Goblin Psychic's Triumph: A Spotlight on My Winning Strategy in Equalizer Battles

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I am enjoying the game these days which I have been trying to say for a few weeks, which is crazy right or maybe not. I am getting excited I guess. If haven't joined this weekly Battle challenge then you can join that from here. Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge!, this is getting very exciting for me. There have been a few changes related to the battle if you have missed that you can check that out from here. Splinterlands Ranked Battle Overhaul. The is getting more and more interesting for those who have been playing this game regularly for years. I am sure if you are playing this game then you are enjoying this game too.


I am sure we all play a lot of battles but not all of them are worth sharing with others surely xd. I am getting lucky, that I can make two per week for Splinterlands. That is helping me a lot, I am trying to invest the earnings from the post to Splinterlands and trying to increase my assets in the game which is a good thing.

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RULESET: Equalizer


All unit start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team.
Buffs and debuffs are done afterward - this impacts base health.

I did get one more, ruleset that was, Armored Up

All units get a +2 aarmor buff at the beginning of the game.
Use void armor to ensure that magic attacks strike armor first.
Use shatter or piercing to destroy your opponent's armor more effectively.
See protect ability.

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The mana cap was 31 which is good I do have low mana cap battles honestly it is tough to choose cards at very low mana caps like 12, 13 and like. what about you, are you comfortable with that? There days I am trying new strategies with what i have, some times that work and some times that didn't work and it is obvious.


Most of the users do play with low mana cards in Equalizer but this time I used a different strategy for the battles which worked for me this time. I do feel my self lucky, that I can win battles sometimes which dose seems to be impossible to win at the beginning of the battle. some of the battles are long and some are very short depends on the sets of cards and many more things.

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So, my life up was :


LOBB LOWLAND, These days I am using this summoner a lot and this is kind of handy in many battles, not all the time though. but over this is a great summoner in my opinion. This summoner has two abelites that are Conscript (Allows the use of one additional Gladiator card in battle.) and -1 speed to all the opponent's cards which is a good thing indeed. Which is kind of handy indeed.

Fungus Fiend-:

The first card on my lineup was, Fungus Fiend, this card didn't have any good stats but Equalizer, the ruleset is it a good strategy to use low mana cards it can be handy in many ways. they can be used to take damage in the first place or the last place depending upon where you have placed this card. The stats of the card are 1 speed, 1 melee attack and 2 health. But due to the Equalizer ruleset the card's health was 12 which is a good thing.

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Venari Marksrat-:

The second card on the lineup was Venari Marksrat, this card is very famous due to its amazing ability which is Martyr (When this Unit dies, adjacent Units get +1 to all stats.). this card is really useful to use if your opponent is using Blast (Does half damage (rounded up) to Units adjacent to the target monster.) ability cards. This time my opponent was not using any but still it is a good card to use in your battle if you do have space, this card only costs 3 mana. The stats of the cards are 1 speed, 1 range attack and 3 health. The ability of the card this card makes this very useful in many battles and that is reason why this is getting that much used.

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Quora TowerShead-:

The third on the lineup was Quora TowerShead, I am sure this card is very famous due to its amazing ability and stats. The stats are good still the card should be placed in the mid or the second position at least. it will give time to increase the stats by the time it will be in the first option.
The card does have some amazing abilities those are Heal (Restores a third of the max health to this Unit's health each round.) and Bloodlust (Every time this Unit defeats an opponent, it gets +1 to all stats.). These two abilities are the reason why this card is that much used in many battles. I like the Bloodlust a lot this can be very handy if the opponent is using low-health cards. The stats of the cards are great although the mana cost is 10 still. 2 speed, 2 magic attacks, 2 melee attacks and 12 health which are indeed great stats.

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Goblin Psychic-:

The fourth card on my lineup was Goblin Psychic, this card doesn't have that much good stats still has some great stats that make this card. The two abilities are Tank Heal(Restores a third of max health to the Unit in the first position each round.) and Affliction (When this unit hits a target, it has a 50% chance of applying Affliction on the target causing it to be unable to be healed.). The tank heal ability is great and can be very helpful if the opponent is not using any Seank or Snipe cards then this can be very handy. The stats of the cards are not that great which are 1 speed, 2 magic attacks and 4 health which is not that good for sure but the ability makes this card a good one.

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Spirit Miner-:

The fourth card on my lineup was Spirit Miner the card had two abilities Dodge (Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks) and Swiftness (gives an extra speed to all the friendly monsters) ability did make this card a bit special although the speed and attacking power were not that much still it is worth using the card for sure. Speed did matter a lot in battles and it does make a difference for sure in many battles. don't you think?

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Furious Chicken-:

The last card on my lineup was, Furious Chicken, Still this card is a good choice to take some damage. If you do have a space left then you should take this with you. It is gonna take some attacks that is for sure. The stats of the card were 1 melee attack, 1 speed and 1 health. If you do have a space left then I would recommend you to use this card. I used this card at the last position to take damage from sneak cards.

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Overall that was a great battle. The man of the match is none other than Goblin Psychic, what do you think?


Battle Link


see you in the next post. Keep learning and keep exploring...

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I can tell you really enjoy Splinterlands, the passion is felt through your presentation and I loved the cover of your post. I don't play it, I've already been won over by everyone with your fun posts, but I haven't had time to sit down and get started hehe. Happy start of the week! ✌️

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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121