Hive Kumasi Meetup - KNUST

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On the 28th of January, 2023 Ghana had it's first official Hive Meetup which was held in two places one in Tamale and the other on KNUST Campus where i was able to attend alongside my fellow hivers.

The purpose of the meeting sort to discuss how we could go about bettering and impacting the lives of Ghanaians especially those in the rural communities with Hive.In the meeting we look at how far the Borehole project led by @mcsamm and @collinz, coordinated by @nattybongo and @awuahbenjamin has been so far and the deprived communities we can help this year.

We also looked at other projects that are upcoming which seeks to equally impact communities from different fields including technology, health, sanitation etc. Also during the meeting we had an old Hiver in the person of @anaman attend to share his knowledge with us all.
Anaman is a software developer who has been on the blockchain since the inception of steemit blockchain and migrated to join hive during the airdrop. We also had new members join us to learn about web3 and what the blockchain is all about. These individuals are currently been guided to start up their account.
@neilito who also happened to have an account during the hive airdop joined us and we look forward to seeing him become active in Ghanaian proceedings on the blockchain.

The meeting started around 12pm in the afternoon and lasted for about 3 hours during which we learnt and also went out to meet students and talk to them and invite them on to the blockchain.
After the meeting we all went for lunch at a nearby eatery which was sponsored by @anaman, @nattybongo and @awuahbenjamin. All members both old and new also got free hive t-shirts as well as books and hive flyers.
This was sponsored by @mcsamm with support from @theycallmedan and other hivers.

In this video you will find highlights of what transpired, It was a pleasure being there to support and impact. I am looking forward to more greater things to come. Many thanks to all who made it and to all supporters and sponsors.
Hive-Ghana is grateful and we look forward to doing more for our communities. Thanks for your time. Stay safe and have a blessed week.

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That was massive work. I am excited about your readiness and availability for hive empowerment activities. Thanks, bro.

It is a pleasure bro, beautiful days ahead

Great. This meetup was something we loved and anticipated more and it happened. We all had agreat time. Great post. was really a nice day...hoping to see ourselves again

Yes certainly looking forward to it

Nice work done guys, let's get many more people into the world of Hive.

Thank you bro