Restaurant Review: Magnolia Table

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One place I really wanted to go while in Waco, Texas was Magnolia Table. We went there on a Saturday morning and had great experience.

Restaurant Review: Magnolia Table (8/10)

Sara's RatingParts of the ExperienceMy thoughts
2LocationGood driving location off the 77 and 7 minutes from Magnolia
2AtmosphereIt is a beautiful building and great black and white decorations
2PriceA great price for a good amount food
1TasteIt was good

Note: For me to get a score of 2 it needs to be memorable and above average.


The Location is easy to drive to and is a revitalized location. Like many things at Magnolia this restaurant has an interesting history and now a new life.

This building used to be the Elite Cafe that opened in 1919. It was closed after the tornado of 1953. Chip and Joanna bought it and fixed it up. It is now a great breakfast and lunch restaurant.


The atmosphere is clean and classic with a lot of black and white and wood.

I really like the welcoming message on the wall.

Where everyone has a seat at the table.


The prices were really reasonable. I had the farm breakfast, which is bacon, eggs, biscuit and potatoes and it was $14. It was a good portion too.


The staff was pleasant enough. The meal was great and we didn't need much help.


It was good food. I had the Farm Breakfast.

The friends that had the French toast I think had the most to say about how good their meal was.

Farm Breakfast

Our Bacon and EggsFarm Eggs BenedictFrench Toast Breakfast

We all had a great time and I would go again.

Magnolia Table
Magnolia Table Menu


This is a great review.. I love the way you organized everything and the images sit perfectly in the right position.

I'm sure you enjoyed your meal... it is evident in your smiles 😊

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Thanks so much, that is so nice you liked the formatting :)

The restaurant looks quite great, mainly the interior.

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I like the ambiance of the restaurant and this is just amazing. Hope the food was good too
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Yes, the food was very good. Thanks.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is really good looking and the food seems delicious for a good price, definitely a good place to go!

Hi @malos10 Thanks so much, it was great!

The breakfast sure looks yummy. The portion size is quite good and I am sure no one would go back hungry.
By the way everyone is smiling I can safely say you all had a nice satisfying breakfast.
The relaxed body language and the happy grin suggests it is a photo taken after the breakfast am I correct?
I could say you guys got your moneys worth.
Enjoyed the breakfast post and it sets a nice tone for the upcoming weekend.
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Hi @thetimetravelerz thanks for your comment. It was actually before the meal. :) All of the ladies are my friends and many of them met each other for the first time on this trip. They got along so great with each other, we had a fantastic time!

The Restaurant is truly beautiful and have a wonderful outlook, White and yellow color scheme is very attractive to eyes. Can't taste the wonderful food you had, But can easily figure out that the food was yummy.

yes it was very good food

Looks like a great meeting in a nice place with good food.
Thanks for sharing your review with us.
Happy weekend 👋🏻😊

Thanks @littlebee4 Looks like you went to Scotland. So cool. I went there in 2019 on a family history trip. My dad's dad and family came from Southern Scotland so me and my siblings wanted to go there.

You are welcome @sjarvie5 👋🏻😊
Yep… done a road trip in Scotland and seen a lot. Such a beautiful country.
Oh that great you went there on a family history trip. That must have been very cool.
Thanks for sharing that with me.
(Btw… this road trip is part of me moving countries 😉)

Have an awesome weekend!

That breakfast looks really tasty. I also like that huge table, that is really a nice way to sit for a bigger crowd. The tiles on the floors are charming. Are your friends also on HIVE? You should bring them ;)
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This is such a beautiful place and the restaurant is awesome. The bright color combination is really good.
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I agree, it is beautifully decorated

Looks good, love honest food reviews.

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That's very reasonable pricing for such good looking food.

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A tasty break with wonderful people!It 's a lovely day indeed..Have a great time!

Yeah you are absolutely right. This hotel looks very nice and the way you are saying that the staff is also very good, it often happens that the hotel is good but the staff does not speak properly. Along with good food, if a person finds good price as good, that is, suitable food that a person can comfortably afford, then it becomes fun. A person should have a similar light breakfast, the advantage is that the person is not thick.

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