HIVE-Engine Needs A Better UX + Restarting STARBITS Millionaire Missions

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Those who have been using HIVE even during the worst of times are going to stick around for a long time. There are around 15K authors writing articles on HIVE every month. Follow @dalz for more regular statistics on both HIVE and other blockchains. We are now in a time where millions of new users can be onboarded. Providing them with the best experience possible is vital in a hyper competitive bull market.

I have already talked about the value of little things and explained why we need to make it as easy as possible for investors buy assets. They could easily get preoccupied with another project. Games like @risingstargame could play an important part in the funnel. The infrastructure must do its job support DAPPs that users come for.

STARBITS Millionaire Mission

This is my first STARBITS Millionaire Missions in a very long time. I had to sell some STARBITS to buy assets to progress in the game. Over the course of few months, I earned my STARBITS through Missions + Record Staking. Despite having everything in place, there were few problems to get the Mission running. This is not my first time experiencing this issue and I have grown accustomed to it. That is not something you could expect from a new user.

In my previous article on the game, I showed my balances and mentioned I will have the necessary STARBITS balance very soon. I made a withdraw to my HIVE-Engine wallet and found the STARBITS Balance Gone!

Infrastructure Issues Impacting DAPPs

There have been few issues with HIVE-Engine and Tribaldex (they are mostly interchangeable front ends). I cannot trade when I log into the website. At times it takes multiple refreshes to be able to trade. This is not good for user experience in any sense.

When I check HIVE-Engine or Tribaldex, it shows the wrong balance. This is not an issue caused by @risingstargame as they are not the ones in control running the servers. Yet it affects the gameplay experience they deliver when STARBITS disappear out of blue at different intervals.

I don't know what is exactly happening. After few minutes the correct balances show up and I get to play the game as I intended. There are no new STARBITS Millionaire Cards being issued. All the players who are running the Mission are HIVE veteran accounts. What if there was a new game feature that use real time STARBITS balances? There will be new users who are exposed to the Mission looking for support on Discord and HIVE. We need to be able to avoid this.

Improving Skill and Managing Drunk Fans

Each completed STARBITS Millionaire Mission increase the requirement for the minimum number of Fans required for the next Mission. The only way I get to do the Mission is by gathering enough Drunk Fans through Standard Missions. As the number of Fans and the number of completed Missions grow, more Skill is needed to keep the Ego at 0% or at least close to 0%.

I have picked Drum Lesson to avoid paying the small STARPRO fee for Guitar Lessons. If future changes to my Collection increase the Skill gained from Guitar Lesson, I can opt for paying STARPRO. At the moment, I prefer to take the free route.

SBD Trading Has Heated Up

The data is two days old. 99.97% of the CEX trading volume came from Upbit. This was not some one time pump or a short term increase in trading volume. SBD is the most traded "SocialFi" cryptocurrency at the moment of writing.

We need to bring more users onboard and we need to do it fast. There is very little discourse about HIVE in Web 2. We have to change that and utilizing DHF to the maximum potential is very important. $HBD does not go up in value. There is no point of being stingy with it. What we need to do is spending the HBD in a way that will bring more value to $HIVE as fast as possible. Good infrastructure for DAPPs and marketing to bring users to the ecosystem are a must to thrive in the next ~2 years of the bull market.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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