Photoshop tutorial - Simple instructions How to selectively remove background colour from an image

in Photoshop school5 months ago


In this tutorial i show you how to remove colour from the background of a colour image.

In this image, i want to keep the colour of the car and make everything else black and white. ok the background is already nearly monochrome but this tutorial works the same even if you have lots of colour in the background...

step 1
use the magnetic lasso to draw round the car.


with your mouse, click anywhere on the outside edge of the car, continue to draw all round the outside of the car until you meet the point where you started.. if you go wrong and want to start again, press Esc on keyboard.


Now go to 'select' and then 'inverse'


Then go to 'image' 'adjustments' then select 'desaturate'


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Thank you very much @pcste , some time ago I learned how to remove the background in the images, but I had already forgotten it and just these days I thought to investigate again how to do it, because I need it. So it was very timely your post, thank you very much, again!


Thanks :-)