Weekly Writing Prompts by CineTV - #12

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CineTV Frontend Launch Week!

As you probably noticed, the long awaited frontend of CineTV has been launched officially. We had a soft launch the week before, but kept quiet about it to see if any issues appeared. We're wondering who noticed the change early.. The whole CineTV team is very happy with the end result and especially the search option is amazing as we all missed this when we needed to find back a post from someone but couldn't remember the account name.. The search button will just let you find them by typing keywords, which is a must if you ask me!

The colours are also great for the overall experience, in short, we think the new frontend looks neat and want to encourage you to start using it.. We may keep an extra eye out for the content and comments published fromt he CineTV frontend while curating! #hint

CineTV Launch!

For our first prompt this week I picked the most recent prompt on our Twitter because I want to make sure we get as many new users on the frontend as possible this week. I know we get stuck in routines using general frontends but I believe the CineTV frontend is worth checking out and I bet you will not regret using it! We love getting your feedback, maybe even in a seperate post to spread the word about this news.. Make sure your friends and their friends know! :)

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A recurring topic for many people is school, may it be that you have children attending school or that are still attending a school or following a course etc, school usually remains a topic in our lives somehow.

Now we can't wait for you to share your thoughts that come to mind with this writing prompt. There are a lot of TV shows that have been recorded at schools of different sorts. I personally have been enjoying the murders in the Netflix series Elite (Spanish) a lot. I think they are dragging it out a bit with all these murders that happen yearly, but I still enjoy watching it. Let's say it's a guilty pleasure of mine. Maybe you have a similar one?

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Throwback Thursday

I always love Throwback Thursdays as it can inspire you to create all sorts of content. If you are out of inspiration just use some old memory to create a nice piece of content. It can be anything good or bad really, just the most impressive movie you ever saw, can't be too hard to dig it up as it made an impression somehow..

I remember that I was very scared when I saw Arachnophobia from 1990. I was only 6 years old at the time and I remember being very impressed (read: scared, lol) with all these huge spiders. I recently discussed this with my boyfriend who mentioned he recalls the same thing. I have a few more that made a big impact though, not all were bad! But I'm curious about your impactful movie memories.

Again, please try publishing on our new frontend, you will not regret it!

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That's it for this week, next week we are back to share another round of inspiration for your writings in the CineTV community. Make sure to follow our Twitter account and join our discord channel.

See you next week!

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It´s great to see that the frontend is already in use, I´ll check it but is a good way to show how the community has grown! those school prompts are going to be loaded because that is a really used theme in series and movies!

Ah thank you, and it was a long wait for all of us but we're very happy with the results. We hope you are too!

School is indeed a recurring topic in many shows and movies.. let's see who enters, they can at any time so could take a while :)

Have a good weekend!

some really engaging prompts! i adore our new frontend!!!

And you should! :)

Thank you @papacrusher, I appreciate it!

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Only success and progress in the community, testing the new fronted and getting more and more involved every day. Greetings from Venezuela.

Great, enjoy the ride and make sure to let us know your feedback..

Have a great day!

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I like this way you have to give us some ideas to produce nice content... I could avoid remember aracnophobia... I last several days impacted about its ending!!! How could they get out of there? I was only 10 years old lol.

Thank you for the compliment!

I don't remember the storyline myself, nor the ending, I do know it made a big impact and I was scared at that age lol. It was one of these horrific movies which my brain could not handle yet at the time...

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I see, I won't spoil you lol...

O my... I forgot the question! Throwback thursdays means that we must post on Thursday? I know may be a silly question but I prefer to ask

Nope, be my guest and use it any day or week of the year, it's just a name, go for it! :)

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Ill do then!!! Thanks a lot!