Freedive Oslob | Swimming with the Whale sharks

in Freedivinglast month (edited)

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"If heaven was found underwater, then these whale sharks are celestial beings I want to be with." - @indayclara 😁

As some of you would know, I and @ybanezkim26 had a short but sweet escapade in Oslob, Cebu last week. The very reason why we visited the place was because of this sudden urge to freedive with the resident whale sharks aka TUKI OR BUTANDING in Oslob.

Contrary to what the media reported years ago, these Butandings as per locals say have lived and bred in Oslob decades ago specifically near Sumilon Island and did not came from somewhere else. Whaleshark watching has been a trend here in our country however controversies have revolved around this activity. Regardless, it would be a shame not to be able to swim with these whale sharks now that we are able to freedive and this amazing experience I want to share with you.



@sabanalchristian have already shared his piece, check it out here and show some love. Do watch out for @ybanezkim26's video as well. As for me, I will not keep you hanging, go ahead and be breathless with this video I've prepared for you...

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Wow 😲, were you not scared?

 29 days ago  

Well, one of them was so huge. Its a bit scary getting so close to them and might get hit by their tails. however we werent allowed to touch them and keep a safe distance of 4m away.

but once you get the hang of it, you would just want to be close to them all the time.

WOW!!! I didn't know allowed di mgfreedove dha sa Oslob with those whalesharks. That's amazing!!!

 last month  

Oh yes @asasiklause! They just opened recently lang jud. Definitely a must experience!

I tried na the whale watching years ago but it wasnt not a fun experience for me because i got an allergic reaction from the shrimp paste/uyap or katong thing they feed the whales. Katol kaau. Hahahaha. But those gentle giants are so cool to swim with.

 29 days ago  

Ah yes! True. Uhmm. there was indeed a different smell because of the shrimp paste but I couldnt care less! 😂 The goal was to maximize the 30 minutes time. There was no warm up for us.

The fish and the swimming are both mesmerizing.

 29 days ago  

Thank you. I was channeling my mermaid self 😉 I guess it worked its magic 🤭

It sure did pretty little lady

I felt joy watching your video, it's fascinating to watch, so graceful. Will check out Christian's video.

 last month  

All I feel is nostalgia and bliss everytime I watch the video over and over again 😍 I am in love with these creatures.

Love the rhythm you guys have in the water, all synchronized, calmly moving as one.

beautiful little animals, but most people are afraid of them.

 29 days ago  

Most are afraid of what they do not know. A little bit of research and an actual experience with them will remove all their doubts.

@indayclara you don't know how much excited I am every time I see you guys @ybanezkim26 post about Diving. Beach and everything are opening here again soon after more than 2 months of total lockdown. I'm looking for a driving course here now :) 🤪🤪 Thank you for the inspiration ❤️

I'll have a video on the Freediving community for sure🤩

 29 days ago  

Oh my gosh! Im honored to give you some inspiration 🤗 Excited for you! Make sure to head for the beach right away. Im not sure whether ill survive without a swim that long 😱.

Do check out AIDA or Molchanovs Freediving courses 😉.

Please do share your freediving videos soon in our community 😍 Looking forward!

Thank you @indayclara
I thought I was about to Die but fortunately, Hive kept me alive :) I was told that we'll register at the basic level and will be taught in 4 days. I can't wait

This is so beautiful, I so loved the metaphor of associating the sea with heaven. You were so close to them, amazing!

 29 days ago  

Yes! I just felt at peace and in pure bliss while swimming with them. Nothing really compares just being one with nature. 😇

From turtles to whales na gyud this time. Ka nice kaayo! Super. Grabiiiiii na this.. Nice kaayo ang video.

 29 days ago  

mas amazing ka. naka kita jud ka og whaleshark na gif 😂😂😂😂😂

That is easily one of the mostest bestest dopest video clips I've seen on the blockchain.

 29 days ago  

😌😭😍 Thank you for your freakin awesome support! I do hope this encourages other to upload diving videos in the blockchain 😎

I scuba as well, do you or just free dive? I haven't been under for a few years now and I have yet to swim with a whale shark—cant's wait. Your video was hypnotic.

 29 days ago  

It was my childhood dream to scuba however I found freediving first and fell in love. 😌😍 Perhaps I might just scubadive to experience it once.

We are definitely lucky here to have whale sharks nearby but its the humpbacks that I want to meet in the future.

What an adventure. Sana ma experience ko din.

The last time I swam with these creatures was still way back 2018. Pero wa ko nag freediving,langoy langoy ra ko intawn hahaha sanaol😍

 28 days ago  

You are making me feel old. The first time I did this was way back in 2013 or 2014. 😂 Cool that its just in our place. I always feel lucky to be able to swim with them.

Ka nindot sa video! Captured kaayo ang experience ❤️ I've tried whale shark watching pre-covid but this is another level! It's definitely on my bucket list now.

 28 days ago  

Yay! That is nice I've inspired you in some way. I hope you the passion for freediving will come to you soon para daghan nata ninyo magfreedive.

Yess. I have a lot of friend who's into freediving. Konting push na lang. Hapit na jud ko mo suway ani ba 😂

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 29 days ago  

This is so dope! Excited nako muupload sa ako! @sabanalchristian bilisan mo jan! 😂

 29 days ago  

@sabanalchristian dapat pang national geography or history channel or pangsinehan najud og level kay kim na video 😂

The background theme is refreshing for me. I love it underwater but I don't ever wanna get near that big body of water. I'm good glancing from here. It must be lovely to swim with such beautiful creatures 🙂🙂🙂

 29 days ago  

Hi @temitopemichael! Thank you. The size of the whale sharks were definitely overwhelming but I wouldnt want to miss swimming near them😉

I can just imagine the experience 🙂


What a spectacular piece of footage! So glad to host this on 3speak!

 28 days ago  

Damn! Thank you @starkerz. Yes, I've been meaning to upload something unique in 3speak that would fascinate other Hivers. Glad, I was just able to do that.

wow!! ka nice ui

ka nice diha ma'am