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The ache in my chest
is of a bird searching for a nest,
earnestly diving from
one tree to another,
as this has been the order.

The flock has fenced him
out of where he used to
call home, temporarily seeking
shelter where men call a dome.

Navigating through his natural
habitat he flies into a colony
of bees. Mysteriously their
default instinct to sting was
replaced by a welcoming buzz.

Amidst this new home I fly
around with the grace of
a rainbow coloured butterfly.
Visiting one hive and then another.

Hoping that someday their
living culture is fused so much
into mine that I may begin
to fly like a butterfly
and sting like a bee.

But surprisingly in this hive
we sting not to inflict pain
but inject into ourselves
gene altering impartations,
boosting up our essence.

What a beautiful hybrid breeding
In this hive, collectively we thrive.

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