Take a Deep Breath and focus on tasks

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Happy Thursday! it’s me Chrono, I would love to be more active on the Blockchain life though has kept going and I had to allow myself to experience life and all of its upsides and downsides.

Burn out?

I don’t know if it’s burn out I don’t know if I just need a break all I know is I find myself wanting to do things but I end up not doing those things so it feels like I need some motivation or I need to step back and take stock of what’s going on.

Adding Splinterlands and LEO as a motivator I hear Threads is going to be massive with Project Blank. If that's still the name.. But currently Hive is the best place to earn a nice stack. Stable Coin* at 20% interest.


Allow myself to experience growth from the outside at the same time managing my time wisely and allowing myself to set times so I can sit down and create on the Blockchain not just in the real world and vice versa.

It is a happy Thursday morning I am over here hustling making some profits I need to balance this and Blockchain I have a lot of ideas that I want to expand on, timing is of the essence I feel like I might be losing grasp and I might hold on much less which at the end of the day I need to look at myself and again take hold of the situation and not allow myself to fall into despair.

I am here I would love to post minimum at least two times a day on specific interesting topics for myself at least at least 600 or 700 words so I can express myself to you on the daily on certain topics and on my daily profit hustle goal of my project this is of course ideally and trying to do it consistently will ultimately burn you out.

On a positive note, Hive is hella cheap after that nice pamp we had over the weekend, are we pumping again Tomorrow or is it every 1st and last week of the month.. seems like it so.



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