Dear Justin Sun

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Dear Justin Sun,

to answer your questions (some you've asked, some not):

1.) No, I don't want to fuck you. And I don't have anything against you. I was excited when the rumours started about an acquisition of Steemit Inc by Justin Sun . But this excitement rapidly went away in favour of mistrust and anger.

2.) No, I have no interest in taking your stake from you.

I supported the protective softfork and wouldn't change anything in my actions, because I (and many others) saw a huge threat in the PR you've pushed out after the Steemit Inc accusation (Old Steem token to be deprecated and moved over to Tron).

Also, I believe the stake has strings attached and isn't "just any other stake". You didn't buy it over the counter, you made a backroom deal with Ned Scott for the stake his company mined unfairly.

But I also see things as they are, and we, the community, can't really do anything about the stake anymore, without hard forking it out, which I will not support on this chain id.

So personally, I'm in acceptance that you own the stake now on Steem, but this does not mean I won't speak up, when I see you misusing it.

Also, I've been running the old 22.1 version for a week now (roughly).

3.) Yes, I dislike @ned and I'm very glad that this spineless liar isn't part of Steem anymore. (PS: @ned, if you read this)

4.) Yes, I condemn your actions of voting in 20 of your own witnesses, in which you basically fucked over the community and showed that Steem has huge centralisation flaws with the Steemit Inc stake. And no, just because there are a handful of people voting for your witness, does NOT mean the community is supporting you. 6800+ accounts are voting for me and I'm not even an OG witness. Your witnesses have roughly 100 votes.

5.) I will not participate in removing any public code, as even if we'd do that, what prevents us from creating private repositories or sharing the code privately some other way? You either trust the community, or you don't.

6.) I'm disgusted by your constant spread of fake news on Twitter, as well as your misuse of the SteemNetwork & Steemit twitter accounts by attacking the community who build up Steem over the last years.

7.) You should get more in touch with Steem first, before you publish & pledge massive changes. I've been here for 2 1/2 years and many even longer, so we've got some experience on hand regarding Steem. And "just changing" powerdown to 3 days or removing downvotes will have MASSIVE consequences.

8.) I'm not a hacker or malicious and I expect to have a formal apology somewhere along the near road. Same probably goes for each and every one of the other witnesses & stakeholders you accused of such.

9.) If you continue the hostile takeover, I fear that you'll push the community, who brought value to Steem, even further.

And let's not forget that Tron isn't the only SmartContract platform. Maybe for the project I'm working on, I'll just use EOS or Ethereum or Cosmos or a completely newchain, instead of potentially Tron + Steem.

The same could easily be said for many, many other apps built by those in the community, you're attacking as well as those countless others who are watching from afar. If a hostile takeover like this can happen on Steem, why not on Tron?

Now, I've made my chess-move. Please don't mess this up even further.


Former Rightfully Elected Consensus Witness

Do you believe that my work & engagement is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.


Can I copy paste it and make a post for me?

Why not visit @justinsunsteemy it's all there.

I appreciate your answers to those questions and overall stance. I obviously don't speak for anyone but myself, but from what I have heard in various townhalls and on the streets of Twitter/Steem, I believe that the majority of the witnesses/community stands in alignment that:

The Steemit stake should never be used to vote, but also shouldn't be forked off the chain. This answers the fundamental question that Justin keeps raising as his main concern - his funds being stolen.

I also believe that it is in our best interest (and his) for him to keep that 65m STEEM as a stake in this chain and allow the community the breathing room to keep buidling here on our chain. It simply allows him to enrich himself and all he would need to do is fire out some tweets to promote the things happening on Steem (arguably, the thing he enjoys doing anyways).

Hopefully this message becomes clear to Justin/his team.

p.s. lmao at your GIF to Ned. I hope he sees that someday.

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Would it be acceptable to you to have Justin as a hands-off investor in Steem, without any obligations regarding his stake, other than not interfering in governance?

I do wonder if he reads.. or even sees these witness posts.

Just over a month ago we were trying to get non-STEEM content on trending in an attempt to get new users onboard. What hope is there now?

The Steemit page should say, 'Closed shop'.

non-STEEM content on trending

A lot of people think that trending is important, because it is the first what people see when they come to steemit.

But I am also a reddit user for a couple of years... and frankly I do not remember when last time I saw reddit main page. I always go directly into subreddits which I am interested in

Trending is simply a place displaying content currently receiving high ratings. My most recent post is a perfect example of why a content producer would want their work to hit center stage like that. I received votes and views from folks who didn't even know I exist. As a content producer, that's exactly what you want.

I realize some folks here post absolute shit used as filler to collect those consistent auto votes. They don't set a goal to be anything more than what they were the day before. That's their life and I'm okay with that. All it means is beating the competition is almost too easy for those who set goals to create something people might actually want to see.

Of course, as a content producer, I don't know what people want to see. I also don't want to work in some remote sub section of the internet where the chances of someone seeing me are slim to none. I want a stage and I want the goddamn spotlight pointed straight at my face. I don't know any serious content creator who wants to remain invisible. Working towards that top slot gives someone like me a goal to achieve. Give me a mountain and all I want to do is climb it.

Take that ladder away and you lose the highly driven and motivated maniacs like me.

Keep mucking up this trending page and again, you lose the good ones. There's a really good reason why thousands of top notch quality creators left when the trending page was rigged with paid votes and all we had was some dude attempting to start a cult with a guitar he never played and a bunch of spun fluff articles nobody gave a shit about.

I wrote that post long ago, when I saw a picture of corn on the cob, trending, because of those damn paid votes. Thousands of people left because they had no chance to ever succeed.

The trending page isn't some superficial nonsense fancy storefront. That's where the current best of the best is supposed to be and the opportunity to get a number one hit fuels motivated individuals to do the best they can.

Give them that ladder to climb and the quality of work gets better naturally.

It's important for curators to look for a wide variety of quality work to push to the top.

Of course, none of this really matters now. Thousands of people stopped producing content and it's certainly not because of what's reaching the trending page... and I don't feel like talking about this current disaster.

but that’s maybe also because reddit trending is not all about reddit

You have a point, maybe Trending is the past. There's no Trending on Steempeak that I can see.

I always use the trending page on Reddit and Steemit, but with SteemPeak, I have to manually type in the URL just to find the trending page, which is bloody annoying.

@steempeak can we please get a Trending Page button?

Click Explore >> All Topics

Thanks, I'm still trying to get the hang of SteemPeak.

Trending page for which topic or for what exactly.

Trending is more or less the name of an algorithm steemit created based on rewards but depreciates based on time.

There is essentially a trending sorting method for every topic and one that lots of people call "the trending page" which is all topics in one place

@onthewayout just explained how to get to All Topics, but thank you.

Good point.

Butvonly for old users. New users from google land on main page or directly to the content they search.

@ned is a rat, so sad to realise it

I'm surprised more witnesses aren't pushing back harder on the fact that the sock puppet witnesses aren't updating their price feeds regularly. Something that definitely does have a direct impact on the day to day workings of steemit. I did notice it was brought up in the Korean chat with Justin but I haven't seen any trending posts about it.

The pricefeed is now irrelevant as the rate will not update according to the price Every Steem dollar you convert will give you 0 Steem because too many dollars were created.

good morning wolf..

very well said, yeah he's spreading unbelievable rumours which was going back at him. He's like a child who asked for the support from his parents.

Good answers..

Lets explore the idea of evoluting the current Steem DPOS into Steem REDPOS to avoid future Justin Sun's events.

That gif :)

yes, the gif is really great and no, it'll be for the best to restrict the movement of the ninjastake permanently.

Thanks for all the work you do as a witness, hopefully we'll figure this whole 'merger with Tron' thing out this year, this platform has so much potential.

At this point I think he wants to bail and take as much of the stake as possible with him. It is sad that anyone still trusts him. I suspect those people alsonwamt to bail.

I'm disgusted by your constant spread of fake news on Twitter, as well as your misuse of the SteemNetwork & Steemit twitter accounts by attacking the community who build up Steem over the last years.

This has been some rather deplorable behavior to see and is indicative of the character (or lack thereof) of Justin Sun and should by no means ever be forgotten nor wholly forgiven.

Very good Statements and i can say, with this you speak 100% for me. Thank you for being such a great Witness!

Dear Wolf,yesterday I heard that rolendp and some witnesses are wiling to agree with Justin Sun.They want to reduce the power down period at first for 4 weeks and then make it even less.They are willing to remove the downovote feature.

I was so shocked to see the conversation that they are even negotiating about these stuffs.I lost faith in all witnesses to be honest.But then I see this post and it is making me feel better.

Everything you said here is completely true.Justin is a liar and he told the community witnesses hacker in twitter and in public.He wanted to take over and now he is pretending like nothing happened.It was all just a simple misunderstanding like he had no bad intention.

The points you have mentioned above showed what he has been doing wrong so far and what actually made the whole community angry except for a few of his Korean supporters.I may not have a lot of SP or influence on the chain as a common steem user but I want to say that I am always going to support you.

You might want to re-read the conversation. The response about the power down time was was in line with what has been discussed by the community and was prefaced by saying there would need to be more community consultation.

As for the downvoting, the question was in regards to removing the free downvoting, not all downvoting.

He was trying to represent a group of individuals without speaking for them. He did give some of his own views and he said when they were his views.

Why not on Tron, Why not on EOS or Ethereum or Cosmos or a completely newchain. And what is it that makes you think the same thing wont happen again. I know that I'm probably way more lost and out of my lane here, being a complete newbie, but I thought the blockchain wa supposed to be the holy grail of incorruptibility. Thats the reason I apparently wasted my 5 bucks of ETH to sign up for a supposedly free whatever this was supposed to be. If one person sells out to his greed and basically sucks the value out of all the work everyone else did and all they can do about it is bitch and post memes on twitter then wtf is the point anyway. So much potential, or was it bs from the start? I know I'm very disappointed, The public at large will never embrace this for what it could have been and by the time yall get over the butt hurt the 1% will have taken it all for themselves. Sad

is it possible to have a sister chain up and running where the new coin can be traded on exchanges that recently listed steem?

I don't usually Resteem normally.

However, I'm going to share this post.

I can only comment that you can say higher, but not much clearer.

My sincere thanks and of course my unconditional support.

I pray you'll have more votes and beat those sock puppets to be in the Top 10.

Amen to that.



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I doubt these questions were asked by Justin Sun. Let's see who will answer you. 💕

The karma will always make a balance in the universe!

Might as well move on to another smart contract platform Mr. Blufferson.. Also what a snoozefest your redundant and impotent expressions are.. It's satisfying seeing your chump ass so desperate though.. The only legitimate question is do you think Justin gives a flying fuck about you and the other twats opinions, feelings, or pointless ramblings?

@therealwolf, I don't know about the TRON but in my opinion this Battle is not positive for Steem Blockchain because, we know the Truth but for outsiders Froze Of Funds from both sides raised concerns regarding Safety Of Funds on Steem Blockchain. Hoping that soon this battle will get over and we will get back to our normal Steem Culture. Stay blessed.

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It may be happen due to frustration about steemit. But we do not lose your hope from steem.

Thanks for taking ownership for having supported freezing user funds in the past and for committing not to freeze his funds now. It's important ALL STEEM owners know their funds are truly theirs if they own the keys. If all witnesses can commit to this we may have a trustworthy chain.

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