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We spend 2 years developing the most feature rich interface on STEEM
Earlier this week we bought a URL
Started a new server
Ported over the code
Removed Steem references
Worked on adapting/enabling every single feature ... we have 58+
We launched yesterday less than hour after the hard fork
We got our witness up and running still using @steempeak account
We spend the last 36 hours cleaning up the place and it's looking good



For over a year myself (@jarvie) and @asgarth have wanted to change the @steempeak site ... we would have done it even without the HIVE FORK. This just was a big push.

OUR FUTURE FOCUS: "On-boarding the masses"
We want to focus on making a site perfect for you AND full time content creators and all their millions of followers. We have more things to get done before we open the flood gates and do some marketing... but part of this was the name needed to be much easier than STEEMpeak. The steem was always confusing to new users. Also not being tied to a blockchain in name makes it easier to bring in features from other chains and decentralized sources. Still lots of work to make the site intuitive to new users. But this is a step.


Logo was designed by @jaynie she's really good at this folks... go talk to her.
We spent less than a day going back and forth with her options and what we liked and different variations


She even played with some merch ideas.


We did a decent amount of polling with our users and people who have never even heard of us. and were by far the most requested.

PeakSocial was the safe choice but not exciting and interesting and memorable enough in the end. It also lacks a few things PeakD has.
PeakD Was shorter, had better potential with branding, it seemed more unique and yet still had something cool going for it...

PeakD is a play on words in 3 ways

  • Peaked = To arrive at a peak... aka a grand achievement
  • Piqued = To stimulate interest
  • Peak + D = D meaning decentralization

One of those is a tad controversial to some: "Peaked" ... but depends on how you see it. We believe that those who set a goal to reach a peak and then arrive are just the type of people we want. Because we think they're the ones to go in search of more peaks to aim for and arrive at. Go aim for a bigger peak... it's when you stop going for your goals you fail... it's not because you reach them.



Things are settling down.
To be honest it's actually been smoother than I expected. Because we expected it to be hard.
Only 36 hours after a hard fork and only just a few days after buying the actual URL and things are running pretty good. However we still have some work to do and hills left to climb.

  • IMAGES: There may be API or Image server issues for a little bit just be forwarned.
  • API Know how to change API NODES until we can create perhaps an auto-switching system


  • NODE SWITCH If you can't even Log In use this ?
    using the name of the node you desire being a pretty popular one

  • STEEMCONNECT: If you use SteemConnect that's now called HiveSigner and under new management

  • KEYCHAIN: If you use Steem Keychain you will now need to get a separate extension called Hive Keychain

  • HiveKeychain is not an official chrome extension yet @themarkymark has a post on how to manually install

  • PEAKLOCK: People are checking out PeakLock for signing and logging in... just know every new tab and every time you refresh your browser you'll have to enter your PIN again... i'd keep it simple. Pin is pretty safe unless someone gets access to your device.

  • AIRDROP: If one of our users was left out of the HIVE AIRDROP let us know. For 300 users supporting trons aggressive practices it is now left up to the community at large to decide if they get Hive tokens for free. But we'll go to bat for our users if you are interested in this chain.

We have gotten almost all the features back online.
  • Promotions will be delayed for a new better system
  • Private lists will need to be created again
  • This is a new chain your scheduled posts and drafts will have to be brought over from
  • We removed GSMI tool and will look at re-doing it in the future
  • Wallet is only showing HIVE based tokens for now. We'll be adding more tokens from other chains in the future.
  • Pictures storage system is getting worked on and several developers are trying things there. So some patience in that department as we hope the end result is better than ever before
  • Delegations is one of the last features we still have to work on but we're waiting for some backend support.
  • Trading on exchanges with the HIVE token is live on several exchanges including HBD as well on


Still running for now over on STEEM.
So far there is enough backend architecture to run.
However we're worried because they have a LOT of censorship things going on over at STEEMIT INC. (Posts, users being censored and heavy usage of 65 million tokens used by one person in downvoting)

But it's still up and you're able to do wallet features like power down and transfers if you're now planning on being on HIVE only.

You can read more about SteemPeak future here:


It is alive and it is thriving with users and developers.
Go follow the official account @hiveio
The infrastructure is already pretty great after just 1 day

We feel there is more decentralization not only with governance and less threat of attack...
... but there seems to be a lot more decentralization of the direction of the platform.
For years Steemit INC almost solely directed the direction of the platform with their development
Now there are lots of users empowered to work on the Chain and there is a significant amount of funding at their disposal with the new Hive Fund. Which can and should apply to much more than backend development


As soon as things settle down we will start work on brand new features that will make your content creating and content exploring experience better than ever before.

These are the ones presently high on our radar

  • New post promotion changes
  • Onboarding via sponsorship system
  • Guest commenting


Support our witness: = @steempeak
Support our Hive Fund Proposal:
Post PeakD related content on our community:
Join our discord:

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It's epic how much you guys accomplished in such short notice! Really epic. I've been using 100% so far. Really epic. And damn, I had no idea @jaynie was such a gifted logo maker! I love it :D Cheers guys, and keep up the amazing work! Hive wouldn't be complete without the 'Steempeak for Hive' :-)

haha thanks @soyrosa :) Been a while since I put my designers hat on... felt good!

hehehe thanks @sweecee - yip, still alive and kicking :)

Yes, epic is the right word!

Absolutely, the interface looks stylish and is easy to understand. Also I like that you can chose between layouts for people to decide. So far I am just waiting in awe what will be next.

Congratulations on the rebrand, on the new logo and everything. I think everyone here deserves a fresh start and most of us are doing just that - me included. I'm excited to be a part of the new HIVE ecosystem and can't wait for it to flourish :)

It was an absolute pleasure working with you both @peakd @jarvie @asgarth! Hope to do it again soon :)

As for the merch... going to be working on that today for both Hive and PeakD - will tag you in the post later :)

Awesome! I prefer the new logo, it looks exciting. Well done guys.

Welcome peakd!
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Always great to see you here @jarvie.

It is wonderful what you all have done in the past few days. This interface is a lifesaver since some of the other ones are having a tough time transitioning over.

Hive is going to be great because of the efforts of teams such as the one behind Peakd.

The speed at which developments take place at Peak just surprise me every time. The devs need a raise.

Maybe after you are done fixing everything on this UI instance please consider adding an option(check or uncheck) to automatically 'post to blog' when you post in community.😊😊

Also @asgarth,shouldn't that be reading Hive? 😅😅

You have done a terrific job. I started to use heavily Steempeak a couple of weeks ago and continue to discover the options every day!

PeakD I believe is my frontend of choice for Hive!

And I am here as well

I think you have all done a marvelous job.
I peakd small.jpg
Some one had to try and do it.

Hi, your effords are very much appreciated! It is expected we find a few bumps in the road, given the sudden of the situation. Still, what you guys did was nothing short of amazing.

Now, I don't know if you have yet gotten time to check on these, but I'd like to report a few bugs I'm aware of. I did report these on the discord server, but whether or not someone got to see it, I wouldn't know so better safe than sorry.

First: it is impossible, at least for myself, scheduling post despite having provided posting authority to peakd on my profile settings. The button stays dark and unusable, so maybe that's one of the features yet to get back online?

Second: there's always an error message when trying to enable the portfolio view in the profile.

Third: drafts won't delete. I had an useless draft lying around, tried to delete it but it just... din't. Fortunately, got inspiration for a post and used that draft, published it and got rid of it, but still...

That's everything I've consistently experienced, so far. These things aside, PeakD has been running very smoothly on my side. Great job, guys!

Great work! Really amazing!! One thing I noticed is a URL change peakd does, and you fall for it yourself here in this posting (see status bar in pic). Everything, and is changed into, so links are only working through copy/paste by now. Chain on!

Screenshot at 20200322 023927 andrepol steempeak urlchange.png

36 hours and we're definitely up and running, big cheers to you guys we honestly deserve this win, peakd has some of the best features I've ever seen, it's so amazing to see. Honestly I haven't been able to claim any reward myself I'll just try this one out.

Great news! Thanks for your hard work. Following for updates.

Peakd!! You guys are awesome!! 💪🏼🙌🏼🤦🏼‍♂️

Excellent job Jarvie and crew!

Great stuff. Great rebrand

Dankie skat :)

PeakD has replaced the Steempeak shortcut on my phone desktop. Well done Jarvie and Asgarth

  • HiveKeychain is not an official chrome extension yet @themarkymark has a post on how to manually install

Hi, is there a way to make it work on firefox? Thank you!

The logo is dope - Congrats on everything and cheers to what's next!

This is really epic! Great work. I will exclusively be using peakd.

I tried using the delegation function but it gave me an error. I then noticed after rereading this that it is still a work in progress. Do you know if there is any other place at the moment we can change our hive delegations?

I shared this post on Twitter here:

First of all I will like to say a big thank you to every member of the Peakd team for working so hard to see the success coming through so fast. I have used Peakd and it worked well , those pretty interface are very amazing, the multiple pictures are so faster than I can think of and as well as the security guard pin is very active. You guys did a great job and intellectual work. Truly Hive is Alive, and I am here too.

Greetings from Nigeria.

Thanks for the guide, sure helps ppl like me to get around the new blockchain.
Stay safe

So... Where can I buy a peakd shirt? 🤔

@ash I will be publishing a post for both Hive and PeakD merch a little later today :)

This is incredibly insane how fast this had accomplished so far! Two thums up to you guys!

Success! I was able to sign in with HiveSigner. Great work @peakd !!

One bit of Feedback @peakd , this happened with Steemconnect on STEEM as well, I was unable to update my profile picture. When I use hivesigner to confirm it gives me one of these,

Confirm transaction (posting)
Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.

Can the hivesigner devs fix this?

I want to change my logo to something a little more #Hive

Thanks for the great work. I'm glad that "my number one" works on HIVE :-)

Great job.
I can't find and browse new posts.
How to claim account tickets with RC?

thank you so much! You guys rock :))

I think @steemchiller deserves the airdopped tokens as his work has been outstanding.

PeakD is brilliant, and the combination of using it and switching to Hive, after nearly four years on Steemit, has completely rejuvenated my enthusiasm that had been drained by Steemit. Right now I feel like it's 2016 and I'm starting again. Many thanks.


Under the FAQ button I arrive at communities. I was looking for a quick installation guide. I am old and neeed to be guided a bit.

You guys are awesome! Congratulations on a pulling off a miracle!

Super impressed with your agility. Keep up the good work.


Fantastic, Huge shift and expertly executed. Well done and I'm soooo... glad that we have this interface over here - THANK YOU!!

That's for us portuguese speakers...

Para os de Portugal...
A malta toda está aqui?
@steemitPortugal Sensacional esse lado de Zayon! ;D

Para os do Brasil...
Fala ai Rapaziada! Estamos todos por aqui?!
@jsantana já passou por aqui?!

can someone help me get my wallet figured out? just switched to hive from steem and need help figuring out a couple things

Congratulations on rolling this out so fast! I am totally loving it here on Hive, and part of the joy is using this interface. Great work!

My word will be not enough to show my respect and thanking the developer team of peakd. peakd become the most beautiful dapps for hive blockchain and strongly believe that peakd will play a very important role to make the #hive popular across the world.

I can't believe I can not just sign in with my posting key........

Whooot? Two long years, what a fantastic job @jarvie and @asgarth, you made it all dope!

Thank you

Uauuuu ... Many work done in a few time. Congrats to all team. Let's see if future brings to all more than all are expecting :)

Hey guys,

I started a little thing called "Wavvys" to recognize great underground music.

It would mean a lot to me and the artists if you checked out the 4 Wavvy winners for this week:


You've done well,it's really not easy to achieve this much in a short while like you guys have, I really hope things continue to run smoothly, kudos

anyone know to make hive wallet working?

You need to add yourself to the State of the dApps website so we can watch you pass in use.

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