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This is a great sketch. It appears so real

Great expression of human imperfection is what makes it look so real. I think the brain always detects when things are too perfect and rejects it.

Hahaha. Really?, So the brain doesn't accept perfection? Maybe true, because nothing should be perfect

It's like the matrix where the first version was a complete failure because it was a utopia. Human mind rejected it and entire crops were lost. LOL

Hahaha. It's amazing what our brains do

Yeah, with scribbles. I feel like I'm improving every day especially in digital drawing.

Yeah, there's always a difference when we've stayed long doing a thing

Exactly 👍
The more you practice, the better you become.

That's true

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a bunch. I really appreciate.

Geez... Nicely drawn. It reminds me of an actor but I can't just remember, for now

Better remember o.
Giving you another 20 days to think through it😄

I think it is in the eyes again but the angle seems perfect for that gaze. The chaotic lines on the cheek contrast nicely with the more textured strokes.

Another masterpiece!

Yeah, those eyes are catchy and send a message to viewers.
I love it most when I make a portrait of a model on a three quarter format.
Thank you.

The shape of the face has been made very unique. your art is always beautiful

Thanks a bunch. I am glad you like it👍