Faith First Chapter

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Back to the time that has to come
1000 years B.C.

Samos waited and looked at the star map*. Along with the last ray of sunlight, his last hope was gone. He feared that Theywould not come. Was it possible for the gods to abandon them?
On top of the "Stone of Knowledge". On the white rocks of the great mysteries. On the place that was the most powerful energy center on earth. At the shrine they had created, Samos gazed despairingly into the sky, as he had done every night since he had become the High Seer. He was afraid, but he believed he would hear the prophecy. He believed they would come to him. He knew it. He had to be the chosen one. He had to dedicate the Brilliant One. It was predestined before his birth.
The stars appeared in the still clear sky and twinkled timidly over the sanctuary. The Seer watched patiently. He saw the black womb of the sky give birth to a bright star, much brighter than the others. It was getting bigger, and Samos realized they were approaching too fast. He felt a rush of adrenaline, but he remembered the drill and managed to force the calm he needed into his spirit. He headed for the valley where he was told from the ones before him, they would land. He knew they would give him time to get there and meet them. When he descended, the star had turned into a blinding, unbearable to look at, sphere of light and he covered his eyes with his hands. The gods were here at last. The Seer dropped to his knees and touched his forehead to the cool white stone. He dared not move.
He felt the ground beneath his body vibrate. Light, soothing vibrations. The silence all around, was more alive than any noise Samos had ever heard. The star of the gods must have gone out, because the vibrations died, and the stones around him began to radiate. To speak on some unknown frequency. To reveal their secrets.
-"Face us, keeper of the temple!" the voice was soothing, hiss-like, and very quiet. The Seer wasn't sure if it was really a sound being reproduced, or if he was only hearing it in his mind. Standing up, still keeping his head bowed, he smoothed the light, white, linen robe that covered his body. His palms were sweating, his heart was beating too hard, but the moment he had longed for all his conscious life had arrived and he had to meet it with dignity. He raised his head and for the first time found himself facing the gods he had served with a faith stronger than fear, death and life.

*The world's most ancient star map, over 7,000 years old, was discovered in Belintash.


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