Industrial + black and white = awesome 😎


Good catches. I really like the details in the close-up

Really beautiful shots, congratulations Italian friend 🙋🙋🙋

Thanks, Dutch friend it is!

As for an expo @tonyz friend!!!.. Bravo!... Impressive work, impressive artistic sense!...

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Yay! 🤗
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I like what I'm seeing, excellent.

Good to hear, thanks!

Many old things showing work with excellent shot

Thanks Roky!

I can almost smell those pieces of old, greasy iron.

Haha, it did smell!

i loved those industrial shot, i like how you capture the textures too!


You had some good shots, I really love them especially the seeming ice on the engine smiles. Happy weekend bye.

Thank you!

Beautiful captures


Welcome 😁😁

These are all fabulous! The black-and-white photography is amazing and interesting. I wanna give myself a try for this soon.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks! Good luck, show us the results!

Sure I will😍