Thinker's Corner Challenge... March Edition.

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Welcome to March Edition of The Thinker's Corner Challenge.


What is The Thinker's Corner Challenge?

March Prompt

Assuming you have the resources to get/do everything you want, is there anything that looks appealing which you would rather restrain yourself from having/doing?

You've probably imagined yourself in a future where you will have everything you ever wanted and even more. Some call it wishful thinking or desire. Well, this is where we will pause that. Now, let's think of things which you would choose to not do or have even when it's within your power to do or have those things.

Apparently, a little bit of restraint and sacrifice is never a bad thing, even for someone that have it all. Think about that for a moment and share your thoughts with us.


  • Participants have a week to make their entry. Mention me in your post or submit the URL of your entry as a comment to this post.

  • Winners will be announced next week.

For the record, The Thinker's Corner Challenge run once each month. Don't miss any Full-stop or Comma, please.


  • The top 3 winners will get a share of 250HP Delegation (750 total) for 30 days. They will also get 200 DREEM token (600 total).

  • 2 Honourable mentions will get 250 Ecency Points (500 total) and 5 HBI (10 total)

  • 200 DREEM token (600 total) and 150 Ecency Points (450 total) will be sent to 3 participants who are RANDOMLY picked in this week's edition of the contest.

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We look forward to reading your entries.

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A drop for the March prompt.

Good to be back thinking.

Well Done, Bro. Thanks for making an entry to this challenge 👍

You're welcome.


Awesomeeee. Thanks for joining us in this edition of the challenge. Your entry is taken note of

Thank you 🙂

Hello guys this is my post, I hope I win something, hehe

Awesome... Thanks so much for sharing your entry to the challenge.

My pleasure

Bro... Thanks so much for sharing your entry to this. I just took record of it 👍

Thank you sir the pleasure is mine

Nice. Thanks so much for joining us in this edition of the challenge

I’m glad to have come across this contest, thanks to @eunice9200 (your post:)).
Here is my entry

Awesome. I'm glad you got inspired by her post. It's even better that you got to share your thoughts on the topic.

Thanks so much for participating in this.

Nice prompt. I hope I hop on this one.

Yeah. We've already kicked it off. Enjoy every bit of the adventure. Haha

Will resume my dreemport journey again with such an exci prompt. As always dreemport brings something that is quite creative.
Gonna manufacture and submit my post soon

Ahaaa... I will be looking forward to your entry to this. Have fun with it and share your thoughts with us

I wish to participate in this topic is very interesting.🤗😉

Ahaa... You can still be part of it. Enjoy sharing your thoughts with us. Hehe

Nice prompt, I hope to participate!


That would be awesome. I look forward to your entry

I have a bad time choosing tags also

Ohhh... There is no fixed tag for this. Feel free to use selection of tag that suits your post.

The important thing is to give me a mention in the post and send the URL of your post in the comment section of this post. This makes it easier to record your post as en entry

A great initiative.

Yeah. There will be so much to learn from the entries to the challenge

This is a well thought out topic
So nice 👍🙂

I am looking forward to reading many entries from thi topic, what we will choose not to acquire even though we are capable of it 🤔

@sagarkothari88 vote

Yes oooo. I know there will be so much to learn from each entry to the challenge. I'm looking forward to all of it. Haha

What an interesting prompt. Thanks for the tagging.

Yeah. It will be interesting to see the entries that will be made to this.

Yay! Thinker's corner is here. Let me get my cap on and start writing.

Yeah. We are back again oooo. It will be interesting to read what everyone will be sharing about our prompt for the month.

I hope I don't get to miss out on this 😎😎

Weldon bro👏👏


The journey has begun. Haha. Don't miss the fun in this edition of the Thinkers Corner.


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Another great topic. Good one.

Thank Yaaa. Now, we will look forward to all the entries that will be made to this topic. Hehe.

We march into March. Nice topic here.

We mouve

Yes oooo. We are already rolling

Wow! Kene is back with another thought-provoking prompt. Hmmm...this needs careful thinking and reflection. Let's see what we will choose not to acquire, even if we have all it takes to make it happen.

I hope I don't miss this—6days to go.

Being a #dreemerforlife

6 Days to go oooo. Haha. It's an interesting thing to think about. I'm already looking forward to how it will be approached by everyone that will make an entry to the challenge

Interesting topic indeed. I can see some easy answers but will it make a good post :) Hmmm @kenechukwu97 you are very smart :D

Ok let me see if I can get a good candidate before 6 days, else I will go with one of the easy ones :D

you truly are another #dreemerforlife

Brij. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

The prompt is an interesting one and I'm already looking forward to all the entries that will be made to it. Haha

This is a great prompt and I love the subject matter☺️ Thanks to everyone supporting this amazing project.


Well Done, Beeeee. The prompt is truly interesting. I hope people use this opportunity to think deeply about the prompt and how it applies to their personal life.

This will be achieved definitely

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@beeeee you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


Thank you so much☺️

Nice. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this. Your entry is already taken note of 👍.

Thought provoking prompt. I will soon be dropping my entry. It's good to be back.


Nice. I look forward to what you will be sharing with us.

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Thank you

Another month with a good edition.


Yeah, Bro. It's going to be an interesting one for us.

Chai, seeing the sweet packages I am tempted to delve into writing that I don't know ow how to do, hehe
I will be thinking and I hope at the end I am encouraged to write something
Nice challenge man


Lol... You will have to blow our mind with your entry to this oooo. Haha. The prompt is quite tempting. It's interesting to see how folks will play around with it

I dey come make I go shake my box, hehe

Awesome... Thanks so much for making an entry to this challenge.

I can't wait to submit my entry

Awesome. We still have a few days to go. Hehe

Very interesting! This one calls for deep thinking 🤔.
So let me go and do the thinking. I will be back with my entry.


Awesome. Dazzle us with the outcome of your deep thinking. Haha

Post submission for the thinker's corner

Thanks Bro. Your entry is taken not of

Thank You and you're welcome

Has this challenge ended?
Cos I don't when know the dead line, hehe

The Challenge is still on. The deadline is on 13th March.

Ok boss, tanchu

Big Sis. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in this edition of our Challenge.

It's always a pleasure.

Can I participate in this

Yes, you can. Invite your friends too.

Really interesting prompt. Let me start thinking of what I will restrict myself from having or doing EVEN IF I can afford it. Haha


Awesome. I look forward to reading all you will share about this

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