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Hi everyone it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. We have lots of outdoor activities today with our Top 3 posts. First we go on a hike to the highest summit in the Maderia in Spain, next we go to see some seals in South Africa and finally we go camping in the California mountains in USA. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Hiking to the Highest Summit of Madeira, Part 1 - The Sharp Cliffs by @greddyforce

#The mountains were sharp and dramatic. Jaw-dropping views everywhere. I think that the first few kilometers of this trail were the most spectacular. All this is an old volcanic landscape that raged millions of years ago and by looking at the rock formations, the origin is pretty apparent to me."

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🥈 Seal Island (Duikereiland) Houtbay by @fermentedphil

" Sadly, not all are rainbows. Many of the baby seals might fall into the water and they will wash up on the beach. They will never be able to return to the seal colony. There is a seal sanctuary just around the corner that takes in these "fallen seals"; but these seals will be fed by the locals who teach them various tricks. They become like "dogs" to them."

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🥉 My California - Anza Borrego by @derekrichardson

" Anza Borrego is a bit of a long drive, but it was the perfect spot. When we got there we first headed over to the visitors center where we talked to the ranger there. He must have been having a bad day because he was quite rude to us, but he did give us a suggestion for a good place to camp. It took a little more driving up a windy road into the mountains, but soon enough we arrived at the Culp Valley primitive campground. It was perfect. "

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Honorable Mentions

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We’re going to Madeira in May!!!

Have a great time and don't forget to share with us on Pinmapple

I will do and will get back into my photography groove

Congratulations to all the fantastic winners and honorable mentioned! And thanks for letting me being part of this.😊🙏

It's always our pleasure to feature you on our Travel Digest @duvinca

Thank you very much @LivingUKTaiwan and @pinmapple.

You're welcome, thanks for sharing your travels everywhere with us

Thank you so much for the mention and curation @LivingUKTaiwan. I really appreciate it.

It's so lovely to see the baby seals so up close and personal, thanks for sharing with us

Thank you for the wonderful community! Yes, it is great to see them up close. They are really cute!

Thanks so much for your support! :)

Thank you so much for the recognition!

What a lovely festival, thanks for sharing!