Interesting that you should choose Kirstie Alley for this week as I chose my entry for Winning Movie contest due to her passing away this week - The Wrath of Khan. Kirstie handled the role of Saavik, a Vulcan Starfleet Cadet, quite well, even if she did fail in the Kobayashi Maru test. Sadly, I have only seen her in a couple of other films, including Sibling Rivalry.

Yeah I always liked her as an actress so the least I could do is honor her by making her Movie Star of the Week. She was very good in comedies, but her acting talent was very versatile. She could handle many roles surprisingly well.

Can you believe that I completely forgot about her role in that!?!?! And I agree she was amazing in that role!

I'm really looking forward to Avatar 2 :) Have it in my planner for months now to share it this week. Can't wait for that one, and curious if it tops the first movie..

And way to go Kate lol, 7 minutes that's quite long right?

I guess you're not the only one who's looking very much forward to Avatar 2. My stubborn partner couldn't care less though, the also didn't like the first Avatar ...

And yeah, way to go Kate, I know I can't hold my breath that long!

Thanks so much for the support, I had fun making that post! :3

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@hetty-rowan you absolutely outdid yourself this week and managed the heavy load of new news extremely well, thanks!

What can you say about Kirstie Alley that hasn't already been said? She was one of my longest Hollywood crushes and I loved her on the big screen equally as much as I did on her television roles. She was a true lady in a town that doesn't always reward one for being a lady. She will be greatly missed, but forever in my heart!

I really appreciate your kindness here @papacrusher ... but even more so, I really regret that I can not reward you the 100 CINE for your absolutely awesome and very well thought comment about Kirstie Alley.

And yes, you are so right. She will be greatly missed.

The only movie I saw Kirstie Alley in was Double the Love so I don't know much about this actress, I am very excited to see Avatar 2 I think it will be amazing!!!!

Thanks for the Cine Tokens and the Ecency points.

Here in Venezuela the series Cheers was not broadcasted, so the first time I saw Kirstie Alley and her magnificent green eyes was in the sequel of Star Trek, the Wrath of Khan where she was a Vulcan as Spock. Then I saw her again in the Look Who's Talking trilogy, in a very funny role. Her performance in Town of the Damned, where she played opposite Christopher Reeve, in an okay performance for a horror/science fiction movie.

I got to see her in the comedy series Veronica's Closet where she plays with ease and credibility a lingerie magnate. Precisely in this series I observed how she began to face fat problems.

Then I saw her in a dramatic role in the film The Last Don and on television in season 2 of the series Scream Queens.

She was a prolific TV actress and a great comedian who moved perfectly in drama, horror and science fiction and who struggled with obesity, managed to lose weight and then put it back on again. I regret her death from colon cancer. I admit that I did not see many of her movies and series, but the little I did see showed that she was a very good actress.

Thought Kirstie was very cool in cheers but that is about all we know about her....

You never watched the 3 "Look who's talking" movies?

oh damn, forgot she was in them...the first one is very funny!

I gotta say, we agree on that! I really liked the first "Look who's talking"

my Bonnie Bride was surprised to learn I have never seen those movies as well.

Shame on you!

Well, I guess you and your Bonnie Bride have something to watch this week

True that, but may have to wait until after New Year Day. Too many things going on right now.

Since the movies are not the youngest anymore, I think it doesn't matter much if you watch them now or in a month, or even a year from now. But, at least the first one is a Must-See if you ask me ...