OCD Communities Incubation Program - Update #1

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Hey everyone! As you may have read last week we finalized our community incubation program which is basically about empowering niche communities with curation, rewards and delegations. Read the post for more info on our decisions and why we think this is a great way forward for a diverse collection of different communities to make it easier for newcomers to find their right place and stay active!

Today we wanted to take the time to mention some of these communities that have already become active and to nudge those that haven't gotten in contact with us yet to do so if they so want! We're not forcing anyone! :P

Current active communities where the owners/curators/team members have gotten in contact with us and given us info on which account they'll be curating with and/or doing curation reports on for delegation and votes:

New additions

Communities we're still waiting on/ haven't given us all their info - join our Discord to get in touch with us and for more info! (others can attest that the process is not too complicated :D)

  • Natural Medicine
  • Lightpainters United
  • The Ink Well
  • dSound
  • Vimm
  • StemSocial
  • Foodies Bee Hive
  • The Anime Realm

So for those wondering what the point is of this post, it's not just to brag about us delegating to these communities, but it's going to be pinned onto the OCD community so our subscribers can find them and we are going to start encouraging authors that post onto OCD to instead post into the relevant communities on this list instead (or others if they exist), but these are the ones that we will be actively curating and helping reward and grow.

We'll be doing a weekly or monthly update of this post, mainly to see how they've grown in subscribers and new additions that we've picked up since and delegation updates. If a bull run were to start soon and we'd see a big increase in new accounts and subscriber amounts we may have to switch from 1 subscriber = 1 HP delegation to 1 subscriber = $1 Delegation. ;)

Anyway, make sure to subscribe to the communities you're interested in and follow their account they will be doing reports on if you just want to check out the best content posted that day/week into those communities and if it's something you really like and want to support we'll also continue to update the accounts they'll be curating with so you can either follow their votes or delegate to them directly!

Of course we'd also appreciate it if you want to delegate to @ocdb and earn some daily returns with a low fee which can be tracked on our website and vote for our witness if you appreciate what we're doing on Hive.

Thank you for reading!

Have you stumbled upon some new communities that are unique to the ones above and would like to see them get supported? Feel free to mention them here in the comments or join us on Discord and talk about it there in the #community-incubation channel! Please note that this is only for unique niches/genres of communities, nothing "general original content" or country/language based. Thanks!


Hey @acidyo, thanks for doing this. Sent you the extra details, let me know what else you might need.

How about muting the OCD Community or the authors that post to it?

I post to OCD when it doesn't fit into another category I follow or know about - I'd rather use communities than just post to my blog. Is there another decent general one?

That is exactly how I do it as well. Not everything fits under these categories.

Probably not, but I'm sure there's a few that'll fit your random topics. You could also create one. Maybe PowerHouseCreatives as a general one?

We've considered doing this for those who post there "aiming" for certain big curators that I'm not gonna name but I'm sure we all know who that just seem to thumbnail vote on whatever has the lowest rewards thus far so they can maximize curation. Either asking them nicely first to post onto the other communities that exist relevant to their content or to start downvoting them a bit so the curators doing these curation maximization's are turned away and curate other more deserving posts and settle with an okay ROI.

If someone's posting in ocd just for the hope of a vote, I think they'll eventually realise it's not getting them anywhere and make move to a more suitable community for the topic. Could it be worth the community mods having a quick look through ocd's community periodically and alerting those posting to more suitable communities to put their work in?

Yes that's the plans. Thing is there's certain accounts such as @trafalgar that seem to vote on 10 posts per day at random in the community as long as they have minimal votes before his so he can maximize curation which in turn gets a lot of low effort posters to continue posting the same content over and over and they have no early voters for a reason... but yeah, some misaligned incentives that should be met with downvotes to encourage them to curate somewhere else or on better content even though they may not get the biggest returns it would be better than downvotes.

Of course, either way it would be a time consuming process. Maybe push the devs to add the ability to idle a Community?

This is absolutely great but I am just wondering... Where is the love for @skatehive ?

Thanks buddy! I am sure @acidyo and OCD will support us at their next community support project!

Thanks for your selfless support and aid towards growing the Hive Ecosystem by supporting our community as well as others @ocd @acidyo ;)

Excelente trabajo amigos de @ocd ustedes son de las personas que hacen de #hive un lugar mejor. Es muy valioso el apoyo que ustedes dan tanto a comunidades como usuarios.

I was whitelisted by this community at one time then all of a sudden I am not anymore. I asked about it and I was told it does not matter anymore, so now it matters. Funny how things change so quickly!

I have found that delegating to @qurator brings me more profits by delegating to them than @ocd. Many talk on Hive about community but I have seen that it is just to get a witness vote or to get them delegations and they never even really care what your channel name is just you voted or delegated to them.

I have grown my channel by just posting as I do not have the funds available to "Buy In!" as many have so I am just a small fish and it seems we help support the whales here and just get the scraps that those whales drop, which is not much at all.

I hold no animosity against anyone here, I think that it is the small channels that make the whales even bigger and receive really nothing in return. I really believe Hive could be much more than a blogging platform but it seems no one is really interested in the bigger picture, just make Hive and HBD and turn it into fiat.
I do not think my opinion matters much but at least I can voice it!

I think your opinion matters... I too think that small fishes like us only make whales bigger, but I believe we get more than "nothing" in return, so yeah.

I would consider it "Nothing" compared to what the whales benefit from the smaller fish on the platform! That will never change because small fish are content with the "Scraps" and are never looking to work to make a change in how it works at all.

I have to say this and it will make many mad but I will say it anyway. If all the small fish would pull all delegations to the whales and move more to help the other small fish out it and make the bigger witnesses do more to help the small fish for their witness vote would bring about some change.

Some of the bigger account witnesses do make a difference but not all of them do. If the small fish on this platform would wake up and realize that there are more of us and make the witnesses depend on us instead of the other way around it would make it far better everyone and not just make the big whale account's money.

The whale accounts will have the power until the small fish on this platform wake up and realize we are the ones with the power and make the whale accounts work for us for the witnesses votes and the delegations. Just my two cents and again just my opinion.

I get where you're coming from but I honestly think you're directing this at the wrong project. :)

We mainly encourage passive stakeholders to delegate to us and @ocdb shares it's votes wide to as many posts we can curate as possible and then some (ocd curators + community leaders we trust and don't always have the time to double check curate). We also encourage smaller accounts not to delegate but to use their voting power to interact and connect with other stakeholders so they can build connections and grow.

Anyway, yes this place would suck if people wouldn't use it but it would also suck if there were no whales holding the token cause the coin would have no value. You gotta think of both ways.

The whitelist only existed back when we were offering curated users to buy profitable votes, after the EIP hardfork we stopped selling votes, followed the majority of the whitelist who were active with @ocdb and curated them manually. Since then we've moved on to focusing our curation on diverse communities. Delegating to @ocd won't get you any returns, delegating to @ocdb will and it's okay to us if other projects give you higher ROI, we don't focus on maximizing it.

Many talk on Hive about community but I have seen that it is just to get a witness vote or to get them delegations and they never even really care what your channel name is just you voted or delegated to them.

This seems to come out of nowhere, what makes you think that?

Yeah.. the rest of your comment seems similar, well, I'm not gonna try change your mind but feel free to ask around what others think about ocd.

I will tell you what makes me think that!
When the top witnesses wanted to fork from Steem, they were all about it is a community, they got people to vote their witness to help do this. Do not get me wrong I do get the whole picture here, need big accounts to help the coin have value but When I needed some help to get a proposal up for promoting Hive on my journey around the U.S. it seems no one knew a thing.

I sent DM's asking why the proposal page was not doing what it was meant to do for me and all I got was silence. They would tell me they do not know but some of them had a proposal up themselves, so it seems some "speak with a forked tongue" as it has been said.

I guess I am frustrated at this point and I took it out here on this post. I really was not talking about @ocd or @ocdb but it was more of a generalized comment and this just happened to be the post I made this comment on.

I think Hive has become more about making money for the whales instead of trying to get the coin and the platform to reach its full potential as more than just a blogging platform. I wish I had the knowledge to make it happen but I do not all I can do is try my best to promote Hive and bring more people to the platform.

I am looking for all the YouTubers to start posting their videos on 3speak and become part of the platform. That was the second purpose of me traveling the U.S. Imagine what it would do for this platform and then use the coin to buy and sell throughout the nomad and the homesteading community. That is just two groups of people, it could be many more. It seems those ideas are lost on this platform at the moment!

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I think it's great the work they're doing. Soon there will be more communities and they will be more visible thanks to the support you, the Ocd community, are giving them. What about communities that have a question mark?

What happened to sport? Unfortunately most of these communities don't fit what I post about. I think it is great what you are doing and good to see something happening.

I think @patrickulrich had dm'd me recently but wasn't able to check it out yet, I'm assuming it's about this so we should talk about it and see what we can do.

I think it would help not only grow the community but also improve the standard of the posts. I spoke with @patrickulrich the other day and raised this again.

Yes I agree with you

Thanks for your support and delegation to the Feathered Friends Community! We love seeing new users joining and being active by posting and making comments on the great posts we are seeing here!

Hi, The Ink Well visited the OCD discord this morning - really delighted that our first submissions have been rewarded!
The Ink Well - @theinkwell - 749 subscriptions.

We are very grateful for this program and all that you are doing to support niche communities to help them grow and flourish. Thank you for welcoming the NeedleWorkMonday Community :)

Congrats to the new communities part of this great program - this only helps to further grow Hive and truly diversify the content that appears here :)

I see you always being a great curator. and you work for the better. Thanks for this.

Excellent pro work to help all users of the platform !

A huge thank you on behalf of the HomeEdders community.


Woah I missed this. catches up

Thanks for your work.

That is a great way to encourage a quality content on relevant community....hope some one will show path to GEMS as well I see everyone is so attracted to it that they simply post "anything" on that community...it is now like a general community on hive just come, join,scroll, and post hoping to be curated by big upvotes..

Thanks a lot for your work.

Thanks for all the support and the good work

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