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Greetings everyone🙌
I just know the week is treating you well.

Okay, the prompt of this week really stirred up a rant I had planned to rant but hadn't been able to. It's centred on how we go about 'follower' and 'following' on social media, and this blockchain in particular. However, this is not a rant & complaints com, so let me keep it to another day.🤐

Jumping directly to the first prompt, which says,

There's always a motive behind every action, as well as everything we do on Hive. Take a look at the last 10 users in your following, then pick 5 out of them to tell us why you followed each of them. What about them drew you in?

Here is a screenshot containing the list of the ten users I followed recently, and I'm going to share what made me follow them(five of them)

I and Winanda got talking on Twitter before we found ourselves following each other on this blockchain.
I didn't hesitate to follow back when she clicked the 'follow' button because she's genuine and doesn't seem like someone who would disappear after her first two or three months on the the pattern of most of the newbies.
Oh yeah, that's one of the criteria I uses to follow people.
Ever since then, things have been good even though we don't read each other's articles, and that's my fault because I'm too lazy to move around on the blockchain.

Another thing is that she's a jovial person to some extent (take note of bold words), and that's the kind of person I like to flow with.

Again, even if you're a newbie with one day's experience on the blockchain and you're genuine, I don't fail to reciprocate the friendship.
Abenad pulled up just a comment on my article in the Hiveghana community, and my not-so-serious reply magnetised her, and before I knew it she pushed the follow button and I had to reciprocate instantly.

Meeting her fueled my journey in Neoxian City to reach level 12, because there's always something to talk about. Also, she surpassed me on the journey, doing it in a way that I never imagined, and that her 'robotic' act charged me up.
No regrets about meeting her at all!

One of the things that easily attracts me to someone is when the person has humour and is willing to play along with words. Yeah, that's what got me to follow Marvhis.

After we had a little conversation in one of my articles, she hit the follow button. I first went to check if she's genuine, and surprisingly, she looked more real, so I reciprocated.

We haven't really been checking each other's articles, and that's my fault because I'm lazy. However, I'm okay that I followed, and while writing this, I scrolled down to her blog to see if she hasn't run away like other newbies, and I'm so glad to know that she is bouncing strong.

Among all the recent people I followed, she is the only person I followed first before she reciprocated.
During the last Dreemport challenge, I was compelled to list her among the people on my list, even when we were not following each other.
How was I lured? Till today, it's unexplainable.

The good thing is that she turned up for the TEEM thing, did me well with a lot of pampering, and ever since then, we've been good.

Mammasitta is a name I used to see everywhere, especially in big places. It was a big surprise to wake up one day and found her following me.
Omo! I don't get followed by Whales often, so I quickly reciprocated the friendship.

Thanks for reading

This is my entry to Hivenaija prompt of the week

All photos are mine and Thumbnail was designed on Canva


I just discovered this post and wanted to thank you for your sweet note from my sexond profile i am curating from
Yours @mammasitta 🙌🏽

Keep going!

I am still reading and voting, enjoying nice content but I just had very heavy health issues and needed to slow down.

Hope you're catching up with recovery?

I wish you the quickest recovery.

Thank you

!luv 🥰

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Hello hellooooo 🌷🌷🌷

Thank you ma'am

It's good you just zipped the rant and went on to this fun read, sharing whom you recently followed and why. Cool list, I must say. I've met some of them :)

!Lolz 🤣

Thank you ma'am

You are out of jokes for the day!

@kingsleyy you can call @lolzbot a maximum of 2 times per day.
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😄 Kingsley wrote, "take note of bold words"... that was a funny one dear.

Anyway, in the aspect of reading our articles, thanks to Dreemport for the opportunity to get into our blogs and that of other dreemers. Two or three days ago, I took note of my feed. I have to be checking it often to read the blogs in my following feed.

Thanks for your kind words.

You magnetized me?😂😂just tell them the truth.
I’m happy I got you to achieve your goals in the city.

You magnetized me?😂😂just tell them the truth

I know you, you can never admit to truth 🤣

Thank you Tuesday 🥰

😂😂😂😂you’re welcome

Hahaha, I didnt follow you until you furst followed me? You kept the record? Haha. How has it been? I know I dont visit often but each time I stumble on your post, you always make me laugh. Good to know you are doing well on hive, enjoying your friendship with followers. 😃. I will see you around

Yes, I'm good at keeping records.
Sorry I haven't been to your blog too. I'm very very very lazy 😅

Thank you so much ma'am

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