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DCooperation is a community created to support collaborations on hive blockchain.

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@dcooperation was created eactly 1 year after I joined the blockchain. 25 may 2018 !

I created more than 100 interviews with blockchain people here. Most of them are on my youtube channel : ClixMoney Youtube Channel.

When hive forked, I was busy with a work I had to do for year and I took a break from building a community.

Then I decided to comeback doing so, because I lost the work and now I have more time to dedicate.

I even created a token called DCC to reward all types of collaborations I see and for that we have #dcc.

I already airdroped DCC to our delegators who are still active in hive. So, 1858 DCcoins were distributed.

You may take a look at our delegation program here : 10,000 DCcoins to grab for free !.

In this post I would like to share all the work done by our old members and to airdrop them the token as well.

So, I decided to give 10 DCC for each collaboration, for those who are still active on the blockchain.

The first collaboration ever created was about @dtube. It's where everything started.

Here is it in this video :

Those who participated are : @reseller , @cgbartow , @bobaphet , @eftnow , @hattaarshavin , @hauptmann , @itskyle , @jacksonchakma , @thecrytotrader , @veganroma, @tibfox , @steemitbaby , @alexabsolute , @spite77 , @techcoderx , @brainpod , @fruitdaddy , @cryptospa , @zainenn .

The other collaborations were related to steem and I didn't upload them to youtube, so they all desapeared from dtube and that's why I will mention the most active members who were collaborating : @tibfox , @jacksonchakma , @elsiekjay.

We had also a few other collaborations created by the following membere :

@captainbob (3), @bobaphet (1) , @camuel (2) , @vincy (1) , @hafizullah (1) and @uwelang (1).

The number between brackets is the times members participated in a collaboration.


Thanks to @bobaphet and @eftnow who made this video for us. Were running a show called Dfiles and they sent a video collaboration to @dcooperation


@hafizullah who shared a @dtube review !

@nathanmars delegated to @dcooperation before.


A great community member @jeronimorubio who shared with us a review video.


An other review video was sent by @iamjadeline


An other video from @camuel.


@cryptospa sent us a video from the fest he visited. So, he was as a correspondent who met our members in real life. He created a few videos interviwing many people from there. Exactly 6 videos were sent by him to @dcooperation.


We had a collaboration asking members to send us videos with skills. @bboyady sent a video where he danced on the floor.


@vincy & @eugelys sent a video where they sang together. That was a great collaboration.


For some reason I shared the interview with @igormuba on @dcooperation.


We celebrated the year 2019 together in a video collaboration with @behelen , @emsonic and @clicked.

@eugelys wrote a song and sang it. Imagine the song is all about me. It's realy awesome and that's on youtube, so videos are watchable now. Glad I didn't upload that only to dtube.


As well we had a contest where our members created trailer videos for @dcooperation

Created by @geekoverdose

Created by @behelen.

Created by @exzorltg.


Once I even decided to create a show to practice English. So, the native speaker from USA @jeronimorubio helped us in that. And @blind-spot , @priyanarc , @eugelys , @jozef230 , @emsonic , @cryptospa , @dmilliz , @josediccus , @geekoverdose , @hafizullah and @soufiani participated.


While looking for collaborations I found our old white paper, you can read it here : DCooperation's white paper !

Nice to see @chrisaiki who commented that post still active in hive.


Along with @shadowspub I also worked on a show to connect communities. That was really fun to do !

An other initiative I created to make our members share their journey on the blockchain and that's the entry of @binkyprod

Watch the first collaboration with 3speak

Then @threespeak was created and we started to collaborate there as well.

The first video was by : @josediccus , @chireerocks , and me.

An other video also was sent by @alokkumar121. Thanks to @alokkumar121

An other video was sent by @solominer as well. ''We are all solominers.''

Also a nice review by @dexpartacus

We had also a picture collaboration where our members sent us pictures from their countries and one who participated is : @belemo


A great video from Bangkok

@cryptospa sent us an other great video when he visited the other fest.

@belemo sent a video review about @dcooperation. You may watch that here : A review about DCooperation


@steemflow sent us a cool traditional music from India.


Then I created a few written interview with hivers. The first of them was @katerinaramm and you can read that here : Interviewing @katerinaramm - DCooperation member !.


The second written interview was with @serialfiller. You can read that here : Interviewing @serialfiller - DCooperation member !


And @belemo again who participated in so many collaborations already, also was interviewed. You can read about him here : Interviewing @belemo - DCooperation member !


As well @rollie1212 the creator of the game @cryptobrewmaster and the leader of ''Team Ukraine Community'' also was interviewed here : Interviewing @rollie1212 - DCooperation member !


As well I interviewed @unklebonehead here : Interviewing @unklebonehead - DCooperation member !

An other initiative I created and I asked our members to send me a video about hive, telling there one word about it.


The first who participated was @lorenzopistolesi who collaborated in form of a song where he sang : ♪Hive is Music♪


The second who participated was @josediccus and you may watch that in this video : DC collaboration ⚡ Hive is speed ! ⚡


The third one was by @rollie1212 and you may watch the video here : Hive is community & possibilities


The fourth was from @enrique89 and he said that : Hive is freedom !


The same was told by @eldecor here : More people think - Hive is freedom !


An other great video was sent by @pixiepost. You may watch it here : POWERFUL WORDS ABOUT HIVE !


@hafizullah also sent us the following video : HIVE IS POWER AND THAT'S TRUE !


A great entry was by @soufiani who showed in the video the creative things he's able to create. He said that : HIVE IS CREATIVITY !

And the last one was by @dexpartacus where he said that : HIVE IS FAMILY !

And here is the video with all entries at once :

Those are the most of our collaborations during more than 3 years of the existence of @dcooperation.

I'll count all the collaborations done by all who ever joined us and send the airdrop soon !

Thanks for everyone who value collaborations and who helped me in building the community !

Join our discord server here !

Subscribe to our community here !


Great crew and wonderful idea to tokenize video content creation even more!

We have some amazing budding videographers and vloggers who will be inspired by the group


For sure. I hope more people will join us now. Collaborations are really interesting to create. The team work is better than lonely work. lol

This is great! Thank you so much for the airdrop and it is nice to see so many supporters returning to the DCooperation community. It is always great to spread more positive vibes on the blockchain, which we always need more of.

Even though I may not be as active on HIVE as I once was, I still will be cheering you all on! :)

Have an awesome weekend & sending pixie dust your way.💚


You're very welcome. Thanks a lot for being always arround !



@clixmoney! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @pixiepost.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (1/10)

Thanks for sharing the news and videos. @hafizullah brother's video is helpful for me.

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You're welcome !

I certainly remember we did sth, a video or so - long ago isn't it :-)?

I don't know. I found you mentioned somewhere. But you deserve the airdrop as being a valuable hiver.

This seems like a very good project, actually am yet to know more about this,but am going to view your YouTube page to read and get more understanding about what you are saying

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Thanks, you can as well review the recent white paper here : DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !

Your article is so good. I like it very much

Thank you for airdrop🙏

You're welcome ! ☺

looks great, i´m in!

Thanks, you're welcome !