Lighting studies

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light head studies.jpg

Drawn in Adobe Photoshop using Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4k)

Looking at the process of my works, I realized I've never really paid much attention to the lighting of my subjects. Just like in photography, a lighting source is a very important part of the work as well, something that I always forget in painting. It is also easier to paint something with an established light source cos it makes it so much easier to see the different tonal values. If you have noticed the paintings of the masters, they usually have an obvious and strong light source rather than a diffused one.


I started with faces since it's been a while that I've drawn them given that I've been putting random shit on top. :p It's also a good way for me to familiarize the shortcuts I've set in my pen display key dial and get used to the brushes I have in Photoshop. Since I've been drawing on my iPad for a long time, I need a bit of time to get used to the new pen display.

Above, you can see the light source is from the lower side of the face and I held the light close so I could see some dramatic shadows. This way, it is easier to draw them because of a clear separation between the shadows, middle tone, and highlights.


This light source is something I've never done before (as far as I remember lol) so it's a good thing to try it out. I spend more time on this than the previous one cos this was a new territory and I found myself quite struggling with it.

The model is my face but I didn't wanna focus on making it look like me although it is quite close enough. XD This is the lighting of most horror movies and as you can see how the light can give out a very different vibe.


It feels good to be using Photoshop again cos I can have a lot of layers and at the same time higher resolution compared to doing it on Procreate (iPad). My 4k pen display makes the experience a lot better cos it's 4k lol. I really like keeping my brushstrokes painterly and would love to see it quite similar to when I do it on a traditional canvas.


This one's light is still quite basic but on the other side of the face. :p I have like 700+ brushes and I really need to narrow them down and delete the ones I don't need or create a group that has my favorites because I keep on using different ones when I start another work. xD It makes it quite inconsistent.


I've also found this process easier. My usual process is making sketches first like the outline which takes a bit of time for me lol.

This process is just grabbing a big brush and making the shape of the head first. Then placing the highlights where you think they should be then slowly adding the details. It takes less time for me than doing the outlines first since I'm still gonna be in this process anyway so why sketch lol. Dunno if it will be easy with a whole body tho but it's nice to practice it like this.


You have like 750+ brushes?! WTF hahaha. That's too much. It must be hard to choose between them but as always you are so good at it. I can't draw but I respect who does it.

Correction: I checked and it was actually 400+ lol. These brushes were bought from an artist too, and they were like 400 including those grass or cloud brushes which I really don’t use🤣 These don’t even include the default brushes from Photoshop but yeah they are pretty overwhelming. Thank you!

Even 400 is too much. Maybe it's because I don't draw, but I can't imagine having 400 brushes in my house and having to choose from them haha.

It is! But sometimes it can be convenient. I’m the type who doesn’t know how to customize some of the brushes and I just use them as is. Unlike physical brushes were you could easily manipulate the brushstrokes and they are never the same every time you use it, in digital it can really just be the same. Sometimes you would want a different look for the brushstroke you know, but in digital it always look the same unless you do some stuff on the settings. But yeah having a huge selection is great but it definitely needs some deletion of brushes you don’t like😆

I wish to talk about that more technically but I really know nothing about digital drawing but I admire your drawings.

Good practice, I like how you did the construction of each piece.

I like the processes and the outcome.
I use Autodesk and a drawing pad but am not really into it because maybe I feel reluctant to test out the brushes really well or I don't just know.
I do more of drawing with strokes there and I found a charcoal tool that I use in shading simple objects. Yeahh I will like to really find brushes that suits well with me and start digital painting.
I haven't tried painting on Photoshop.

I haven’t tried Autodesk as well but yeah most digital artists use Photoshop, it would also be easier to find compatible brushes being sold and some are also free for Photoshop. I find it easy to draw stuff when there’s proper brush available like the charcoal or oil looking ones. :D

Photoshop it is then... 🍷 Thanks and have fun while creating.

On the photography and video-making side of my life I think of this because of the times of year -- sun directly over head, off to the north or off to the south -- but I had not thought about it like this ... thanks for the fuller understanding in this study!

Thank you! Yeah it’s easy to forget about the light placement and we just usually focus on the amount of light lol

Oh, this is a great post, useful as a reference. It helps, thanks for sharing

Thank you! :D

Que buena tecnica, manejas bien la tematica!!

Great job 🤗! You can see expressed in each face how it would be illuminated according to the position of the light, this is excellent for someone who is learning to draw. Greetings, @hiddenblade 🙌.

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Great to see you again! Happy New Year X😍
I admire the way you try to learn everyday with your drawing instruments... trying out those ones you felt it's quite difficult to use. The process always takes lot of time but it is definitely worth it at last.

Having 400 brushes gives you the space to even fasten the process because you pick one up when you seem it handy...See you around X !

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