Hooking them up - November garden

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Hi gardeners, hope your garden grows well. Mine is doing okay, however, this month I will not be talking about how my plants grow, I will focus on some stuff I have been doing around my hanging garden.

I am not sure if anyone remembers that after my angioplasty I suffered disc prolapse which brought my gardening efforts to a halt, it was then that I came up with the idea of a hanging garden. Here everything is suspended from the ceiling and is not a strain on my back. It's been two years now and my hanging garden has grown by leaps and bounds. Actually this part of my home has become a forest of sorts.

I added and kept on adding more hooks and plants that now there is no space to move around my balcony. This being a small balcony extending into a small pergola space is rather limited. This was the time I learned to use a lot of tools from my husbands tool box. I played around with wires learning to make hooks and frames for my plants. However, now I went one step further and decided that I need to decorate my hanging garden with tinsels.

My philosophy when it comes to gardening is to reuse/ recycle and spend as little money as possible on the garden per say. This means I grow almost all my plants from seeds or cuttings. The hanging pots and the contraptions to hang them were all made by me. However, some of my craft material which have been lying waste and occupying space needed to be used. I decided to use them to craft trinkets for my garden.

Old unused earrings, fake pearls and stuff have come in handy when I made these trinkets. I basically played around with wires and beads to make most of these trinkets. However, there were a whole bunch of aluminum foil containers which were lying around gathering dust. I used some of them for metal embossing crafts and the wasted bits were used to as tinsels. Why waste anything when the landfills in my city are overflowing? Why add to the burden?

Most of the trinkets were made using wires, beads and aluminum foil. Since the hanging garden is on the first floor balcony, these trinkets dance in the wind and look pretty.

I had some broken PVC pipes lying around I decorated them and made them into planters for my garden. Shampoo containers, cleaning material containers have all become planters big and small. It is better to use these than buying hordes of plastic planters.

My friends ask me why I waste so much time making these things, my answer to them is I don't waste time, I listen to audio books or podcasts when I make these. My creativity, crafting skills and happiness are all growing as I spend time doing two things at once.

Why do I need to decorate my garden when my garden is supposed to decorate my home? My garden is my passion and my plants have become my children. I partake in their joys and sorrows. I fight battles alongside them. So why not make them more special by adorning them and showing them my love. We decorate our homes for Christmas, but my plants are decorated all through the year.😀

Talk about showing love to plants - I used to over feed and over water my plants and kill them with love when I was younger. Now, I don't overfeed or over water, I just let them grow at their own pace in their own special place.

My garden is my special place, and I am happy to see it decorated. This is where I spend most of my waking time so I like to see some sparkle here. I enjoy the glitz and the glam as long as it is not on my person. This also gives me an opportunity to talk to people about recycling waste, about planting trees or plants in their terraces or garden spaces.

Made with a piece of rock

Have I converted people? I think so, I see a number of people now growing plants in their balconies on my street. Sometimes they come to me for advise. I see my friends reducing, reusing and recycling waste. I may not change the world but I can change one person at a time. I may not be big time influencer but I do influence people to do somethings right. At least I try.

My garden is not the best, it is not arranged beautifully because I can't lift pots and make those changes. Nonetheless I love my garden and try to do the best I can there to make me happy.

Don't let anyone take away your happiness. Happy gardening!


What wonderful things your hanging garden fascinates me and even more with that personal touch that makes a difference and as you say is the best way to influence other people. Thank you for sharing.🙏

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much @cvnuitter Its more about recycling stuff and not hurting my back anymore hehe.
Have a wonderful day

I'm not much into decorations, but I do appreciate creativity and something that's unique.
Nice job 👏

 4 months ago  

Thank you @millycf1976
I enjoy doing these things. It is a little practice I am getting for jewelry making which I plan to take up soon.
I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great day.

If it makes you happy, it is the best garden. Sometimes people believe that we waste time with plants but in reality it is time invested in our mental health, only they will not understand it until they experience it. I loved those decorations for your garden, they looked very pretty @sofs-su

 4 months ago  

Oh yes it does , its my happy place.
Thanks for your kind words, I know that gardening was the most therapeutic thing I did during the year I was stuck in bed. Mentally it helped me sort out so many things.
You are right, I am in total agreement with you.
Have a lovely day @alborhada

I must say you are very creative. Just look how you have decorated your garden so fine, I like the hanging pots, it makes the garden look unique.

 4 months ago  

Thank you @iskawrites . I've hooked all my plants up to save my back, and decorated it to make things brighter.
Have a beautiful day.

Are these called ornamentals?

 4 months ago  

You don't think so?
I do , I make each one of them from stuff that I would throw in the garbage.
Thanks for stopping by.

I forgot if they are ornamentals. Forgive me, I have a lot going on my mind these days.

 4 months ago  

No worries, cool.
Have a great day @afterglow

Thank you.


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 4 months ago  

Thank you so much @pepetoken , much appreciated.

All your handmade and upcycled ornamentation in your hanging garden is absolutely wonderful! It gives it a beautifully whimsical look. It's a great idea to mix your creativity into gardening, we have quite a few unusual objects found along the way out in our garden!

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much @denmarkguy
I am sure your garden looks absolutely stunning.

What a great idea to have your plants hanging so you don't have to strain yourself after your operation! I have, for now only one plant hanging, I need to bring another one home, I am in that process, but I will do it, the use of things that can be reused is great, so we do not pollute our planet so much and decorating your plants your garden gives it a unique touch, so ignore those who tell you otherwise, I congratulate you for what you are doing, your plants look happy and beautiful, that is worth everything.

 4 months ago  

Thank you for your kind words @actioncats
I am sure you'll fall in love with your hanging garden once you get started. 😀
I don't let their praise or their pressure get to me, I follow my own heart.
Have a lovely day!

 4 months ago  

I love your creativity here - both the objects you hang, but also the creative way you found around a big gardening problem - a painful back! Your space is so beautiful and inspiring!

Love, @riverflows xx


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 4 months ago  

Thank you @riverflows . I appreciate your support.
Have a beautiful day!