Invitation to Become a 3Speak Encoder Node Operator

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Hello Hivers!

A few months ago, we made a post inviting 3Speak users to become beta testers. Today we are taking the next step. We are inviting you to become a 3Speak Encoder Node Operator.


It's a Google Form, but we won't collect your email address.

We will ask you for your Hive username and your Discord username. We also need you to answer some questions.

Fill out the form HERE

Hive Graphic by @doze


Sent in my form, already running a couple of witness servers, adding another support extension is key.

11th Gen Intel i7-11700F 2.50GHz / 31.9G Ram / 325Gb free storage [Let's Fkn Go!] Will aim to be up 24-7 / 365! Just teach me how!! im stackin my larynx for when I learn how to use those too!

Same! I need to figure out larnyx!

Get in the Dlux discord server so you can stay up to date. Are you holding a bunch of larynx rite now? Have you been able to delegate it out to service providers, and start earning some SPK?

I have tokens and have not done ANYTHING with them! Do you have the discord link?

thought you might ask.. I should have linked it rite away..

you can manage your larynx delegation at or through the @Ecency app's wallet

Got it Thank you!

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Let's go champs. This is absolutely great news. Hope I can cover the requirements. Filling up the form. Let's goooo!

That's interesting! I'm happy to finally see more help from the community! I'll send my participation too!

Woow, this is very interesting, I will inform me a little more about that and see if I can apply to beta

What's the reward for becoming a node operator?

Read the graphics

I've got a ZX Spectrum 48K, ready to go online when you're ready!

Seriously though, great news.

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Filled the Form. Count me in ;)

can we do it on a laptop? I have a laptop with 1tb HDD, i7 7700hq, gtx 1050 4gb and 16gb ram. I also have a steady internet bandwidth of 45mbps. it's running Ubuntu latest.

what is the hardware required to take part?

When you click on the link to do the survey, the hardware minimum req. is shown.

Nodes must be online 24/7, some downtime is acceptable.

You should be accessible via Discord at least a few hours a day to debug issues as they arrive and update your node with new updates, plus any misc maintenance.

Internet bandwidth should be at least 10mbps upload and download. More is preferred.

200 GB space minimum.

In the future, there will be a scoring system to better prioritize high-end nodes. Depending on score this will not affect rewarding directly, but as ranking decreases beyond a certain threshold, rewards will decrease.

Thanks for the info. I have filled the form.

wow that's a great news indeed though I came back this platform after taking a long recovery break. soon I will be able to join the next step. Best wishes

Applied for it 👍 Let's run our nodes :)

Yeah, that is fantastic.

Hi guys! I'm interested! I want to be a encoder node operator. Is there a how to tutorial about the technical requirements or someting o know more about it?

where can we get the hardware for the nodes?

i5-9400k, 8GB ram / 250 SDD can add more,24/7 and if i can make 1 work i can add 3 more nodes same configurations, just put a tutorial on how to do this and let's go!

Success! You mined .9 HBIT & the user you replied to received .1 HBIT on your behalf. mine | wallet | market | tools | discord | community | <>< daily

This is a very awesome step for sure !!

Submitted my application, hope you can check it out. Keep up the good work

1 question would for me really important. Is content encrypted on 3speak network? Or does the "hoster" know what they host.

In terms they know it, it would be impossible in many western countries to run a node for legal problems.

There must be a way to remove in a collective without the infrastructure provider ( storage) is at risk.

Do you know what I mean?

If someone upload something illegal. The storage provider can become problem at the point the first one download it for sharing it.

If it would be encrypted and the hoster doesn't know, it would change. So it would need a way to remove those content in a collective community or something like that.

absolutely! Let's go 🚀

Hola, 3sp soy novata y aún no entiendo 😅 me podrías decir que es un node operador 😁.

Gracias 😁😍 por su votación. Bendiciones.

Hi.thank you for attention my video.nice to meet you sir.
I have a question about whether I can put the content of various videos, including music videos, fashion, sports and business, which I have directed artistically, in the same community?

Hi @threespeak et al,
I have found recently that the uploading video page is not appearing well... it is showing in old-style blue type and basic loaded set-up. I can't add a title and so am not proceeding and will look at dTube instead today - but is there anyone who can advise about what is happening? I've tried changing browser, refreshing, etc, but it stays in this old-style format and won't allow me to make the post... Blessings, All!

Gracias querido amigo 3habla.

Hello dear.
Im director and i have a idea to make a video for present hive community.
Can i talk with you on discord?

Hello dear I'm director.
I have a idea for making a video to present hive.
Can i talk to you on discord?

Think I've done form, but not sure.

Very interested I will fill out form!

essa é uma plataforma que acredito muito.

Today I signed up at but the confirmation email is not coming through.

Does protonmail (Switzerland) have issues with emails from 3speak? There is no email, it's been over 15 minutes, not in the spam folder or inbox. No confirmation email from 3speak, none. I am using this Hive account to sign-up at 3speak.

Does sign-up at 3speak require tokens? If it does, then I won't be able to sign-up.

Thanks for your time.


😭😭😭 I won't be able to join here because my gadget is not up to 200gb
But I would have loved to

Just submitted my form! I also bought some LARYNX and delegated it to @acidyo 😊

@threespeak @threespeak Hi - who is support, please?

This message and no reply now. I'd like to download some of my content? It needs editing. I've been trying to get support to do this for some months now?

Is there anybody out there? :D