Melee/Shield is my new favorite loadout in Modern Warfare III

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The most frustrating combo to go against 🤔

I recently discovered my new favorite way to play Call of Duty. I'm usually an assault rifle guy, but times have changed. I have now learned that I get an absolute adrenaline rush by running around with a riot shield and melee weapons such as the dual kamas. This combo paired with a throwing knife is absolutely dominant in the right hands.

Here is a short clip to prove exactly what I mean. Keep in mind, that this was my very first match playing with this loadout. It instantly felt right to me.

The more I spent time with the shield and dual kamas, I understood the perfect tactic to succeed with this loadout and also the ideal game mode in which to use it.

First off, playing an objective mode like Hardpoint works the best. Domination could work too, but I've found it much easier to only have one objective to worry about at a time. With the shield, you can just back yourself into a corner on the objective and easily hold it down. The only things that will take you out are Semtex grenades, Molotov, thermite, or a shot from higher ground. As long as you are crouched, they cannot hit your feet. Then regular grenades and even RPGs will just bounce right off of the shield. There of course still are kill streaks to worry about, but that'll always be a thing.

I like to have my loadout setup to enable me to run faster, swap weapons faster, and have silent footsteps. This allows me to sprint around the map with my shield out and quickly come to a stop so that I can block enemy fire. Faster swap speed means that I can switch from my shield to dual kamas in an instant, which often catches my enemy off guard. The throwing knife is always there too and works very well for the dumb opponents who just stand still and shoot directly at the shield thinking it is going to eventually break, but that never happens.

You earn score just from blocking shots with the shield. You also earn score for being on the objective. Then you of course gain score by getting kills and assists. This means the obvious move is to switch from kill streaks to score streaks. I've found myself getting my 1st, 2nd, and even sometimes 3rd score streak just by staying on the objective, blocking fire, and occasionally bashing someone with my shield.

When not on the point, I find myself going crazy with my dual kamas. If I know there is nobody around, I'll just spring with them out, which has me blazing around the map at a high rate of speed. I can always swap to my shield if I need protection, but many times I sneak right up on another player and take them out with ease.

If I were on the other team, I'd be so annoyed having to go against me using this class. There just isn't much you can do to stop it and the typical loadout isn't equipped to do anything against a shield.

I already showed you a clip of what I think to be one of my best plays using this loadout. I also have an entire match with commentary below. This wasn't my greatest game ever, but I did still have a good game and got some nasty kills. My heart rate always spikes when I get in one of those 1v1 moments and I somehow manage to outsmart my enemy without having to sneak up on them. It's great. Enjoy this hilarious gameplay and at the end, I'll show you my class setup if you too want to play like this.

Thanks for watching and be sure to drop any comments you may have down below, I will get back to everyone.


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Really nice gameplay bro! It looks like an assassin's creed in first person hahaha excellent kills! quite a murderer.

Playing with this class setup definitely makes it feel like an entirely different game. No more gunfights, pure strategize and timing. I love it.

Nice gameplay, reminds me of a guy I have seen on Tiktok, he calls himself ghost of kaldera I think, all he does is play with knifes, no guns, insane skills, I have never been good at aiming Im so bad so I like to watch FPS games although I dont play them, keep having fun ✌️

I need to play like this all of the time and see if my K/D drastically improves. I feel like it'd have to because I die so much less with the shield.

Throwing knife! Really seems to be interesting. That's really cool to use it.

Throwing knife is the third option with this class, but it comes in clutch in certain situations.

Hi, nice game, take my like.👍👍👍

slice and dice baby!!! :P

That combo is so cool!

This game is very fun to play because there is a lot of joy when we kill the enemies and the graphics are also very good.

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