CUB Tokenomics | 52% of the Way to Escape Velocity

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We've talked a lot about building a sustainable, reliable and growing yield platform for HIVE & HBD. This has become a focus for us with the platform.

There, you'll see that LPs are earning 20-30% APY on their HIVE and HBD.

The goal though is generating sustainable revenue. 100% of the revenue goes to buyback and burn CUB.

In October, we generated $8,000 in revenue. In November, we generated $9,125 and December is likely to be even higher than November.

$17,000 in LP incentives were paid out in November. That means that more than 50% of the rewards paid out were bought back and burned by the DAO revenue.

We're seeing revenue climb on a monthly basis. How long until the revenue is higher than $17,000 per month and we're buying back and burning MORE CUB than is being generated on a monthly basis?

Once that happens, we'll see CUB flippen deflationary. A deflationary future for CUB will radically improve the tokenomics and allow the CUB price to steadily rise. As that happens, we'll see LP Incentives (APY) increase for bHIVE & bHBD which equals more liquidity which equals more revenue per month and so the pinwheel effect continues.

We talk about this and more from this clip from the LeoFinance AMA.

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Appreciated your hardwork and effort. Thanks a lot...

Cubs escape 2023!
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CUB is getting more solid with the buybacks and it is great to see these tokenomics improve. Pushing the price easily up is the way to sustainability and it simply builds trust among investors.

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I got into Cub just in time!

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The increase on the revenue is outstanding. Am longing to see cub price increase

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Great stuff guys. I have a lot of thoughts about sustainable farming and ecosystems. I feel like you guys are one the front lines of creating an ecosystem that can really escape what a lot of DeFi projects have suffered from.