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This 3rd party made this feature converting STEEM to HIVE here's there announcement

we thought this was interesting enough to integrate into steempeak.
The fee is presently 0.7% which includes the 0.2% binance fee. So it's about a .5% fee for your time saving.


Go to your wallet on and click on the options for STEEM token.


Just say how much STEEM you want to convert to HIVE.

All steempeak is really doing is adding the correct account in the TO: field and then the right memo and some reminders about the service. You do NOT need steempeak UI to do this but we hope it helps save a bit of time for you.
You're trusting and they have done several other projects that have never disapointed anyone's trust so that's why we integrated them into the UI.



What are your thoughts about what to do next for
The full powerdown time frame for steem has happened since Hive came about.
There's little connecting us to Steem anymore... steemit often censors our posts anyway
Remove the site entirely? Leave just the wallet? Or just leave it all alone ... because who cares?

We already removed our hivemind server recently on steempeak saving us some money.
We allowed users to add a message to their account forwarding them to PeakD

Shutting off the site takes work doing nothing takes no work... and honestly we've been able to put all our time on PeakD.
The site get's less and less users every week with about 3 times less users than peakd (i expect many are users here on PeakD intrigued about what is going on over at Steem... and there are 5 times less page views so it seems like way less time spent over there)
There are 6 times less posts being created on steempeak vs peakd... but not sure who all is really using steempeak to post. I suspect there is some copy posting going on aka people posting same thing to both places. But i'm not sure.
Also none of the posts on the ALL PAGES (trending page) use steempeak.

So who uses both... who would be sad to see steempeak go... and why? Because you get thoughtful interaction over there or lots of page views?

Can we turn off just creation of posts or turn off the whole thing? Why do we even care what happens? Doing nothing has been a fine approach but at some point it likely just stops getting used naturally and no one has to get up in arms about anything.
It hasn't been hurting PeakD or Hive has it? How so?
If we did turn it off would it instead be a forwarding to PeakD or what?

I (@jarvie) just personally started a powerdown for my brother so i'm kinda thinking at least 4 more weeks then i'm personally totally out of STEEM. But then again we still have Steem Keychain for wallet stuff.

Anyway we honestly don't spend enough time thinking about this subject to really care enough to make a plan to shut it down. It would save us a bit of money to shut down... but i think i like the approach to just let it fade away but we're open to thoughts.


Thanks for this update!
I think it makes sense to phase out Steempeak over a certain time period with a turning-off at a certain date (e.g. 2 months from now).
With each passing day Steem (and its reward distribution) gets more centralized and the incentive to doublepost there decreases for most users.
Focusing your attention and money on Hive should bring a higher return in the long run (at least for most people). (No, I'm not a strict utilitarian 😉)

Nice, only wish it came along 13 weeks ago lol
I completed power down last week except for a 4oo+ sp delegation I forgot about.
It will be useful for swapping that little chunk of steem over though.
Also remember everyone if you like #PeakD(1st class front end on both platforms) you can delegate a small(or big) % of your rewards to them. I give them 5% of mine to support their excellent work and will probably increase that to 10% in the near future.

Wow what a great Feature. Thank you!

Just stay for while, many people still need steempeak. The most complete ever feature on steem blockchain. I used to be make post on steempeak and access steem-engine via steempeak.

I think steempeak can make a bridge for steem and Hive user. Maybe this is about clash among 'high' people between Steem and Hive. But for ordinary user such as me, we are okay, there's no clash between their own user. Only voting and price matter that always make us worry.

I think steempeak could finding opportunity to make a better circumstances for us and it will be give feedback for steempeak.

That's all my opinion in my limited English capability. 😁😁😁🙏

I am not a fan of double posting. It keeps Steem alive, like a Zombie, a walknig corpse. I would favor for a complete shutdown to disencourage doubleposters.

Alternatively, what about adding a mandatory 10% beneficiary towards the development of 😁?

This is not a bad idea !! 😁

Steem, may turn around, (yeah I know not likely). One thing with shutting down is how will it effect peoples perception of peakd? will peakd one day also just be shut down? A lot of time and effort went into the development of the project, Have you thought about advertising it for sale?

The number of front ends may be getting smaller on steem block chain, so someone may want to keep it active alive, and continue to develop it as an alternative to steemit's front end.

I know selling it could be an issue if you have proprietary code you do not want some other company to gain access to, but if it is all basic code, then maybe test the waters for a sale. The purchaser, could always re-brand the code and release it with a different name, if that was done part of the sell could include the dismantling of steampeak by them on steem block chain.

I started my power down and was supposed to be done last week, but some how or another 500 steem was left so now I started another power down..

I started my power down and was supposed to be done last week, but some how or another 500 steem was left so now I started another power down..

Same here. I suspect some fuckery from Sun. Seemed to happen about the time of their hardfork.

Keep it up and allow posting, because those doing so are probably just reposting their Hive content to earn and swap to Hive.😛

Thanks for your valuable information.

Thanks for keeping Steempeak going for now so that we can extract ourselves from Steem without relying on Steemit. I already used to convert some Steem to Hive and having it integrated will make moving the rest easier.

My posts are hidden on Steem anyway, so I don't really care about that platform any more.

I would keep only the wallet option.

Keep it as it is for a while. At least the wallet. I still have some issues with steem and steemit and I'd like to get every single cent out of it what I can. And I'd like to do that using Steempeak, not steemit.

Thanks for the steem to hive swap option in the wallet. I better go swap some steem then!

I still use Steempeak to post very short posts to Steem to "harvest" SBI. Steempeak shutting down is an inconvenience for me but if it saves money for you in the long run then so be it.

Turn it off. Fuck steem.

Already I don't have Steem and any investment with Steem anymore, hive has take over, hive is what I need to work on now!

turn it off for all I care. I can't even power down the rest, because they totally block me now. fuck steem and fuck justin sun

With steempeak, I think it's probably best to just let it run until it's not worth the cost to run it anymore. You could continue to reduce the feature set where it makes sense to cut costs too.

I mean, I can understand just completely shutting it down, we do have other wallets available for people to get out of steem with, most people are already out that wanted to leave, 13 week powerdowns are done, new 4 week power downs will be done in a few weeks depending on when people started them. There really isn't a lot left to keep steempeak going.

I personally think you should just close shop, of course with ample warning but close shop none the less. There is little need to support steem with a frontend and there are alternatives for wallet management still.

The domain should just redirect to either peakD or a dedicated page saying steempeak is no more, come to hive and give info on alternatives for managing wallets incase people are looking or don't know of them.

I finished my power down last week, so I don't care what happens to Steem; however, and to be fair, if it were up to me, I would keep the site running 26 weeks from 03/20, because there might be people who found out too late or who weren't convinced at the beginning to start their power down, once that time is up, there's no point in having a place open that you won't maintain and that could play against you; I agree with whoever recommends you to put the site up for sale, if you don't compromise critical code.

Greetings from Venezuela!

Firma Fermionico 3.png

I'm hodling steem another few weeks, hoping he pumps to save face. Whether he does or not, I'm selling by mid July. Thanks for keeping it going.

I think a gradual shut down over a several month period while slowly taking away features to save money is a great approach. I do however think a pop up message inspiring people to be redirected to PeakD (Hive) would be a smart move right away and to keep up until the shutdown, since we are obviously all on the same page as to which is the more evolved (and more fair) platform.

Thank you for everything you guys do! I love the PEakD frontend, and have used Steempeak for a long time before the fork. Blessings.

They have added hbd/hive conversion, plus BTC soon, i guess it would be great addition to peakd as well.

Yeah maybe peakd should add that one
cc @asgarth

We already have the blockchain based system but the EXCHANGE version from is probably a safer bet much of the time.

On SteemPeak's future, my vote would be to just leave it "as is." Especially after reading that this is the least troubling option for you. While I do not spend much time on Steem, I still try to support those who were undercut by all of the changes and have been hurt by Hive.

It is my "go to" UI there and has been for a long, long time. I would hate to see it just no longer available.

Love the option!

Thanks for this. I'd somehow missed it to begin with - much easier than using ionomy!
One more week for me to complete my powerdown on Steem.

My suggestion is to just maintain it (mostly "leave it alone") as it is for the few people who want to keep using Steem. (I think Steem will probably collapse on its own anyway.) I wouldn't recommend making it mandatory to set this as a beneficiary though... that's what I didn't like about esteem...

I also don't have anything against crossposting for those who want to do that.

Redirect the domain to a hive landing page explaining why no one should trust steem.

This; and keep an option to use the wallet. Cross posting is just keeping steem on the charts in terms of Dapp use.

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