Discord based hive notifications bots that makes your hive journey smoother

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Hello Hivers!

Notification is very important because there are surely a lot of things we are going to miss if we don't get notifications for things that happened on our blog, you won't be able to know your fans that support you with vote and comment always, you may still know your commenters but it will be hard to figure out your voters because only those with bigger vote will always reflect...

All the dapps we use for hive gives notification, peakd, ecency and others but sometimes when we are away from the hive dapps and we still want to know what is happening on our blog, there are easier way to get this notifications without signing in those site or dapps or using chrome!

Long ago, discord bot were created that gives notifications on what happen on our blog, the vote, comment, reblog, follow and all other activities you can think about but unfortunately not every hivers know about this, hence the reason for this post....

The first discord hive notification bot i ever used was Gina bot but unfortunately gina started misbehaving after the hardfork from steemit to hive, it was lagging so bad, delivering notifications after 2 to 3 days and when i realize it was not as effective as it used to be, i had to block it....

The two best discord notification for hive now is Kanibot and Friday!



The kani bot was done by bala41288 and it is a notification bot that gives you all the update on the activities going on your blog on the hive blockchain, he also made it possible to get notification about your hive engine tokens and update on the transactions on the games you are playing on hive....

It is actually a cool bot to have and if you are interested in trying it out, visit the kani bot discord server here and visit the play with bot channel and read the pin message there to register and subscribe for the bot... It cost 1 hive monthly....


Here is a notification i got this morning for my post pay out, it shows all i got on the post, the hive, hbd and hive-engine tokens, if i had to use the hive dapps, they won't show the hive engine tokens.... More reason why this discord bot is better....


credit goes to doze, Gif found in hive assets

I heard about this notification bot from justfavour while we were discussing in the city of neoxian, i was complaining of how gina bot is now so slow and he recommend friday bot, that was my first time hearing about it and when i got to their server i realized it was done by deathwing andrishi556``, they did a good job with this bot and it is also similar with kanibot....

One difference i notice is that, the minimum vote notification we can get on friday bot is 0.1 cent, which means less spamming of notifications of vote less than 0.1 which is great, atleast when we got a notification, we will know it is something worth checking out....


It also have some cool stats like telling us our daily, weekly and monthly author report.....

If you are interested in using this discord bot, join their server here and register! Friday bot is a free service.....

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Wao, this is so cool and convenient

 2 months ago  

yea it is

Enjoy your day friend

 2 months ago  

Wow...thank you so much burl for this amazing info. You know what? I am reblogging this post for more eyes to read and get on board. Justfavour also told me about the Friday bot, I joined the server but yet to register...lazy me 😉😂

I didn't know about all these bot u mentioned here
However, they are amazing ways of catching up with the happenings in hive when one is busy in discord or in other platforms.

Let me run and update my Friday bot 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

 2 months ago  

you welcome nkem, yea those discord bot makes it easy to track our hive activities without using the hive blockchain or dapps

 2 months ago  

I have started enjoying the bot 😀
Thanks for this post once again 👍

 2 months ago  

awesome! i believe some others who are seeing this for the first time may try it out too😊

 2 months ago  

Wow never knew such app exit in hive. Thanks burl for a work well-done by sharing this with us. Can't wait to make use of it to keep my payout on track

 2 months ago  

they are not app, they are bots based on discord but also have a website where their settings can be done, you should check them out hun

 2 months ago  

Alright dear

This is very good this will definitely help

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 2 months ago  

it is very useful, you should try it

Yay! 🤗
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Great, This is the first time I'm hearing kani bot is a hive notification bot, It's always on the footer of the founder's posts but I never clicked on it to discover what it is about. I currently use the friday bot and it's working quite well for me. I especially like the weekly and monthly reports. I'll also give the Kani bot a try and see how it works. Thanks for sharing :)

 2 months ago  

awesome, sometimes we never think about stuff until we are pointed towards the direction, i can relate well to what you just said

Wow, thank you for sharing Burl. Will definitely have a play around them. Especially Friday bot

 2 months ago  

yes you are going to love it, check it out

 2 months ago  

How much does the Friday bot subscription cost?

 2 months ago  

it is for free

 2 months ago (edited) 

Oooh, sorry, it was due to a glitch

 2 months ago  

hmmm wrong comment