Thinker's Corner Challenge; February is all about Valentine.

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Welcome to February Edition of The Thinker's Corner Challenge.


What is The Thinker's Corner Challenge?

February's Prompt

How do I make myself the best partner for my significant other?

People who are interested in a romantic relationship always ask "how can I find the best partner?". In our attempt to make the best of our romantic relationship, we have to answer a different question.

Whether you are searching, dating, engaged or already married, use this Valentine season to ask yourself; Think about that and tell us what you do or what you will be doing to achieve that.


  • Participants have a week to make their entry. Mention me in your post or submit the URL as a comment to this post.

  • Winners will be announced next week.

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This looks like a fun challenge but since I am so new to this, I will watch from the sidelines. Although with 46 years of a happy marriage under my belt I probably have some experience. Ok 1 bit of advice--- when starting a project together always designate who is in charge before you begin and respect that decision. it works.. I got that advice from my parents who were married for 74 years.

Ohhhh... Thank you so so much for sharing this wonderful tip with us. I'm glad I got that and I need to have it in my fingertips. Hehe.

You know what? I may end up being the only one that will read this tip you shared. I know you have a lot more to share and it would be really cool for it to get exposed to more viewers. Hehe. How about you write a full post and share these tips with us and with everyone?

I'm sure there will be so much to learn from your knowledge. 46 years of a happy marriage is so inspiring. I like to see people who have been in a long and happy marriage and I'm glad you are enjoying yours. Our generation needs to be prepared to value longevity in marriage. That seems to be missing in several romantic relationships of this era.

It's good to get your thoughts on this. Thanks so much for that. And, feel free to join the challenge if time permits.

Hmmm... A very good subject for sure. I remember thinking of this many years ago when I started dating my wife. So on the face of it, it feels like it should be an easy challenge for me. However I am worried on what self reflection might find. Not sure at the moment whether I am ok with just putting together what I feel should be the main concerns, or whther I should go into it raw, or chicken out completely. Let's see I will wait a couple of days to feel my emotions about it.
Still a very good prompt, probably worth pinning it as a prompt to be used repeatedly from time to time. Good choice @kenechukwu97

Self reflection always finds so many things in topics like these and romantic relationships is something a lot of people get into. So, there always comes a time when we have to think deeply about things we do or things we need to do in order to be the best partner for our significant other. Haha.

You know what? I'm already curious to know what you will be sharing. Feel free to drop in an entry to this challenge. Hehe

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Thank you 😊 💓

thank you very much

Thank you ma'am 🥰

Thanks so much. The dreem tokens are piling up.

Looks like a very suitable prompt for the month of love.


Yeah. You know the season we are in. Hehe. We will make the best of this Valentine season

This is an interesting one! Many times we focus on what we want another person to be and not what we can be for the other person.

I will be back with my entry.

Ahaaa... I know there will be so much to learn from the post you will be sharing about this. Haha

I have my eyes on it

Hehehe! I think we are all going to learn, bro. When in comes to love and life, we just keep learning everyday.

This is so nice, I can't wait to submit my entry. #dreemerforlife

Ahaa... The countdown is already on. Get into the Thinker's Corner and share your thoughts with us. Hehe.

We will be looking forward to your entry 👍.

In this season when everyone is gearing up to either catch a partner, surprise a partner or celebrate their partners, you brought this topic and it's relevance to the fore. I bet you, this discussion will be rich with a lot of vibes, indicating to us the experience people have gathered along the line.
My story and method are different and I am ready to share.

Hahah... Bro. This is exactly what the season is all about. And our writing prompt for this month is all about that.

We will surely be making the best of this. I hope to read all you will be sharing with us.

Nice one,Bro. Your entry is taken note of. Hehe

Very nice. I'd like to participate in this one. Let's get introspective and do better for ourselves and our partners.


Yeah, Bro. I think everyone owes this to their partner. We need to be the best we can possibly be in our romantic relationships.

We look forward to your entries. Hehe

Big Sis. Haha. You squeezed yours in at a perfect timing. Haha.

Thanks so much for joining us in this edition of the challenge.

😀😀😀 I am glad I didn't miss out.

Nice,Kene! This is a great topic for Valentine's. We need to first become the right person to attract the right partner! This topic should elicit some interesting responses. I'll be keen to read them myself!


Thanks so much, Sam. The entries are already coming in gradually and it's been an interesting read. Hehe. There is so much to learn from what they are sharing.

Thanks so much for joining the challenge. Your entry is taken note of.

Thank you

Awesome. Your entry is taken record of.

Thanks for joining the challenge 👍

Wow! Look what Kene has for us this month, lol!

A prompt connected with the season of love, this is a great prompt, I must say. There will be a lot to learn from this. It's time to pen down some lines.

Thanks to all the sponsors, and thanks, Kene, for this opportunity.

Being a #dreemerforlife

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@winanda you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


Oh! Wow! Thanks so much Amber.

Yeah. February edition has to be about our love life. If people can think deeply about this and work on being the perfect partner to their significant other, it will make a lot of relationships more enjoyable

Yes, you're right. If it's considered and done, there will be more lasting relationships and fewer divorce cases.


This is a good idea and i love to write on this topic. Thank you @kenechukwu97

Awesome. Feel free to get involved with it. The challenge will be amazing

Love 💕 💕 is a beautiful thing!!

The prompt is amazing and it suits this period.

Nice one bro, let's go thinking, hehe.

Yeah. It's time to get into the Thinker's Corner. We look forward to all the entries that will be made to this.

I'd like to give this prompt a try. Thank you for giving us a good idea to write about.


That will be awesome. Feel free to get into this.

We will be looking forward to your entry. Hehe

Will have to start writing now

😍😍😍😍 love! I love me some love. My thinking cap is already on.

Haha... Get the thinking Cap and have it on throughout the challenge. Haha. This has to be a wholesome adventure

Nice. Thanks for making your entry to this.



What a great topic, and I love the way you've framed it. I'm looking forward to contributing.

Awesome. We hope that each month of the challenge will be an opportunity for us to think really hard and make life changing decisions. Hehe.

It will be nice to get your entry to this 👍

Interesting question, this is the time to get the tips out, I'm just starting my dream on dreemport and I already feel anxious to participate in the challenges.

Awesome. It's good to have you here.

This is a really good time to get into The Thinker's Corner and share your thoughts on the topic. Hehe.

Well Done 👍

Lovely topic for the season


Threadsaddict. Haha. We need to get your entry once you are done garnishing it. Haha

This is deeper than I thought 💭
But I will try to think deeper and come up with something before the deadline

Haha... If it's looking tough, then, it shows you are preparing to give us a phenomenal entry. Haha.

When I scroll over the countdown - it says Feb 12, 4:30 pm (my time i guess)

Is that the deadline?

I didn't even know we can check that. Lol. Just found it out.

Yeah, it's 4.30pm on Monday, Nigerian time.

Nice one, bro. Thanks for making an entry to the challenge.

You're welcome

Nice to finally participate again for February. I love the topic. This will surely expose all, dating, searching or married to some tips to having a good Relationship . You are doing well @kenechukwu97.
Well done.

Thanks so much, Adoore. It's good to get your entry to this edition of our challenge. Hehe.

Your entry is taken note of 👍

Here is my entry @kenechukwu97

Apologies, it's coming late.

Thanks so much.

Haha... You are in the safe zone. Your post was published a minute before submission deadline. Lol.

Well Done, Winanda. Thanks for joining this edition of our challenge.

Wow! That was close. Lol.

You're welcome, Kene. I'm glad I finally did.

This is super nice! Well done, Mr. Thinker. Let's go!


Lol... Get your thinking wrapper already 😂.

Haha...Roger that

This is a really lovely topic. Thinkers corner doing it again. I hope to come up with something reflective.


Nice one, Jhymi. It will be interesting to see how this month's prompt will be explored by everyone. Haha.

I know there will be so much to learn from each person's entry

Nice... You pushed it in before deadline. Haha. Thanks for joining the challenge.

Hehehhe.. thanks sir...

Niceee. Haha. You joined us in this Valentine's edition.

Your entry is taken note of 👍

Thanks so much for the tag. I'll get into it.

Thanks so much. Enjoy the challenge. Hehe. I look forward to getting your entry

You're welcome. I'm looking forward to submitting mine.

Thanks for the heads up 👍
I will check out the post

Yeah. We are getting into the adventure already. Hehe.

Thanks so much for your support

Wow, thanks for the heads up 👍

Well Done,Becky

Thanks for the head up.

Let's begin, shall we?


Yeah, Bro. The adventure is already on. Haha

Thanks for the tag. So this ends Sunday yeah?

The deadline for it would be Monday afternoon.

Thank you.

Welcome to February, thanks for tag boss.. let's get it going 🥰 #dreemerforlife

Brother. We are already diving into this week of the challenge oooo. Have fun thinking about the topic and sharing your thoughts with us.

I would be dropping my entry late for this week.. but I am not missing out heheh 🥰

Haha... It's better late than never. The official closure time for the challenge is Monday, 4.30pm.

Have fun coming up with an entry.

Hehehe, I have enough time then🥰😊

I'm already in. My entry in a moment.

Love season to love up

True. This is going to be a season of personal development in our romantic relationship. Hehe

Let the singles breathe ooooo, you want me to start thinking of love.

Interesting 🤔

I am sure there will be so many amazing reads. I am sure I will learn a thing or two from the entries I will have the opportunity to read.