How I Bought and Staked PolyCub

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I've been reading a lot about PolyCub for quite a while. You can buy it with some Polygon MATIC tokens. If you are on Hive then it is easy to swap some SWAP.HIVE for some SWAP.MATIC then withdraw that to the Polygon part of your Metamask wallet. I'll talk about the steps I took, below. But here is the result so far. I own some PolyCub!

133 PolyCub in my Wallet

Some Background

I have been on Hive since the beginning and on Steem since 3 months after its beginning. I like to accumulate Hive Power to increase the amount I can allocate to posts I like via an Up Vote. But I also like to stack HBD since it pays 12% interest. I also have a decent Splinterlands collection and that is providing daily SPS airdrops. I like to diversify so I have sold SPS for Hive and then swapped Hive for Matic in the past.

Hello LeoFinance!

I blog on Hive everyday usually using the actifit app, but this is my First Time posting here at so hi everyone! I'm going to use the #NewLion tag as suggested in a recent LeoFinance post. I'll probably come back here and post again in the future. :)

NOW on to the procedure I used to buy and stake PolyCub.

Sell SPS For Hive

You will need MATIC if you want to swap for (buy) PolyCub. So if you are on Hive, you can either use Hive you already have, or sell some SPS for Hive here:

Swap Hive For Matic

Once you have HIVE, you can swap the hive-engine version of Hive, called SWAP.HIVE for the hive-engine version of MATIC called SWAP.MATIC here:
Swap Hive For Matic

Withdraw MATIC to your Polygon Metamask wallet

Go to the tribaldex withdraw page at and select Polygon (MATIC) token and enter the Withdrawal amount and address.
Withdraw Matic

If you don't have Polygon set up on Metamask, there is info on that in this article:
Metamask Matic

Swap MATIC For PolyCub

I used this very helpful article which I already mentioned above as a reference to its guide to getting Matic/Polygon on Metamask. It also is a great easy-to-follow guide to swapping/buying PolyCub with MATIC so read this:

Seeing your PolyCub

Open your Metamask and make sure the Assets tab is open. Scroll down and see if you see your POLYCUB. If not, click "Import tokens" and paste this in "Token Contract Address"


Then click the button that says "Add Custom Token". You should now see your PolyCub in your assets.

You can also see your PolyCub at if you have connected that page to your Metmask.

Staking PolyCub

Now we are back to the screen you see in the top picture of this article. I am about to stake my PolyCub into xPolyCub. I believe it gets locked for 90 days so take that into account. I play to HODL my PolyCub for a long time!

I selected the MAX amount of PolyCub and clicked Confirm.

Metamask asked me to Confirm and I did, notice the super low (gas) fee!

The Result

I now show 0 PolyCub in my Metamask and on the staking page at but I see that I have 6.728 XPOLYCUB STAKED, yayyy! :)

Staked xPolyCub


This is not really meant to be a guide for how to do anything! This is my first time using some of these platforms and it seemed to work as I described but I may have left something out or written something incorrectly. This is simply a record for myself of how I went from SPS to XPOLYCUB. Verify everything for yourself!

This is also not investment advice! I am not an investment advisor. Always do your own research and make your own decisions!

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Enlightening article from you as usual . I like the way you painstakingly detailed out the processes you involved yourself in while staking in polycub . This will serve as a help guide to some certain extent, I’m sure !!
Kudos and best regards.. Welcome to the world of Leofinance too !!😀😀

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Thanks for the welcome and nice words! I like coming across helpful guides so I hope I can be of some help to others with this guide, as long as those reading check my steps to make sure I did them correctly. I got the outcome I wanted so maybe I did everything right!

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Welcome to LeoFinance!

Glad to see you hear and also happy to see that you had the willpower to dive head first into DeFi with PolyCub as one of your first things in the community.

Excited to see more of you 🦁

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I'm very happy to be here, and thanks for the warm welcome!

I noticed that there are one or two other things a person could do with PolyCub, something about vaults or kingdoms. I need to read up more, but I do intend to buy more PolyCub and find out for myself how these other things work.

I'll do a similar post when I do those other things. See you here again soon!

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Welcome to the Leo fam and congrats on your POLYCUB investment!

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Thanks, I'm glad I decided to post here! Thanks for the welcome!

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More options opening up. This is good to see. A few different ways to get there.

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Yes, there are usually several ways to buy or swap from one token to another, and its good to try various things to see how they work so we can learn about our options!

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Another thing is to do posts like this where how it is done is spread around.

Show people how to actually use the different options.

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Awesome job!! Loving how Hive and the systems on it are advancing to the point to make it easier for people to swap and get into defi more.

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Hive-engine and tribaldex are great level-2 Hive defi tools! Hive has so much to offer as a blockchain!

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For some time I have been hearing about PolyCub, I think the token is reaching a all time low in price but definitely going to rise up also

I saw it dropping and thought that it may be at the bottm so I picked some up. We'll see what happens in the future!

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Welcome to the Leo side Kenny, good to see you.

Super cool that you dove into defi and polycub too!

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Thanks for the welcome! I'm glad to be here and looking forward to learning even more!

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Hello hello and welcome to Leofinance 🙌

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Hey there! Thanks for the welcome. I've learned a lot from your posts, been a follower of you for a while now!

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I’m glad to hear that. I hope you have an awesome experience like I’ve been having

Hey @kenny-crane
Warm welcome to LeoFinance and glad to see you here. I know that you are consistent on actifit and keep on sharing various updates through your posts. You have nicely explained the polygon and are easy to understand. Thanks for sharing the post and looking forward to many more such posts from you. Cheers!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, and nice to see you here too!



Read how this all have started with Toruk

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I did read your story at the link you provided, very cool. Thanks for the nice UP vote, much appreciated!

Nice post, thank you for posting with images too! This makes it easier for the users :))
I had never thought to swap hive for matic, thanks again for sharing!!

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I'm glad I was able to provide some value in this post! :)

Found this very useful, thank you

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I'm so glad you found it to be useful; you're welcome!

cool! Stack baby Stack! :P

My main stack will always be the native HIVE token but it's good to experiment and learn about others!

While I do like to support staking is, staking will add additional money in your account

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I'm looking forward to seeing how my stake does!

Welcome to the Leofinance family and you have shared such a nice post. PolyCub is great defi project by Leo and you have explained the steps in easy way. Great work. Congrats

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Thanks, I am really glad to be here! Looking forward to learning even more about PolyCub and maybe trying the other things that can be done with it.

I learned another new thing today, thanks to this :) I did the long cut when buying my PolyCUB. (Leo to pLEO to Matic then PolyCUB).

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I'm glad my post was helpful!

It is so thank you :)

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I've bought a Polycub with a little hive I have, tried to stake it but didn't work because I don't have enough gas, and the idea of selling SPS to get Hive is new for me, never imagined this at all, then swapped with Matic, I'll give it a try, so far I'm just stuck on buying CUB to get the Polycub airdrop, but it looks like I have to buy a Polycub straight away with all the resources I have. Thanks for the post.

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I haven't bought any CUB but I think it is on Binance Smart Chain, maybe! I'm not really sure but I'm sure there is an article on here somewhere about how to buy CUB, good luck!

PolyCUB staking is a very profitable way to hodl your crypto assets.

Welcome to the community

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I will wait and see how the PolyCub stake goes; I do plan to HODL.

Thanks for the welcome!

Congratulations on your having 6.728 XPOLYCUB STAKED, this is indeed a wise decision and you just made it. I wish you good luck on your investments. stay blessed!

Thanks! I'm glad I tried out this new thing of staking PolyCub. It's good to keep learning and soon I'll try something else new with PolyCub and write about it!

It's like that movie 'Inception' 😋

I remember that movie but actually never saw it. Maybe I will look for it!

It's awesome but a bit tricky to follow! You'll love it!

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