Choosing Machines Over Humans

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As much as we hear or express concerns regarding the future of technological advancements in the face of rapid development of AI tech and robotics, in the end it is us humans who make the choice. Is it possible that there is collective cognitive dissonance regarding machines? Machines of all forms, be it gaming consoles, be it smartphones, be it vehicles, computers, etc. Machines have been part of life long before AI or robots became reality. Any sophistication in modern machines is merely the result of continuous accumulation of collective knowledge, skills, and efforts. This process is never going to stop.

Things are different today, and changes are more rapid than they used to be before. While we had an ability to imagine the future and come close with our predictions of the future, it nearly impossible the predict the advancements in a few decades. One thing is for sure, machines are here to stay, and we all love them. At the same time desire to preserve the status quo stronger than before. In the past we may have not been patient and couldn't wait for the imaginative future to become realities. Countries and governments continuously made effort to be the pioneers in tech. Now, it seems the sentiment seems to be changing and inner voices saying - "slow down, no need to rush".

We spend more time playing video games, staring at our smartphones, getting work done on computers, etc. This all takes time away from human connections in real world. This phenomenon can be observed everywhere. Many meetings in business settings have shifted from gathering at conference tables to virtual ones using apps like teams, zoom, slack, etc. Even after pandemic officially ended, more people choosing virtual meeting rather than physical ones. I see this everyday. Then we like to provide different excuses like efficiency, productivity, saving time, etc. Is that it? or do we just like be in the company of our machines more. More and more screen time.

It is true there are also those of us who try to balance machine vs human experiences. There also those of us who choose to abandon the matrix and go offgrid. There are merits for all of these choices. Human choices. We are here because of our choices, and future will also reflect our current choices. If machines start taking over the world, that will only be because of the choice made. I am not talking about some kind of apocalyptic future where AI powered robots rule the world, or even coexist among humans as entities with equal rights, etc. My thoughts are more about how we utilize the technology, to build healthier and human-centric environments or more focused on productivity, efficiency, and business minded environments.

Machines are awesome. They do the work. They get things done. They can do anything. Now with these innovations and capabilities, the future that can become reality is where we can produce abundance of healthy food, abundance of fresh water, build houses with greenery and sustainability features. Machines can do what humans can't. They can clean the oceans, they can plan trees, they prevent wildfires or stop them when they happen. Of course not all can happen now and not everywhere. But there is enough technology and know-how to make this happen. We can choose something like this.

I would even argue machines can bring a future where human and nature connections are more important and possible. Machines can do all the boring and difficult stuff, humans can focus on their talents and interests and not worry about getting some boring things that need get done, or doing things they never liked to do in the first place. In theory this is possible. But we would let such things to happen, at least not easily. We do enjoy making thing more complicated, when there is no need to do so. Keeping thing simple is not our forte.

But if we do choose to keep things simple, we can still do ok.


This St. That St. The Other St.

Things can be simple just like this and work fine with zero confusion. Or we can choose more complicated, spend hundreds of hours to find unique names, give the meaning, patent, and protect the naming rights.

Machines are not the problem, it is all about our choices about how we will use them.

Another example for the beauty of simplicity vs complexity is bitcoin vs fiat. Bitcoin simplifies money. Not necessarily in technological sense, but rather in sense of idea for what money is or should be. Everybody can agree that money used by all should be corrupt or manipulatable by one or group of entities. Having a limited supply and working in decentralized network bitcoin simply does that. Money is property and owners of money should have full control. Bitcoin does that. Money should easily be transferrable without huge obstacles. Bitcoin does fast and cheap transfers with ease, compared to arbitrary restrictions set for fiat. Yes, we still choose fiat. Even though we can't fully understand what fiat is or how it works due to complexity set by those who control them.

Back to machines. The machine I looking forward to see in action is Apple's Vision Pro which will be launched early next year. What machines do you choose?

"Too many apparently “simple” technologies merely shift the complexity to other places: higher level tools, frameworks, package managers, wrappers, syntax extensions, etc. But well designed systems are simple to learn and use end-to-end, while permitting experts to build amazing things."
~ Chris Lattner


I want to see Robocop come to life. Robotized humans intrigue me.

This is a nice read! I remember talking about the gap between us humans and our mobile phones to my friend. Using our phones by hands is still very inefficient.

So I said, we will be androids in the future. Our technology leads to be directly attached to our body and brain. Imagine creating a post by just thinking about it. Or checking through your vital statistics by just thinking about it.

I am looking forward for the technology of Neuralink. I wanted to see how can it cure paralysis, and bring more efficiency for human daily activities.

Even in a family, you can see that members focus on their smartphones and have less conmection with each other. However, I think remote working is a great advantage of machines/technology. Even for important events like meeting, you might not need to to the office.

I've been thinking about this lately, but more on the AI side of things.
Automated youtube videos, automated blogs, books, AI generated art, etc... It's so fucking scary how things are turning out.

Any sophistication in modern machines is merely the result of continuous accumulation of collective knowledge, skills, and efforts. This process is never going to stop.

You have just hit the nail on the head. Nice post.

It is so surprising that you see a husband and wife together and they press their smartphone more than how they communicate with each other. It annoys me at times

Beautiful opinion piece. The positives you have written about are the goals for machines to benefit mankind.

Sadly the inverse of that relationship is the worry that people who are watching and trying to monitor are worried about. For a malicious individual with Ill intentions there help is to try and over come good to benefit a few and enrich the already wealthy, empowering them to take advantage of mechanics that are made for good.

Not looking far. Splinter lands and the bot economy which ends up out performing individuals taking away the core values of people to reward real effort From human beings.

I see you've raised some insightful points about the role of machines and technology in our lives. These technologies have the potential to bring both benefits and challenges, depending on how we choose to use them as ultimately, it's humans who make choices about how we integrate and use technology.

AI and technological advancement is a good attribute to our modern society, and the rate at which technology advances is mind blowing, Within these few years, we can all testify of the rapid growths in AI and technological advancement in the society, we as humans are so glued to technology Nowadays that we hardly do our daily activities, relate to friends and loved ones in real life, which technology help us to connect but never help in bonding but as you say it is a choice.
We chose what we want to do with our time, so we should not complain that the rapid growth and advancement in technology is the problem, our choice of preference is the issues.

I don't really know what machine that I would choose but manga/anime/light novels have pushed me toward hope for VR. I don't know if I really think the Vision Pro is anything near that and I think we are still decades away from that. Machines and technology have changed a lot of things. Even looking at games, it's impressive to see how far games have changed compared to the past. I don't think there is any way to stop it because people will choose whatever is convenient.

Hi, I like virtual communication, it's like opening a portal, nice post.👍👍👍

Que viva esa interfaz hombre- maquina, ellas nunca podrán derrotar al hombre somos sus creadores.

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