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To celebrate this week's report, we're truly thrilled to present to you EDITION 4 featuring our Top 3 publications:

image.png 1. A spectacular golf course with a vibrant environment from Cuba
image.png 2. An iconic building of historical significance from Spain
image.png 3. A visual creation process for a hanging cabinet project from Indonesia

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Our Champions for the Week:

(November 21 - 27, 2022)


Very close to the last hole of the course there is a cafeteria with the symbolic name of Hole 19, as a worker explained to me, in the 18-hole golf courses there is always very close to the last hole a space where golfers meet to talk, have a drink and share experiences, it is called that way, that is why they wanted to keep the name. It is a small but very cozy place, all the walls, including the ceilings, are covered with varnished wood, the door and windows have wooden frames and large panes of glass.


This architect is one of the best known and most popularly studied by students of architecture in the capital, since many of the buildings dating from the first decades of the 20th century were created and designed by him, being an icon of Malaga's architecture, and one of his curiosities is that he was Mayor of Malaga. At that time, many English families and families from practically all over Europe lived in the capital, due to the many companies and factories that the city had at that time.


Then I assembled the inner partition and at each top of the partition I cut it so I added plywood as a holder for the closet door and for the inner bulkhead I didn't screw it but I used a small elbow as a holder so that it could be removed and then I added plywood on the inside. around the cabinets at the top and bottom so that the cabinet doors look parallel and do not appear outward and this will make the cabinets look nicer. And the next stage is splitting and cutting the plywood for the wardrobe doors.


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Congratulations to all. ¡¡¡¡I am very proud to receive the Gold Mark award, very grateful and congratulations to the rest, this encourages us to be better every day and to continue sharing quality content, thus expanding our community, Greetings and many congratulations to all !!!!👍❤️

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Thank you for your valuable support and sincere appreciation dear @lileisabel. Together as one community, we can create wonders for architecture and design globally thru our amazing publications. Cheers! 😀

Congratulation all winners and participant, let's make another interesting article about Architecture & Design! Thanks @aplusd for support :)

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Greetings @aswita, we are grateful for your remarkable contributions and immense patronage. Kind regards! 😀

congratulations to all members who have contributed to this Community. Hopefully every week, we can continue to make our best contribution to building this community in the future.

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Always an enormous pleasure to have you onboard dear @isdarmady. Keep up your exceptional content and thank you for supporting us all the way. More power! 😀

I congratulate you for the great job you do creating high-quality content, where people from outside the platform can learn about architecture, history, and even interior design.

May the motivation continue to rise and never go away🤗 @lileisabel @aswita @isdarmady

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We truly appreciate your kind words dear @ginethchira2301 and thank you for constantly transforming our beloved community for the best thru your marvelous publications. Well done! 😀

Congratulations to all, excellent articles, beautiful works shared with us this week.

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An enormous delight to serve you dear @doriangel. Continue publishing fantastic content about architecture and design for the world to experience on Hive. Cheers! 😀

Congratulations to those selected, beautiful publications that allow us to admire the architecture of different countries and the incredible designs of these structures; as well as the stories and experiences of visitors to these emblematic places.

Thank you @aplusd for the support.


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We are sincerely grateful for your continuous support and positive feedback dear @belkyscabrera. We truly appreciate your superb content for our beloved community's growth and development. Feel at home! 😀

this is very extraordinary, I'm happy to be part of this weekly post,
thank you very much for the support.....

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It is indeed dear @lancang - a great pleasure to have you here. Keep up the marvelous posts about architecture and design, and most especially, your favorite furniture projects. Have fun! 😀

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