because of the promotional nature of movie posters and the potential that they do indeed fall under fair use, we are allowing them to be used in posts, but they need to be sourced as would any image not belonging to you. Similar to how you would an image from Pixabay.

Yeah but the thing is...if I source IMDb's still not the original source. IMDB didnt make these posters :)

We get that as well, but as you are not the owner and it is fair use, we still would like it sourced from where you pulled it. Thanks.

I think if it falls under fair use you should be fine. If you source where you got the pic from that is fine I think.

this is what we have been debating between the boys! Interesting conversations!

I for example buy or find Japanese posters in cinema lobbies and scan them myself. I own all the poster used in my posts but would be really hard to find out the graphic design studio or the artist that made it except for occasional work done by famous artists.