LeoMobile Update | Lightning Integration and Threads Implementation

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It's been a wild few weeks in the LeoVerse. We've released all sorts of new features - the POLYCUB DAO is in full swing, CUB DAO has launched and we've seen buybacks of CUB start. Over 200k CUB is getting bought and burned this month.

On the Web3 social front, we've released 3 major Threads updates. These include both backend and frontend developments. On the backend, we've implemented Sharding for Threads data.

Essentially, the Lightning Database is utilizing a multi-instance array for inbound and outbound data. Creating Lightning in a way that could handle Threads at scale has been an arduous task but our team has made some really awesome progress on this front. Threads are now more scalable than they have ever been before.

All of this development work on the backend also bleeds into the entire LeoDesktop and LeoMobile UIs - as Lightning runs more of the business than anyone else when it comes to the backend.


Over the past several weeks, our work on Lightning created some incompatibility issues with LeoMobile. We had to re-integrate the new version of Lightning that we built in order to get LeoMobile working properly again.

If you experienced random outages and intermittent issues on LeoMobile (IOS or Android), those should all be resolved now.

Additionally, you'll notice that LeoMobile is faster than ever thanks to the new Lightning integration.

Threads on Mobile, LeoDesktop Overhaul

We all love Threads. It's awesome to see how many people have been using Threads on LeoDesktop.

There are two major things happening this week and next week:

  1. Threads are being integrated on LeoMobile
  2. LeoDesktop is getting a massive overhaul

LeoMobile will have a really cool implementation of Threads. I can't wait to see the reaction on Hive.

True Microblogging on the Hive blockchain... now from your mobile device! That's pretty amazing.

LeoDesktop is handling Threads like a champion, but we are far from done with our Performance and Scaling updates.

Sometime next week, we'll have our newest Performance upgrade ready. This is a massive overhaul in the way that our API feeds data back to the UI.

We've already started testing this new implementation in our Private Alpha version of the LeoDesktop UI and it is astonishingly fast.

Lightning has never been quite so... Lightning!

Mass Adoption of Threads

I'd say one of our biggest barriers to mass adoption of Threads (on Hive and elsewhere) is the User Experience.

This product has been live for less than a month and we have done quite a lot to improve it already.

That being said, the User Experience (UX) has a lot of improving left to be done. Right now, it's a bit slow and clunky. Sometimes you need to refresh the page to see the latest information. Other times, the UI takes over 1 minute to load all the latest Threads.

The newest LeoDesktop implementation will change all of that. The load times are 10x faster on Threads content. This implementation also speeds up the rest of the UI as it dampens the burden on Lightning.

Scaling is about to arrive in a big way.

As we continue to develop the Threads technology, we hope to see more and more Hive users adopt the platform. Recently, POSH has announced that they're integrating with Threads and sharing your Hive posts on Threads will now earn you POSH tokens on top of the HIVE and LEO that you can earn from upvotes.

We Invite all other Hive communities and projects to start using Threads. It's an amazing tool for marketing your project and building an audience. You can see a few communities - like #CTP - getting active on Threads and increasing awareness about their project, community and the things they love talking about.

Threads is truly Twitter on Hive. While we continue to innovate the technology, we hope to see more people come to the platform and Microblog on a daily basis 🦁

Vertical Stack

Whether it's CUB and POLYCUB or Lightning for LeoDesktop and LeoMobile, our team loves to build things in a vertical stack.

When we develop something for one aspect of the project, it tends to have trickle down effects for all other aspects of the project.

On the DeFi side, this means that much of our work on Smart Contracts is usable on all blockchains (Hive, Polygon and BSC) for Web3 Social Media, it means that our work on Lightning has incredible benefits for LeoDesktop and LeoMobile.

We'll always push the envelope of our technology. The work we've put in over the last 18 months is really starting to come together.

About LeoFinance

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Our mission is to put Web3 in the palm of your hands.

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We salute you. All is working well on LeoMobile and damn is it a nice experience.

Threads are being integrated on LeoMobile.

This is what I was hoping for. I will finally be getting active with Threads, as I really only feel the desire to microblog while away from my desktop. The announcements keep getting bigger and bigger!

Great to hear that LeoMobile is working well and you’re enjoying it!!

Threads are gonna change everything! They have already started to 🦁

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As always cool updates guys. Threads on LeoMobile, that's how it's supposed to be. 🔥🔥 We have a long way to go and I am sure you guys will provide the best UX in the near future.

I also learnt a new word today. Nice, I really like the sound of it.


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We’ll keep working hard to improve the tech, y’all keep working hard to grow the community that uses it!

🦁 glad to share some new words lol

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We’ll keep working hard to improve the tech, y’all keep working hard to grow the community that uses it!


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I love Leo mobile update and excited to experience it asap. Thanks for informing us via this post. Love you LeoFinance! ❤️💖💝


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Excited about LeoThread on Mobile 📱!

Congrats to the team.

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LeoMobile will have a really cool implementation of Threads. I can't wait to see the reaction on Hive.

You guys rock! 🤟🏽 Exciting and surely even more addictive times ahead 🚀🌕👍🏽

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Happy to provide an addicting experience! 🦁

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Getting to 10x faster on Threads content will surely boost morale and encourage users to use more and more this feature. We are still in the incipient phase of a great feature/app and I am sure both the development team and the end users are finding their way through it and discovering improvements. Community is power and with it by its side Leo Finance is unstoppable!

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This is just the beginning! Threads are still super new but over time, they’ll radically change the entire leofinance experience!

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Leofinance keeps on showcasing massive stuffs in the blockchain which is awesome. Threads have been fun and am sure majority are loving it as well.

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Wow the Leo finance team a doing a great job and they have been being up massive thing up. Keep up the good work. Quickly to check it out.

Great team. Always with the development and placing user experience at the center front. Can't wait to for threads on LeoMobile

I can't wait to get on to this update! ✅

This is going to be exciting and I look forward to this.

Leo mobile is now back on line. For weeks it would not reload. All you see is the interface. I can checked up on all things Leo related. It's the threads that I like to use !

It'll be exciting to see threads on mobile soon. Leo mobile is working fine now thanks to the team.

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It will be good to see thread integrated on Leo mobile. Leomobile is having some bugs and i hope if this is fixed we're going to have a great experience with thread on leomobile.

Keep the good work #teamleo

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Happy to see my iOS app working again.

Looking forward to seeing how you guys integrate threads but I have gotten used to simply logging into leofinance.io via my browser.

Working faster there than desktop!

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I love that the Leofinance team keep coming up with exclusive updates to help move the community forward. I love leothreads and I love that a lot of people are using the interface and having fun as well as learning.

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This is my first time using the mobile app, which is beautiful by the way . I was looking forward to testing out threads on here but I don’t mind the wait. You all always come with the quality for sure.

Great stuff, keep being awesome guys!

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I notice the improvements for #LeoMobile. As in, I can now use LeoMobile haha. For the longest time, I couldn't even load my own profile, now everything is so nice and sleek, it loads faster than #LeoDesktop (using Brave).

I really like the usability of #Threads. I can see the benefits, and as a viable replacement for Twitter's short-form microblogging, I'm really impressed with how #Threads has performed so far.

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Great that also the mobile is coming and evolving! Thanks

Good one and everything is becoming more interesting as update keeps on coming in often and often

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