My Splinterlands clove71 Account Reached 1 Million Dollars!

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Hello everyone! I am so happy as I was here doing a little shopping on Splinterlands with my SPS Airdrop and then at the end I went to see my Splinterlands collection value and it finally reached a 1 million dollar value! You can check in Discord your value too as well as Peakmonsters.

It is an amazing story as I started playing Splinterlands which was Steem Monsters back in May of 2018. I am a stay-at-home Mom and I am also my son Adil's home health aide. He has Cerebral palsy and cannot walk, talk, etc. The pay is very little at $9 an hour and when I started playing Splinterlands I put anything little I had into it.

I didn't go spend any money on anything except necessities and Splinterlands packs and cards! I put all my eggs into one basket and for me, it worked out great! I spent a lot of time every day blogging about Splinterlands and earning upvotes, using that crypto to go buy more cards!

Now, three years later, my collection value finally reached 1 million dollars! If you are reading this you are not too late- there are still 11 months of SPS airdrops if you get in the game now and hold assets! ~@clove71

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep

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You are the boss !!!!!!! I just reached 1k SPS tokens =D

let's go immortal Gods IV !!!

Your account is really pure gold. so many awesome cards. I wish i was here sooner to, i would def had a bunch of those !

Peace Clove ! good luck !

Nice!!! Keep it up!

Congratulations, you deserve it. Hope you can make a few more millions. Good to see someone that went all in and stuck with it. Wish I had done the same, but can't complain. It's funny seeing what I could've made if I hadn't been such an idiot and sold some great cards for almost nothing :)

Oh no, sorry that happened :-(

How does it feel to be a millionaire.

I don't know, LOL!

I am a stay-at-home Mom and I am also my son Adil's home health aide. He has Cerebral palsy and cannot walk, talk, etc. The pay is very little at $9 an hour and when I started playing Splinterlands I put anything little I had into it.

Hi @clove71
I didn't know you were a mom and I didn't know your son's situation.
You deserve everything you got with Splinterlands because you believed and saw the potential in a game before others and before me.
You are a great hiver, you are a great Splinterlands player and you are a great person.
I wish you to reach 10 million also because in that case my card collection will be worth 10 times what it is now ;)

@tipu curate

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Thanks so much, I was a Splinterlands addict right away, haha! #addicted

You deserve it! Make sure to take some out for you to pay down debt and build a best egg

Yes, that is the plan 100%! Down with the debts!

Wow, that is amazing! Inspirational!

That is an amazing story, honestly! I remember when you started steem monsters! Can you believe I never joined?

No kidding.

Are you sure you never did? I think maybe you did then let someone else play yours or something? I can't remember and maybe I am mixing you up with someone else, lol! I do know I always tried to get other ladies like yourself into the game, we needed more females around, haha! I hope you have been doing great, I know you are an amazing photographer, I love your work!

I swear it wasnt me although I considered it, it seemed yoo complicated at the time. I'm doing great and saw you name and thought id say hi!

Congratulations! You are doing awesome!! Weren't you taking care of your dad?


@clove71! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @naythan.

Did you know you can now buy Rising Star packs with $PIZZA? (4/10)

Uuuuuh! My congratulations! Hope one day that number will be doubled!🥳

Can I ask you how much did you invest?

I am not sure as I never really made a lot of money myself. I know I scrapped anything extra I ever had and also made sure I posted on Steemit and then on Hive one time every single day, sometimes two times, it was crazy! Long hours and took all that crypto and put it in cards and packs!

You did a lot of work! 👏👏👏

Congrats on this amazing milestone! This shows how blockchain gaming can really help people financially. I think your pleasant kind caring attitude helped quite a lot in your journey. You were there to help and teach and entertain people, and it's no wonder that your posts did well. I wish you continued success! 🙂👍

Hi there! Thank you so much! I remember you from , long ago in Steem Monsters back then!!!

Yes, we met early on. You gave me a card which I still have! Now I have a few other accounts and I play the game with a few of them every day. We've had a lot of fun and it has also been profitable, and that's a pretty good combination!

You are the legacy!
Keep playing for the steemmonsters and finally make you rich!

Thank you so much!!!

That's a rewards from STRONG faith
and so now, you can keep playing spt forever without worries!!

really thanks for the upvoted!! unexpected!!

you keep taking care for me and I feel I-should-do-something for you, I am not sure you remember, few years ago I left a comment on your post and you just send me the summoner for FREE!! that's very meaningful, although I do not keep this, but that's in my memory. Appreciate your move deeply!!

you deserve not only the value but blessings far away from me and I will keep on!😇

I'm so happy for you! Even though we're not in touch often on the chain I've seen your name connected to Splinterlands from almost day 1 - so you have been continuously supporting and working on Splinterlands from its birth! Very impressive and it's only right this is now paying off! <3

I remember you once told me 'keep your Gold Cards, they will be worth something' and I did :-) I now am earning 30-50$ a day from rentals and am so happy about it! I myself struggle with limited mobility for some years now which has made some parts of my life a challenge, and this passive income (although smaller than yours, still significant) is very much welcome.

I'm sure you can relate :-)

Cheers, and love to your son.

Thank you!!! YES! What a cool story you have!! I am so sorry about your mobility! My 25-year-old son Adil has severe Cerebral Palsy and cannot walk, talk or sit up, etc. It is a very hard life for him.

I have to try to take care of myself better so I can be better for him! I hope your mobility issues get better, I am so sorry.

I have to spend more time on Hive! I love 3speak, I am over there more but I have to make time for Hive too! I hope you have been doing awesome!!


Yes, losing mobility sucks but I manage, have done a lot to improve on my health in other ways, which made a difference.

Having Cerebral Palsy must be super hard, being a mom of a son with Palsy must be as well - but I'm sure he's your treasure in life more than anything else <3

Yes, spend time on Hive if you can! But since Splinterlands is working out so well for you that is your hook to the chain, and it's a nice one :D

Cheers and good luck with everything! <3

Congratulations @clove71, it is the result of great effort and perseverance. May those millions continue to grow. Waiting for the moment that a DEC will cost 0.1$. When that happens you will have many millions.

Thanks for inspiring us. :-)

Thanks so much!! I don't have any DEC I spent it all and have not bought any since like 6 weeks ago or so when DEC went up so damn high! LOL!

Thank u for sharing this with us. It's heart warming!

Splinterlands Millionaire

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Thank you for doing this, by the way.







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Congrats Clove!

Thank you!

Thank you @clove71 and the Monsters !LUV You Too....................

Thank you stokjockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






@clove71, you've been given LUV from @stokjockey.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (2/3)

WOW @clove71
Que maravillosos acontecimiento.
Me llena de alegría y te felicito.
Esto motiva a quienes somos nuevos en el juego.
Gracias por compartir y que sigan los éxitos.
Saludos desde Venezuela.


that is so awesome.

it's not too long since i started to play the game but i'm hopeful for myself and for others who are just starting the game, that we all reach the success we're looking forward upon deciding to play the game.

Wow @clove71 you totally deserve it with your love for the Splinterlands game! :)

Awesome. This is encouraging. Congratulations.