 100k JAHM, we appreciate your presence in the community and your drive to represent the culture. You can read more in her post about it here. Who will be next to reach the 100k mark?



This week in the JAHMIN Session, Ezekiel Joseph in a RJNAS ( Reggae Jahm New Artiste Spotlight) and what a spiritual vibe it is. I encourage you to take a listen to this uplifting music. Next we have "Police Bully" showcasing the new song by Boom Donavan talking about the sensitive topic of police brutality, an interesting discussion in this post, go over and leave your opinion. Next we have a biography in the form of a vlog talking about how the DJ/producer came to be. On the musical tip we have a Dancehall compilation with some of the heavy hitting songs on the 21 Hapilos distribution trail. A day outdoor in Suriname playing some volleyball and getting some sun while having fun. On the live music front we have an Afro session with a talented musician on the acoustic guitar and vocals and last but not least, a little herb poetry to brighten up your day.

     You don't need to be in the Caribbean or from it to post in our community. From Ital food to reggae music, Caribbean news and much more is welcome in our community. To learn more about our tags/cultural initiatives, see the following posts: Dashout Sunday, APART, and RJNAS.

     Every week I'll select a 20% beneficiary and this week I chose @obaro for his live Afro session bringing the roots from Africa to the block in this wooing song called "Won't wanna miss". Take a listen and enjoy.

In no particular order, Lets Get JAHMIN!

Ezekiel Joseph: From Musician To Gospel Artist 🎶 #RJNAS


New Release: Police Bully / Video and Reflection



by: @bjblendah82

RSVP Dancehall Compilation - 21 Hapilos ( Various Artiste )

by: @dmilliz

A Day of Outdoor Volleyball after 2 Years in Saramacca, Suriname. Winning a Tournament with Reduced Endurance

by: @rarej


by: @obaro

Positive Vibrations / Vibraciones Positivas [ENG/ESP]

by: @sgarciacine


Source: CryptoRastas

JAHMIN MUSIC Recommendationz Of The Week

Koffee- Pull Up

Anju Blaxx ft Chris Gayle - Wiked Ting

Boom Donavan - Police Bully

Naomi Cowman -Star Girl Mixtape ( Presented by Walshy Fire)

Ezekiel Joseph - Everybody Affi Know

Be sure to check out the celebrations for Bob Marley put on by the Tuff Gong Foundation!


Stay tuned for more JAHMIN Posts Of The Week...


Question Of the Week

How can we get more individuals in the Caribbean onto HIVE and in the reggaejahm community?

For those who want to give vlogging a try, this is your chance. There is your topic and remember we have 3speak network, our very own video platform on HIVE. But of course you can always comment below.

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 6 months ago  

Congratulations @obaro 🎊.

And @dmilliz it's my pleasure to contribute to this beautiful community 🙏.
Yay...! Reggae Month! 🎉🥂
Wondering what I'll do during this time, but like you've said, we representing year long 😊.

 6 months ago  

I am here wondering myself 😀
But I think we are making history ourselves right here on the block.


 6 months ago  

But I think we are making history ourselves right here on the block.

I hope so too... I mean, this is partly my way to share and "immortalize" the stories of people around me and life as we know it. Who knows 1,0000 years from now, people will ask themselves how we (the people of now) have been living our lives.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate the love that you show my friend!

 6 months ago  

Really appreciate you ! I we keep on showing up like this, no doubt it will lead to something great beyond our wildest imaginations!

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded

 6 months ago  

I we keep on showing up like this, no doubt it will lead to something great beyond our wildest imaginations!

Keep on grinding 💪!

Supporting each other also helps a lot.

"How can we get more individuals in the Caribbean onto HIVE and in the reggaejahm community?"

It's an easy question to answer, but the solution is often not so easy. I have tried in multiple ways to get some people to join content creation here in Bogota, and it turns out to be really complicated.
There is a lot of looking for 5 legs to the cat. Of always thinking that this proposal to earn cryptos without investing is not real and that at some point they will ask you money for something. It is complicated, but not impossible.
I think that somehow, out of 10 people who enter only a few will remain, but they will be the ones who in turn will be able to pass the information by word of mouth, as @rarej says, in these cases the rumor works.

 6 months ago  

"thinking that this proposal to earn cryptos without investing is not real and that at some point they will ask you money for something."

Good insight, they suspect since you are making money blogging, might as well give them some instead of trying to earn some themselves.

For real, word of mouth is the way it seems as it will get the people who are really intersted to come and check it out and save us the headache of trying to market the gold still in the stone case.

 6 months ago  

The mentality of "getting rich quick" is a hard one to combat. Even in the crypto space hard work pays of more long term.

 6 months ago  

How can we get more individuals in the Caribbean onto HIVE and in the reggaejahm community?

The same way any other info in the Caribbean goes, through the rumor mill, or word of mouth. In the end they will come when they want to and will probably be late. xD

With anybody who is interested in crypto and earning it, I send them my blog, and then see what happens.

 6 months ago  

LOL that is true, I think we talked about this before, us Caribbean people are the biggest skeptics but once a few get a hold of good info and it starts spreading, it spreads like wild fire. They will be here indeed.

You know I find many in crypto really just interested in the investing/trading side, they figure they do not know how to make content, pitty they do not realize, content is king.

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded

 6 months ago  

True. I was once one of those people who thought making content was hard. How times have changed.

 6 months ago  

Practice and keep showing up is what contributes to the growth.

 6 months ago  

Nuff respect @reggaejahm and the community. One more year around the sun. Loving the music 🎶 from @tanjakolader

 6 months ago  

Bless up again on the earthstrong bro. HAHAH I figured you would like them tunes, right on your vibes. I am digging those tunes too, cannot go wrong with gospel Reggae.

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded

 6 months ago (edited) 

Funny how I thought listening to this artist "@bearmol would appreciate these songs". How we get to know each other without having met in person 🙈.

Also Happy Belated Birthday @bearmol! May the new year bring joy, good health and success! 🎊🎊🎊🎊

 6 months ago  

Thank you @tanjakolader.

Much respect to you both.

I'm so honoured to e the lucky one for the 20% beneficiary!

Thanks a lot alot @reggaejahm

 6 months ago  

Respect bro! It was a great Afro session, you got skills man, glad to see you flexing them on HIVE !

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Thanks dude.

I Appreciate the words of uplift.
Thanks man!❤

∫∫ Much !LUV

 6 months ago  

Bless Up!

Posted via ReggaeJahm | Reggae Culture Rewarded