Paying it forward #pif contest ed. 4: Come and play πŸ™Œ

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We are now in the 4th consecutive month of the #payingitforward #pif contest 😊

I am so grateful to be alive and thriving on Hive both in terms of social and financial capital and so I started this little contest 3 months ago as a way to give back to the community and first and foremost to help those who were just starting out on Hive, as I know how hard it is to make an initial dent on this platform. Once you get going though, like me I hope that you can derive much joy from your engagement on Hive and within its many varied communities that provide a home for so many different interests.

Before I jump into this month's contest, if I can give any newcomers any advice on what to do when you join Hive in order to thrive, it's the following:

Don't try to write what you think your audience wants to read. Be yourself. Be true to who you are and what you are passionate about. Write about the things that make you tick; about the things that bring you joy, interest you, intrigue you. Because when you do that your audience sees authenticity and we all love authenticity 😍

Choose your communities carefully so as to draw the attention of like-minded individuals who are more likely to appreciate your posts.

Use tags in the correct manner. Communities can get very upset if they think you are tag spamming with their tags (ie: trying to accumulate their tokens without abiding by their rules and guidelines for earning those tokens) and it could get you sidelined or worse still muted or downvoted by those communities.

Support your fellow Hivers by curating (reading, commenting meaningfully, and upvoting) their articles too. They need you as much as you need them. Meaningful engagement is absolutely key to your success on Hive and in the communities. It will bring you immense joy, wonderful friendships, social as well as financial capital.

Stake all or most of your earned tokens to keep liquidity low and the prices headed upwards. This goes for the main Hive token as well as layer 2 Hive-Engine tokens that you will earn from time to time on your posts. Many communities have fairly new tokens and selling them straight up without giving the tokens a chance to grow and stabilise in the marketplace, will just drive the token price down and not benefit you or others in the community.

My favourite community is Proof of Brain so please do take time to engage in @vempromundo.pob's POBTALK and follow him @vempromundo for his new series on Growing in Hive with lots of tips for beginners here. Also, be sure to check out @insight.pob's (with @onealfa.pob) POBstreet for daily discussions

Finally, do not plagiarise. I repeat:

It's a one-way ticket to the dumpster my friend, and it is such a simple rule to follow when you understand it. So this means if it isn't your work, your words, your photos etc, do not take credit for it. If you want to quote the words of someone else, attribute those words to that person in your post. If you want to quote from an article, put in a link to the source of your quote in your article. Likewise with photos. Only use those that you took yourself, own because you paid for commercial rights to them, or those that are free to use on websites like Pixels, Pixabay, Unsplash, Canva etc ... but do make sure that you have still provided a link to the source of these free photos so that it is clear where they came from and that they are not your own. If you have used your own images, taken by yourself, say so. As an aside, an image taken from Google search or websites is not a free-to-use image unless it comes from a free-to-use database of images or you have been given express permission to use it by the owner.

Now, onto the contest πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

We'll jump straight to the good part: The prizes!!!

This month I am switching things up a bit to provide a little bit of a mix of prizes on offer. There will be some POB delegation prizes, liquid POB, Hive power Up, Ecency points, and DEC (Splinterlands in-game currency) to be won. I figured that as Halloween has just passed, maybe a mixed bag of treats would be in order 😊

Special thanks to @penderis for the wonderful idea and for sponsoring the DEC prizes.

Now on to the contest requirements for this month πŸ˜€

Anyone can enter but the focus is still on newbies so...


  1. In the comments to this post, tag a new Hiver (someone who started on this platform on/after 1st August 2021) and invite them to enter the contest.

Provide a link to one of their recent posts (preferably one still within voting date) that you have personally visited, commented meaningfully on, and upvoted, and tell us in 1-2 sentences why we should go and read this person.

For each person you tag and comment on, you gain an extra entry into the draw. Last month the person who was selected randomly, by, in 1st place, also happened to be the person who made the most entries to the contest! Just saying! 😜

Once you have entered once, you may add as many additional tagging comments as you wish, and provided they all comply with requirement (1), you will gain an extra entry for each new Hiver tagged (and an extra upvote from me and potentially others too).

New Hivers, you will automatically be entered into the contest by being tagged by someone else here. It would be wonderful if you then ALSO put in your own separate entry and also fulfilled requirement (1) above by bringing another new Hivian/Hiver's name to the contest with one of their posts. In this way, you can gain an additional entry to the draw.

Once you have all complied with requirement (1), if you then go and visit one of the posts linked by another entrant, and curate it, and then come back to this contest post and comment on the entry comment where you found the post you visited, to the effect that you have done this, you will be awarded another entry to the contest 🀩 (this part is not mandatory but is a nice thing to do to support your fellow new Hivers)

2 ) If you are not a new Hivian / Hiver, please also share with us a few sentences about your favourite layer 2 Hive Engine token. What it is, its related community, how to earn it, how to stake it, how to use it to gift others (if applicable) etc so that newcomers to Hive can learn something about the other tokens available to earn through the use of tags, contests, delegations, staking etc. You can provide links to relevant communities or websites if you wish as this could be helpful, but some explanation/guidance is required.

I thought this second requirement would be a nice thing to do as I have seen a few new Hivers recently mention that they are aware of these other tokens such as LUV and PIZZA and ALIVE and BEER etc but have no idea how they are earning them, or what to do with them and so on. Although you may add extra clarifying comments to those made by others on a specific token, it would really be lovely if each person who entered, picked a different token to summarise for their own entry πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ If you are a new Hivian/Hiver (ie: you started on Hive on/after 1st August 2021) then you are exempt from requirement number (2).

And that's it for this month's requirements, yay! Hopefully, your answers will prove helpful to newcomers ... and even to longer-standing members who may not be aware of a specific token and its use case etc. I, for one, am still clueless on the majority of them πŸ˜‚.

So how are the prize winners decided and who wins what? I hear you ask...

The contest will end when the payout period on this contest post ends. I will try to validate as many entries during the contest as possible so as not to leave too many for me to do after the contest ends, and will be upvoting entry comments and visiting all tagged new Hivers posts along the way as much as possible so that I can curate them too πŸ˜€. I will also be sharing some PIZZA and LUV tokens around too on comments and posts.

All valid entries will be entered into in the order in which the comments are posted, for the randomiser to do its magic and pick some winners. This should be no later than 3 days after the contest closes, but may be sooner ;-)

Then prizes will be awarded as follows:

Highest placed New Hiver in the randomised listing will win themselves:

  • 125 Proof of Brain delegation for 1 month
  • 500 DEC tokens (kindly sponsored by @penderis)
  • 500 Ecency points
  • a 10 Hive Power Up by me on 1st December.
  • a follow from me, with a visit to each of your posts for at least a month and a weekly reblog of one of your posts.

Second Highest placed New Hiver will win:

  • 300 DEC tokens (kindly sponsored by @penderis)
  • 250 Ecency points
  • 10 Liquid POB
  • a follow from me, with a visit to each of your posts for at least a month and a weekly reblog of one of your posts.

3rd highest placed New Hiver will win:

  • 10 Liquid POB
  • 250 Ecency points
  • a follow from me, with a visit to each of your posts for at least a month and a weekly reblog of one of your posts.

Highest placed in the randomised listing output, who is not a new Hiver will win:

  • 125 Proof of Brain delegation for 1 month
  • 500 DEC Tokens (kindly sponsored by @penderis)
  • 25 Liquid POB
  • a follow from me, with a visit to each of your posts for at least a month and a weekly reblog of one of your posts.

@trostparadox would any of your students be interested in joining in the fun?

@fionasfavourites here is the contest that I was telling you about :-)

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Hey great idea! I'm happy to match your first prize with 100 pob delegation, second with 50 and third with 10 as long as you remind me to do it! I'm also a curator for 1up, a new tribe for hive gaming, not sure how it can fit in but if you find a way let me know

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

This is wonderful and very generous of you @failingforwards πŸ’—πŸ™ Any and all support for new Hivers is always appreciated, bless you. I will tag you in the winners' post next week. !LUV !PIZZA re: 1UP ...I made my first post in the community last week and found it quite supportive for someone as green as I am in blockchain gaming lol. That is wonderful that you are curating there. I saw that @flauwy was looking for curators for the new tribe. Not sure as yet ... anything that can expose new Hivers to more communities and tribes is good though.

I hope there's no limit to entries because I think I love this contest.
Here's @victoria95 another lover of food and motherhood. Don't visit here if you are hungry, because you will really salivate a lot. Check It Out

no limit hee hee

VALIDATED ENTRY I have visited @victoria95, commented and upvoted her post.

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

@iskafan has served as an inspiration for me in many ways than one. She joined in September and this POST of hers titled GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL, inspired me into writing Getting Prepared. She also touched a few corners regarding finance. She's a financial geek and loves to talk money. One of my favorite things. 😊

Hehehehe.... Babe, you are blowing up my head with pride πŸ™ˆ

Thanks for a lot for the appreciation.

You have an aura that I envy, you know. And whatever you set out to do, you get it done. I am always proud of you, and you will always have my support πŸ”₯☺️

So do you my dear. You're an achiever even if you don't say it which makes me just like you more.

Hehehehe.... She is whinnying me again πŸ₯΅πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

I don't whine...😏😎


Ma'am no vex nau πŸ€§πŸ˜πŸ˜’πŸ€£πŸ€£

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

VALIDATED ENTRY. I have visited @iskafan whose articles I have read before :-) This was a great choice !PIZZA I have upvoted and commented. @iskafan come and play😍

Well, I have read my article and validated this entry too.... Lol πŸ˜‚

You are too funny and thanks for helping with the validation process... maybe I can take the rest of the comp off and leave it to you ha ha. thank you for entering too. I appreciate it and good luck when the randomiser spins hee hee.

You are too funny and thanks for helping with the validation process

Hahahaha, I am glad that was funny, cos I laughed when I did that too. 🀣

maybe I can take the rest of the comp off and leave it to you ha ha.

Oh no, don't leave it to me oooo, I am a lazy ass lady 🀣🀣🀣

thank you for entering too. I appreciate it and good luck when the randomiser spins hee hee.

Yes, good luck to me, thanks ma'am


A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class.
It was a weapon of math disruption.

@iskafan, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971
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🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣... This girl
.. πŸ™†

LMAO 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

Here we go. I nominate @peaq whom I recently met, all thanks to @merit.ahama and she is on fire.

She has such a beautiful voice and you have to drool over her by watching her on screen singing melodically to the tunes that I love so much.

For this entry, I am presenting her post, Isolation is Key & The Cheating One.

The reason is because we both share a similarity when it comes to taming our anger. We have learned over the years to tame the actions we take whenever we are angry.

In her post, you will find her story and what made her decide to arm herself with isolation whenever she is upset. I am sure you will love her because her energy is contagious.

VALIDATED ENTRY. Wow, another great tag! You guys are all on fire with finding wonderful newbie/little red fish posts. I have visited @peaq's post, read, upvoted and followed. !PIZZA

Wow, another great

I am glad you liked it 😍

You guys are all on fire with finding wonderful newbie/little red fish posts.

We have the eagle's eye, ma'am ☺️

hee hee that you do @iskafan ... and it's Sam not ma'am haha LMAO

@samsmith1971 Thank you so so much.
I am grateful.

You are very welcome @peaq. A quality post. I look forward to following you. Please tag me in the comments to your posts and I will come and visit them :-)

Would definitely do.

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

Are you not just too sweet @iskafan.
Thank you for this succinct yet beautifully crafted tag.

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

My first Entry I hope I get it right πŸ™ˆ

@doziekash is a new Hiver from August and have been doing well, you can check out his post of The Chronicles Of Kashimawo

His consistency with the story tells more about his love for writing, and he's good with engagement too... What more can Hive ask from a new Hiver? πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

By the way @doziekash you should join this fun contest πŸ™‚

Woot! Here she is again. Dragging me into everything good.
Thanks A lot for putting me on the spotlight.

I'll be back with my official entryπŸ˜‰

Excellent! Don't forget to come back and enter hee hee. 3 days to go!

Thanks A lot for the tag man. I totally forgot about this. I'll do this right now

VALIDATED ENTRY. I have visited @doziekash, read his microfiction story, and upvoted. Thank you @merit.ahama. πŸ™

Entry validated too, @samsmith1971, his microfiction is making me think a lot and I left questions for him. I hope he answers them.

I want to say thank you for this opportunity.

She's a new hiver. Joined in October and is always on my neck with questions but i like itπŸ˜‚. Post by @ruthyann is a typical heartfelt rant by a newbie experiencing Writer's blocks. She still believes she'd make it through by being herself and not trying to impress. That's the message right there and i say it because i have the same impression.

Omg😍 thanks alot for this, babygirl ❣️


VALIDATED ENTRY. I have visited @ruthyann, read, commented, and upvoted her post. @ruthyann come and play πŸ€—

You are very welcome @deraaa πŸ™πŸ’—πŸ‘

Entry read and engaged. @ruthyann really needs inspiration, coach @deraaa please give her some inspiration 😁

πŸ˜‚@deraa has been doing alot❀️❀️

Not as much as i should tho 😣

Come off itπŸ˜‚. I'm the strong head 🀣

This come off it you people are just using... Why not come on it? Or under? Or even beside?

πŸ˜‚No Deraa,you are not coming under or on anything

She is a good soul ❀️❀️

She really is 😩😍😍

I'll try my best 😁

May the Almighty give you the grace, dear πŸ™

Another quick entry hehehe

@otuyanancy is a new Hiver from October and I've been following up on her articles since she started, she's sure trying to keep while learning from the platform.

Here is a post she made recently which got my attention, it's titled My Dream Profession... where she talked about her determination towards her dream, I found it inspiring.

@otuyanancy mind joining the contest too πŸ˜‰

Thank you for mentioning me

VALIDATED ENTRY. I have visited @otoyanancyand read her article about pursuing her dream to become a doctor, and upvoted. Thank you @merit.ahamaπŸ‘

Entry validated as well. I hope that @otuyanancy will someday be a medical doctor and make her mom proud, while being able to fulfill her dreams of saving lives. @samsmith1971

I just saw a post by @deraaa explaining so well about preparations, I learnt a lot from her post and I felt more people should give it a read.

Her post titled Getting Prepared gave some inspirational quotes that keeps one on its toes to make hay while the sun shine. We've got to clear up whatever is dragging us back and move forward.

@deraaa you can join us as well πŸ˜‰

VALIDATED ENTRY. I have visited @deraaa and found her post to be inspirational too. thank you for sharing @merit.ahama !PIZZA I commented and upvoted her too.

Oh my... I feel so honored. Thank you so much @merit.ahama. this means a lot.❀️

You're welcome sweet 😊

I read this post a few days ago and it was awesome. @deraaa is on fire πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅

You do know you were my inspiration right? Still are 😊

Hehehehe, my head is bulging with pride πŸ™ˆπŸ˜, thanks babe

Here is another entry

@nkemakonam89 a new Hiver from October. She's actually doing great in her posts. Here is a post she made which got my attention practice what you preach where she was reminded by her son that she have not prayed before eating and how surprised she was though she was happy her son could summon the courage to correct her.

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

VALIDATED ENTRY This was a great article that you shared @otuyanancy. Truly! !PIZZA I have visited, upvoted and reblogged it. @nkemakonam89 please do come and play along in the contest. πŸ™

@samsmith1971 , noted for action πŸ˜€

Thank you 😊

I read this entry too. I wish it wasn't too old to vote. Children do listen and pay attention to what we say and do. Parents ought to be careful around them. And teach them good morals too. Wonderful post @nkemakonam89

@otuyanancy thank you so much for this. Motherhood task has been eating plenty of my time lately especially with my new born. I hope to be up and doing here, just trying to balance the equilibrium though it has not been easy 😊.

I understand what you mean, motherhood is not an easy task but God will see you true.

Do take care of my baby

Thank you so much.
I will.

Here is my first entry

@amiableamara a new Hiver from October and she has been doing great in her articles and also learning from the platform.

Here is a post she made 'titled' Never allow them see your tears where she talked about a friend betraying the other and how to to be strong by not showing your enemies that you're weak

Awww, My dear I so much appreciate this. Thank you.

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

Come and play along too @amiableamara :-) I have left a comment on your article that was tagged. You need to review the way in which you cite your photo sources and correct this as per a comment left by another community member already and then I can go back and upvote your article and enter you into my contest. I hope you see the value in doing thisπŸ™

VALIDATED ENTRY. I have visited @amiableamara and read her article and left some helpful comments on citations to aid her progression.

Entry read, and it was full of lessons. We shouldn't take away the place of God when we are looking for who to share our secrets with. The Almighty is the one who loves us even with all our short comings. We should cast all our cares upon him because he cares for us, instead of putting our faith in humans. @amiableamara, good thoughts there.

My two favorite Hive engine tokens will be Proof of brain and Dcc

They both have communities when you go check list of communities, they are communities you should be part of as you not only earn Hive coins but also their respective tokens.

Staking your pob is very easy using peakD frontend where you go through your wallet, go to Hive engine and click on the arrow that will show you to stake. The more you stake, the more your voting power and rewards.

The dcc has a weekly contest that helps you accumulate its token, so long you participate you're a winner. Here is the ongoing contest DCC contest, let's support the success tag

A quick question please, can I make my upcoming entries under my own comments in your post? Or do I need to keep making fresh comment? 😬

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

You may do either... there are no rules around this. I am here to help, not catch people out or hinder. I will always err on allowing an entry rather than dismissing one and I always give advice on any outstanding requirements if someone has missed something important πŸ™πŸ˜Š

Oh thanks then

Yes, Proof of Brain and DCC communities are great. For POB you need to write quality articles, creative works etc provided you can evidence use of brain. If you write from the front end or then you will earn POB curation rewards too from community upvotes. If you post from other front ends, you can still tag #proofofbrain so that your post appears in POB community and receive community exposure. DCC is slightly different as it is a token to reward collaboration efforts between platform users. If you are collaborating with someone else on a Hive project or article etc or notice another worthy collab, then you can use the dcc cooperation tags to alert @clixmoney to the project and drop him a little comment as to why you have used the tags, as I think this is always helpful. If they have been used correctly, DCC and clixmoney may reward you with a few dcc tokens. At present @clixmoney is running a series of spotlighting different communities and attributes, including weekly contests around those communities and attributes so I would urge everyone to get involved. Two great token choices @merit.ahama. !PIZZA

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

I am a new Hiver and I was brought on board by failingforwards. I'd also like to recommend @letsjam to participate in this event. LJ has decided to contribute to the Splinterlands Hive community by interviewing some of the more active members on the SL discord. I find that focusing on people instead of the game is a fresh take on SL Hive content and it is direly needed. You can see his latest post below where he interviews one of the mods.


Although I am new to Hive I've found that I really like the OneUp L2 token. I've always been really big into gaming and with this new concept of NFT/crypto gaming I feel right at home and Oneup is focused on just that. The entire concept of the frontend reminds me of reading Nintendo Power or Playstation magazines when growing up. The best way to earn this token is to engage with the frontend via its purpose: write about NFT games. I absolutely love all of the learning there and the team does a decent job of looking into things that could potentially be scammy or inappropriate.

Entry read and validated. I won't lie to you, it was complicated to understand. I don't seem to get a hang of Splinterlands.. I hope I'll understand this game some day, and stay addicted to it like the rest of the gamers. However, that was a wonderful interview @letsjam

Thank you so much! I'll keep workibg to make them better.

Ty @kotenoke :)

I know you'll do great with the adjustments, cheers.

VALIDATED ENTRY. I have visited @letsjam and commented on his post and tipped him some !PIZZA (here's some for you too hee hee).

Ty Sam Smith, I love your music!

haha I don't make any (that's the other guy 🀣), unless my creative writing pieces are music to your ears lol... but thanks for the compliment @letsjam🀩

Wow this is a great contest, I think I've once participated in such a contest but it was kinda complex than this one πŸ™ˆ so I didn't do much to be part of winners.

I guess this is another chance to do better πŸ˜ƒ the rules aren't too hard to follow but I want to ask about the talks on Hive engine tokens, do you mean for us to make a post about it or a long comment to talk on a coin?

It's good to know that @penderis will be assisting you with prizes, all the best to every participants. Paying it forward indeed πŸ₯°

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

hiya @merit.ahama :-) You don't need a separate post. Just a few sentences that would guide a newbie on one of your fave hive-engine tokens, how to earn it, use it etc. They can always ask you more about the token by replying to your comment. I hope this makes it clearer... oh and @penderis has already transferred the DEC to me so it is ready to be handed out once the winners are known.

Oh great, I understand now
Thanks for the quick response, I'll start my commenting soon

Don't try to write what you think your audience wants to read. Be yourself. Be true to who you are and what you are passionate about. Write about the things that make you tick; about the things that bring you joy, interest you, intrigue you. Because when you do that your audience sees authenticity and we all love authenticity 😍

Spot on. @curiouscat here you go! Part of what I was saying to you...😻

And the more you do this, the more you actually enjoy being on Hive πŸ’—πŸ™I once trained with a wonderful Karate Sensei who spoke to joy. Stan Schmidt was his name and he was the highest-graded Black Belt Westerner, outside of Japan, in the JKA style. He wrote a book called Spirit of the Empty Hand about his journey in the art of Karate. It is autobiographical, philosophical, a pilgrimage through life, and also details his travels and training in Okinawa. He signed his book for me on one occasion that we met (before I had read the book as it was newly purchased). He asked me at the time, why I did Karate, and I only had one true spontaneous answer. "Because I enjoy it!" I replied enthusiastically. He looked at me with the biggest smile and said that's wonderful and then inscribed the book "To Sam, May you pass on your joy to others". When I got to the last page of the book, I realised why he had been so happy with my answer. He ended the book with the words "at least I'm beginning to enjoy it all". Being authentic, following your passions, remaining true to yourself, will always bring you real joy.

I remember Stan Schmidt. That is both an amazing testimony and a good lesson. For everyone.

The other thing: the more one does what one enjoys, the better one gets at it!!

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

Now you remind me of Gary Player ..." the more I practice, the luckier I get" :-) How did you come to know of Stan? He was head of JKA in South Africa, which is the style of karate that I practiced. I was fortunate to meet him a few times during my karate years in SA and had the privilege of training with him in Johannessburg one exceptionally cold winter at 4am in the morning when our dojo were on tour... brrrr ... but his classes and presence were worth getting up for!

Well, firstly, I am of an a girl I was at school with was a black belt Funokoshi, not JKA, at 17. In 1980. So... And In think he worked at/out at the same gym as Reg Park in 1986. I worked in that Simmonds St building in Joburg for a while in 1986. You Those winter mornings and the wind chill....ahem...

Ah cool ... Yeah, I don't recall exactly where it was but it was a massive dojo! very imposing when filled with Black Belts. It was probably around that time though...πŸ™πŸ’— Oh that chill was horrendous at 4am in nothing but a t-shirt and karate giπŸ‚β˜ƒοΈ

hey, @curiouscat, come and play 😊Only 3 days left to get in an entry and there are very few entered at the moment so the chance of a prize is still high hee hee.

Sounds like a good idea. You are right... Not easy but a good way to help new Hivers.

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 


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I have a question. What if we don't know what time they joined? For example, I don't know if the person joined 1 Aug or not...

Β last yearΒ (edited)Β 

hi good question :-) If you are using you can hover on the I next to their name and you will see their info. If using or Ecency you will see it next to their name to the left of the page.

Thank you.

Here's my first entry. I am nominating @irene99
This is A unique hiver right here. She has devoted most of her efforts in discovering and sharing hidden and unknown benefits of several food and plants. Check out her post about hibiscus;
The Benefits Of Hibiscus

Hello @samsmith1971 permit me to ask. Are you A female? Because I noticed @fionasfavourites referring to you as a she. Always thought you were male tho. Forgive my inquisitiveness.

Anyways here's another entry. I discovered a mother whose passion for motherhood is exclusive and unconditional. She has devoted her time in helping mothers live right and train their children right. Check this out How To Encourage Healthy Living In Your Child by @nkemakonam89

Awwwww, thanks a bunch for this @doziekash . Much appreciated πŸ‘

I am indeed a womanπŸ˜ŠπŸ™

Wow look at that. My apologies Ma'am. It's been an honor getting to know you and participating in this contest has been so much funπŸ™‚

!LOL please no Ma'am ... just Sam will do nicely ;-)

I haven't sold a single copy of my autobiography.
Sigh. That's the story of my life.

@doziekash, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/2)

That is great, I am so glad.

Unfortunately, this author has already been recommended by @otuyanancy, so it cannot count as an extra entry for you @doziekash.

Alright.. all good. I still have a couple valid entry and that's cool

I am
Confused #payingitforward has been a tag and is not new here on hive ! It even has a discord so , can you clear that up because you say it’s 4 months here

hi @brittandjosie :-), I had no idea that payingitforward was an existing tag. I wouldn't have a clue where to find a list of all existing tags tbh so if there is an exhaustive list somewhere that I could have access to that would be much appreciated :-) I simply started a monthly contest 4 months ago off my own bat to pay it forward to others as I wanted to share the support that I had received on the platform with other newcomers to Hive and Proof of Brain community. So this is not a reference to any existing payingitforward official tag. Do you know much about the existing tag, who created it and what it is used for? This is the first time anyone has brought this to my attention πŸ™

Well tags are not exclusive and all is possible on the blockchain so no worries I think
The tag is by @thedarkhorse and the discord is also run by a few people.
Tags is a list just pres tags in peakd.
Support for newbies is always great so good luck with support long on hive I will leave a link to pifc contest

I can assure you that my intentions have at all times been good. If @thedarkhorse wants me to change the name of my contest, I will happily do so. All the best to you too.

Well he is tagged so if he wants to he will let you know and maybe wants to collaborate