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We thought it would be a good time to go over some of the highlights of the recent ListNerds launch and showcase some of the things planned in the coming days and weeks :)

First up, a massive THANK YOU to everyone in the community that has supported this grand vision of ours! We love the affiliate marketing space and to finally combine both industry's that we love so much, has truly been a blessing.

We can't thank you enough and look forward to building some amazing things with you over the years!!


One of the main reasons why we felt the need to improve ListNerds and bring it to the blockchain was that results needed to be improved upon across the industry. The 'mailer' industry has suffered from a lack in innovation and because of that, results have steadily been decreasing over time.

We think we've found a pretty good formula, here's a few of the results we've been tracking:

  • A huge CTR! And yeah, the way ListNerds is set up, encourages clicking through the mails members receive but we think this is remarkable....


These are the past 4 emails we have sent to the membership with around 95% CTR for each message. Absolutely remarkable!

  • But they aren't just clicking...They are actually signing up and taking action on what is being promoted within the system. Here is the program we have been promoting to ListNerds and using ONLY ListNerds over the past few days to promote it.


We've received 34 new members to StartEarning.Today which was launched well over a year ago, with tens of thousands of members already in it. They are ALL coming from ListNerds!

  • A new concept in promoting has been born! Thanks to @achim03 we've been playing with an idea he brought up last week when we launched. His idea was to use ListNerds to drive traffic to your Hive based blog posts. We took it one step further and made a call to action within a message we sent...


The idea was to pull people to one of our latest blog posts on Hive and encourage members to engage with us. We tipped those that did engage and upvoted their comments with both Hive and CTP!

So far, this post has received over 80 comments and it's only been 48 hours since we sent it! Talk about an engaged audience that...TAKES ACTION!!!

Bringing New People To ListNerds...

The Hive community has been a huge support so far, and we have to be honest...Our goal was to bring people TO Hive! So this has just been a huge bonus for us seeing the support from the community so far...


@taskmaster4450 has been a huge support from not only Tweeting about receiving his first LISTNERDS token through staking, but also making a very cool post about the project and showcasing ListNerds to his readers!

We have been bringing new members to Hive as well, as a number of new accounts have been created as every member of ListNerds wanting to take part in the rewards will need a Hive account. We will make sure we have enough account creation tokens and delegate new members some Hive power to get them set up properly!

The Next Few Weeks...

The game has just begun :)

We're looking at how to improve mail delivery for members because things have changed...There has been a fundamental change in how mail in these programs is looked at. Because in the past, people would upgrade their account to get less email...

Now, everyone wants MORE email, because the more messages you read and validate, the more of the rewards pool you get to share. So we're looking at a way to maximize everyone's emails within ListNerds so that members get exposed to the most potential rewards!

We've also been improving the site across the board, as this is a brand new concept and way of doing 'a mailer', not everything has been 100% yet. But we are getting close. And will continue to improve features and listen to your feedback on how to make ListNerds even better!

Such an exciting time to get involved in this platform and the re-birth of the mailer world!


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Thanks for the mention! I have tried to promote a ctpsb post over listnerds but only 4 people actually saw the e-mail. I used my 370 credits and it was probably not enough. I think it's a good idea to make sure that people get to read as many mails as possible since everybody wants more e-mails to verify :-). An idea would be that the e-mails are sent mainly to active members according to their login data. The first day you login maybe you get to read 3 mails, the second day 5 mails, the third 10 mails. If you don't login one day, you drop back to 3 mails. Something like that.

This would encourage people to login every day to check their mails.

Sending 340 emails and getting 4 opens is a pretty good response. I sent a solo mail to 22,000 people and 86 opened and 72 clicked. that is 72 clicks out of 22,000.
Restricting people's email abilities for not logging in a day would be incredibly frustrating and could damage overall member activity.
Rewarding active members are great but do not pile on to someone's bad day by making them start over.

Yeah we will for sure focus on giving the most rewards and emails to the active members. The dead accounts can log back in and get active lol

Sounds like some great results so far. And pulling people to a blog post instead of pushing products or programs is a better way to go all day every day.

It truly does help the engagement. A lot of this is about gaining a reputation and building a brand. That does not happen when simply trying to sell people stuff.

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That is definitely true! Even if you are selling stuff on Ebay or Amazon you kind of still have to build a brand reputation and get known there. The days of anonymity are long gone. Have a great day! 😀

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Good Morning and Thank you, @youarealive! Enjoy your day.😀

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Think we might be onto something here ;)

I think so, @ctptalk! And it is only going to get better. At least I think so! Enjoy your day! 😀

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Loving the project and taking part in it I think I'm still on the top 30 list and expect to stay there or higher as you know me this industry is something I grew up on and still a part of me has a big passion for it. I still find myself clicking away and seeing what others are involved with and promoting.

One question I had was is there a way to tell how much of the reward pool you're getting and how to collect it? Is it a 7 day thing like hive? Thanks!

Yeah, it's on 7 days cycle like Hive....So you'll notice some tokens trickling in right now, minimal, just because we were testing it last week before launch.

But after Thursday, it'll come in steadily going forward.

awesome stuff thank you!

I clicked over from ListNerds. It is very neat to be able to do that and it logs directly into my Hive account on CTPTalk. I use to receive almost 100 emails from Listnerds on a daily basis and now I receive 3 to 4 per day. I think this major difference is what everyone is talking about not seeing the emails that they were used to seeing in the past. There must have been alot of dead accounts with the auto send turned on and the old ListNerds members have not come back to the new ListNerds and added back their daily email broadcast.

I noticed that the history shows how many upvotes our sent emails receive. I like this addition. Since I sent the email as a solo mail it auto verified otherwise I only received 14 upvotes (no downvotes) so my email would not have qualified for a payout after 7 days since it did not receive the 20 votes. Thank goodness I sent it as a solo mail with auto verify. I did earn a nice amount from the email that I sent out.

I received 55 clicks but only 14 of those that clicked voted of the 25K members that received the email. I am holding off sending out an email to a lower number since I send out with the credits earned from reading the emails. Can you share how many of the 25k members have Hive accounts?


Not a lot at all. That's the process now. Building more awareness to come to Hive and take part in the blockchain. We've set up about a dozen accounts so far since launch, and we've got plenty of creation tokens ready to rock.

It'll be a journey for sure, but alas....We're here for the long haul!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
ListNerds has the potential to revolutionise email marketing.
I'm still confused about a couple of things.
Are emails being sent to email addresses or do you have to log in to read?
I haven't seen an email hit my list mailing receive address since launch and I guess active users have to log in.
I've started to promote ListNerds today and have added it to my funnel. In all likelihood, there's going to be a lot of people dusting off Listnerds in the coming days and weeks. The key, I think is to recognise that and to recommend associated programs and products, namely CTP, Start Earning Today and of course Hive.

Everything is on board in the platform. Nothing gets sent to email addresses, as we're trying things a little differently and saving your gmail accounts from spam complaints LOL

I love listnerds and plan to use it to promote my Hive posts, especially my Leoball giveaway. But I ran into a little problem this morning checking my account. In the CTP token I get the following review "Ready to Claim: -0.002" how is this possible?

I'll let @blainjones take a look at that, I noticed it too on my account but after a while it disappeared.

Arrived here via the link in the Listnerds mail you sent out.

Congratulations on the launch.

Listnerds: The mailer you look forward to logging in to!

I've voted on about 50 posts so far, with 90% upvotes / 10% downvotes. I hesitate over the downvotes, but in the end I hope it will be taken as useful feedback.

I wonder if a "neutral" or "meh" vote would be useful? I would have used it on the "Donald Trump pocket watch" offer that someone sent out. LOL!

That's an interesting idea for sure. We're thinking of a way to include feedback on the votes too. But yeah man, you captured it. We want it to be the mailer you want to log in to!

Hi, I came over here from ListNerds. I am really enthusiastic about the experience so far.
That said, I am hoping to give a little feedback. For people sending emails, there is so little content in some of them that they really look exactly like phishing spam. In fact, I would say that the majority of emails have been like that. In some cases, the websites they lead to also have almost no info other than to ask me to sign up for something, where the something is just promises I will get rich. I would really love it if senders would use this opportunity for a captive and interested opting-in audience to really give us something to think about or real info.
I am not sure as a reader if I am supposed to use the "report" button to provide this feedback, it feels too strong, so maybe at least at this early stage give us a way to provide broadstrokes feedback on what is not working for emails?

Yeah we're still working on how to approach that...Because you are right, some of those messages have been pretty bad.

The goal, of the program, is for people to get better at drafting emails, so a way for them to get feedback and approach it differently should increase over time.

Thanks for considering my comment! I appreciate your openness to ideas even so early in the project

This new project is exciting to me because I intend on honing in all of my skills with this launch. I really want to get good at building my list and writing ad copy.
It is awesome to work with all of you. I have learned a lot about myself and this business.
I will be sticking it out this year. I made the mistake of stopping last year. I want it to be the last time I do that.
Tom alente

That's the ticket!

We've said it before, think of ListNerds are your practice facility. See what works, what gets opens and engagement...And then transfer that to your main list.

Maybe I need to sign up. I have been putting things off but the weekdays tend to be busy. I might get around to it on the weekend and test out the site.

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Nice nice, let us know what you think when you do!

I've just joined the mail revolution and still trying to wrap my brain around it. If I am just a mail reader, do we get LISTNERDS tokens or what tradeable cryptocurrency can I earn out of it with my role?

Reading it will get you CTP tokens, depending on your stake and how many verifications you complete.

Sending messages is where LISTNERDS are generated (and staking)

By the way, another idea, perhaps try to get some of the other Hive applications to use the service after you grow the users who are new to Hive.

For example, bringing people in means they know little about the other applications. What if an @actifit used this to promote their application to the email recipients. The Hive users, naturally, are most likely aware of that project but newer users, not likely.

Just a thought that can help with some cross promotion. This will enhance the ecosystem even further if these newer people start to utilize a few different applications in addition to Listnerds.

Just no spamming us Splinterlands stuff Olson

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ha ha ha ha Great idea!

Oh man, Splinterlands did 2 million pack sales already today....Pretty sure they don't need our help anymore LOLOLOLOL

Very cool deal. Thanks for the update.

I think the emailing out one's Hive posts has a great deal of potential. It is easy to see how you are getting more activity, albeit bribed.

Over the next few months, we can toy with it in ways to help without having to pay people. Perhaps we can stimulate engagement that will help people to get noticed.

Either way, a great start. Keep pushing the numbers out to us. Quantifying the results is great.

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Yeah, this industry is notorious for dangling 'free stuff' as a way to create interest. From lead capture pages and using 'lead magnets' anything to get action...We're not above it LOL

I am loving the launch.

Q: I see in the mail inbox that I can view posts older than 7 days. Do my upvotes on those count as well? I didn't know if it was like Hive where only new posts can be upvoted within 7 days.

It's not tied to Hive in that case, but something to consider...Maybe we just cut it off at 7 days.

The new Listnerds is so exciting! Imagine a mailer where reading is a joy instead of a chore.

I said in another post, if I had a LISTNERD for each time I saw the Nigerian Prince scam, I would be a LISTNERD millionaire.

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It is an excellent project, congratulations to all the team that makes this possible, may the successes continue.

Thank you sir, glad you enjoy it!

It has been great so far site is working as it should be. Earning great rewards and it is easy to use.

Thanks man, ease of use is so important for us!

This is a great initiative for promoting both Hive and ListNerds.

Crossing fingers...Hope it all works out :)

Great @ctptalk
Have a blessed and successful one:)

Thanks, looking forward to seeing your emails in ListNerds!

Very cool, I registered after talking on twitter. And reading this post now through the link in the mail :D

I have to go through the training yet, but I will take my time as you mentioned in the first video. Very curious to see the following videos. So far, a big "Thumbs-UP".

Appreciate that!

Let us know if you have any questions at all!!

Absolutely will do. I was promoting ListNerds in The mancave already :D

I haven't figured out how to earn listnerds yet...I also had an upgraded account and did not get my bonus listnerds...I have a lot of questions:

  1. Don't know what verified is yet?
  2. Can't use the auto mailer...keeps asking me to load saved messages even when I press create.
  3. Don't how to create saved messages.
  4. the body limit seems to be 500 characters, not 5000.
  5. How do you earn listnerds and ctp is there a metric? like every 10 upvotes you get x?


Drop us a line on our support desk and we can see what happened with your bonus drop....

  1. Verification shows up 7 days after, so there are still a few days yet before emails will be verified and earn LISTNERDS

  2. That's a known issue and we should have it fixed in the morning. If it still doesnt work, let us know on a support ticket too.

  3. We'll problem solve that and get a fix for it.

  4. Should be fixed now, but we'll double check in the morning.

  5. Staking earns you both CTP and LISTNERDS. You also earn LN by getting your emails verified, and CZTP for reading and verifying the emails.

Hope this helps, let us know if there are still issues!

Your ListNerds mail led me to this post. This kind of project is exactly why I love the hive community. You guys are building the infrastructure for tomorrow, it's amazing. Thanks to the team for this great work !

Thanks so much for checking it out! And we appreciate the kind words very much!

Came here through one of the emails 😊
It’s a great project. I joined…
In the future it can have so many benefits. Even for me. As an artist I can send people to my print shops, websites… and blog posts here all by emails. I really like the idea. You can also exactly see what happens.

Btw. I am trying to connect my hive account, but somehow it doesn’t let me?
It doesn’t go further than this screenshot. No pop-up, nothing… Any ideas? Am I missing something… newbie here 😇


Awesome to have you onboard!

It should connect right away to your Hive Keychain.

If you are still having issues, drop us a line in our support desk and we'll take a look for ya!

Thank you @ctptalk

I will try it in the morning again. Now it’s past midnight here in Spain… so goodnight 😴
If it won’t work I ask in support. Thanks 😎

I've staked some CTP on Listnerds, it's strange the reward i could claim is negative:

@ctptalk! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @chapelle. (7/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Yeah we've noticed that, if you do give it a few minutes it'll go back to positive. We'll get it fixed going forward!

Thanks for answer,

@ctptalk! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @chapelle. (2/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

its been great. I have clicked few emails and also getting my listnerds token share for the verifying the email.

I think 25% voting power per click is too high. I know staking will help it to regenerate faster.
Anyways, all good.
I am still reading/clicking the emails to accumulate the points

Yeah the more CTP you have staked, the voting power won't mean that much, just like in Hive when it comes to resource credits. My personal account has about 4300 staked CTP and I have another 126 emails I can vote for.


Great to see the engagement of the community.
When will the staked tokens start paying out?

There will be a trickle every day, but after 7 days (Thursday) they will come in steadily.

Once again, I was led here my your ListNerds mail. I have not been playing in the affiliate marketplace for a while, but I thought I would see if ListNerds would be a worthwhile addition to my Hive attentions. I'm still trying to figure out how best to use it for myself.

Oh it's worthwhile. That's a guarantee!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Thank you for bringing this project to hive. I setup a hive account several months back but then forgot about it because there was not much using it. Listnerds is a great use! Not only is it changing email solos it will introduce a lot of people to the concept of hive and hopefully get more adoption! It has inspired to start to tell others about it!

Unbelievable CTR for a mailer and i belive a lot of mailer will copy Listnerd when they see the succes. And i like your idea of promoting blog post because i would probably never see this post if it wasn't for Listnerd

I am just getting the head of how this place works and I see great results in my own sides and I know whoever joins the listnerd will never regret it.

Awesome sauce guys, awesome sauce @jongolson and @blainjones!!!
You've REALLY done it this time by revolutionising the mailing world once and for all!
I can't wait to finally catch up after being offline for nearly a week and the holidays, so that I can get stuck in!
Keep rocking, Lee :)

I have signed up already!😤 too excited

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I joined the platform week ago. I am really satisfied to be here.
So far everything is rolling great.
Thank you for the great service.
Good day